All Planets Direct: January 6th – March 5th, 2019: Hurtling Towards The Future

coyoteHeads up! All planets are direct at this time. Can you feeling things hurtling ahead? I can!  For good or ill!  Further, it’s going to stay this way for two months.

I’d say it’s best you hold on to your butt, as opposed to bracing yourself. Nearly everything is going to advance at this time. 

Things will move politically.  Diseases advance. People angled up, go up. Others go down. Stocks… up. Other stocks… down.

This is a period where there is no suspended animation.  I’m talking about the cartoons you see where someone runs over a cliff; hangs in midair before dropping.  That’s not going to happen with nothing backing up.

There’s no grace period with this, but if you’re headed in the right direction (in any area of your life), you should progress, unimpeded.

Can you feel your life gaining speed at this time?

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