All Planets Direct Update: January 6th – March 5th, 2019: Hurtling Towards The Future

coyoteHeads up! All planets are direct at this time. Can you feeling things hurtling ahead? I can!  For good or ill!  Further, it’s going to stay this way for two months.

I posted this three weeks ago. I thought we should check in… update below, in italics.

I’d say it’s best you hold on to your butt, as opposed to bracing yourself. Nearly everything is going to advance at this time. 

Things will move politically.  Diseases advance. People angled up, go up. Others go down. Stocks… up. Other stocks… down.

This is a period where there is no suspended animation.  I’m talking about the cartoons you see where someone runs over a cliff; hangs in midair before dropping.  That’s not going to happen with nothing backing up.

There’s no grace period with this, but if you’re headed in the right direction (in any area of your life), you should progress, unimpeded.

Can you feel your life gaining speed at this time?

Checking in, three weeks later, I got so life-changing, devastating news about ten days ago. I was able to assimilate it in two-days time. I credit God for this. Astrologically, I give it to Jupiter in Sagittarius, Mars, Saturn and Neptune, all in their home signs.  As for the speed, with all the planets direct, nothing has to be gone over. It’s laid out in pretty straight line. I just had to follow it.  I expect the rest of this period to move just as quickly.

The other thing I’ve noticed is as bad as something might be, it’s impossible not to notice, angels, everywhere. I have had several people drop out of my life, right as this bad news came in.  I’m talking about drama. I think the pain of this might have done me in, under normal circumstances. These are not normal circumstances!  I’m hurtling to my future, remember? And you should be doing the same.

You can’t get to your future while hanging onto the past… and I’ll give you an astrological example.

Gobsmacked by the news, I called on someone who always told me to call, if I ever had a need.  This was a Scorpio. I never called that person… it’s been a number of years.  But I was really desperate so I did call – I cried out, and when I did, I found the door was not only shut, it was locked.

Several days later, another Scorpio I know, sent me a text.   He said he knew something was going on – what was it?
I told him.
“How can I help you, my friend?” he texted back.

There is a big lesson is this, for the planets at this time.  It amounts to this: if you’ve going through hell,keep going.  If there is no help where you are, move ahead, the help is up ahead.

On that note, faith is a the strongest play that I can find at this time.  If you’re ass is getting kicked ahead, it only makes sense to move as fast as you can; stay ahead of the foot.  And don’t worry about what other people do or don’t do.  This is your chance to take giant steps; to no longer be the person you were, and have this be a good thing.

Anyone else have an update?


All Planets Direct Update: January 6th – March 5th, 2019: Hurtling Towards The Future — 26 Comments

  1. Very nice pic, good bye!:) Speeds up. I see goroscope of my best actress, Uma Turman. She has so many retrograde planets, and she is successful. This is not bad. But now is such a period. Your post is very in time.

  2. Hell yeah some car came barrel-adding at me in my lane flying at Mach 10 then swerved, had to be doing 60 felt like 100 mph,never even braked, I felt shock waves run through me could barely breathe
    Heads up spaceships are out there
    3 Hail Marys every time I get behind the wheel

  3. Loosing soon the only 2 friends I have had for the past 2 years. My uni life is over and everything is depressing. Planets moving backwards or forwards, really..I dont care.

    • Aww, hang in there Melinn! Remember how scared you were to start University? Then you settled in, met ppl and were fine? Dont worry. Same thing will happen. Once youre working its hard not to start chatting with coworkers. Youll be surprised how much youll like your new life once you get there. Youll be just fine. I believe in you and am praying for you, (although you dont need it!) Big Hugs Sister!💕🌟👍💪🙏💆 everything will work out!

      • Oh I didn’t remember to get back and read the comments here

        Aww thank you Katherine! Thats so sweet of you! Warmed my heart <3 Yes my moon oppo saturn makes me fearful of new beginnings.
        Also being plutonian, losing friends gives me such pain and anxiety but, this too shall pass!

        Aww prayers are always good and welcome, thank you! <3

        Have a great new year! <3

  4. I am currently having a Neptune conjunction to Mercury in the 10th, Chiron conjunct natal Mars at the end of 9th . I started a new job full time after being seriously underemployed for two years or more…I think that picture says it all!! Work on the old umbrella trick!! Just be careful what you manifest is helpful and not hurtful.

  5. Yay and yes!! Things are happening, GOOD things, everything moving in a good direction at just the right speed! Here’s to the next two months!

  6. Simultaneously being kicked ahead, put through hell, and taking giant steps forward in my career. And for the first time in many years, I am being rewarded for hard work and grabbing the opportunities presented – and not giving one shit about what the peanut gallery thinks. That’s huge for me as I used to agonize over what co-workers thought and not want to be disliked or targeted. Guess what?? I will be judged no matter what and so this time around I am going for it for ME.

  7. I am so sorry to hear about your news, albeit obliquely for privacy’s sake. I too am being “kicked ahead,” (but not *in* the head, I have been preparing for this moment in my own screwy way) and I *know* the greatest change is just one step away, I just can’t see it directly and I cannot know its timing. But there is no point hanging onto the past, so I am going ahead and clearing out the closets, packing the apartment, arranging the day job so that it can be dropped at a moment’s notice and picked up again by somebody else.

  8. Wow, you hit the nail right on the head, Elsa.
    Two things happened to me on the 13th: I found out why I’ve been feeling weak and tired for the last 9 months: Abscess under tooth (energy-sapping low grade infection), tooth out, feeling marvellous now.
    When I got home from the dentist, rain was pouring through my ceiling (been doing that for 18 months, supposedly fixed but never was). I threw such a volcanic tantrum that an expert was finally called in and is fixing it properly instead of doing the usual half-a$$ed patch job.

  9. I hope everyone else here is having a GOOD time now, no upsets.
    All of my natal planets, right down to the four big asteroids and even my Nodes, are direct. Don’t know what that could mean. Don’t know if it’s linked with all the direct planets now.

  10. I look forward to your posts
    I’ve lost two friends in the last 6 months. One of 40 years due to learning the friendship only worked if I did nearly all of the accommodating. The other to a cancer she keep hidden from all of her friends for a year.
    Things are changing. As you, Elsa, have said, I’m like a new born, and I’m not sure who I am for now. I’ve been here before, unsure of who I am, a Scorpio shedding my skin once again. All I can do is put one foot in from of the other, look around and ask, how does this or that feel? I’m on the beach, feeling the sand wondering what will move me and in what direction.

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