Ageless Dressing And Astrology: Glam

I have requests for information on what ageless dressing is. Many people wonder if they are old enough or young enough to wear a certain fashion or how to stay hip when they reach a certain age. For those who are interested in this subject, I decided to write a bit about what ageless dressing is and what works for all ages. You can carry yourself all of your life looking smashing without missing a beat and invest in clothing that can last quite some time or until you wear it out! Each sign has their magic when it comes to ageless dressing; each style has its merits. Here are some ideas that work now, in the future and worked in the past! Other requests for posts on design, fashion, etc. and astrology I’ll try to get to in the future. Remember that you may be dressing for your Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, an aspect or even a transit. Take what works for you and apply it while having fun! Today we look at the ageless “Glam” dresser.

The Glam dresser: Some signs have styles that we can consider glam. Gemini can have a glam side. Leo dressers kick it up in glam and we love them for it. Even some Pisces have a princess or queen in them that loves to glam it up.

Nothing delights us more than seeing that older woman out for a night on the town or coming to our brunch in her leopard coat or faux fur in a classic cut. We also love the see the Leo-type dresser or glam dresser in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and so on in that same leopard coat or faux fur! Sure, she looks different, she looks gutsy but she looks fun and we love to watch her move about and do her thing! A leopard or animal-skin coat or a great faux fur coat looks fun on any age and always makes us smile.

Throw that coat over a LBD (little black dress) and you have a winner every time at any age! Sure, you may want to add sleeves to that black dress at a certain age, but some designers think a woman should stop wearing sleeveless by the time she is 21! We are not all gifted with toned arms and truthfully, without a ton of working out, most genetics call for a loose arm in our twenties. A little black dress with great sleeves looks glam and works on the Leo, Gemini, Pisces and a few other signs if we want to look for examples in astrology! The LBD is ageless, glamorous and a “no brainer” when it comes to show-stopping style. I might add that any glamorous black dress in any length is ageless and should be held in your glam closet forever! Beads and sequins in the same shapes should be seen as timeless as the little black dress and worn with great abandon! Save these gems and search them out in thrift stores for timeless glamour.

Glam girls and women always look great teaming these pieces with a kitten heel in a pump or boot with a one and a half to two inch heel. We can take a clue from the Libra dressers among us to see how great a kitten heel looks on a woman of any age. Not too high and just enough to give our body the look we get from a heel, the kitten heel is a glam classic and pointed toes on those kitten heels are timeless and ageless. No matter what your age, you can pull off a kitten heel and not hurt your feet even if you use an insert to make it a bit more comfy on your foot. Buy a quality shoe or boot of this kind and you can wear them until they wear out!

The glam dresser delights with big estate, vintage, real or costume jewelry. A wonderfully big cocktail ring on the little finger or on the opposite hand of a wedding ring, even two, looks smashing on any age! How wonderful it is to see a woman of 70 waving around a big faux jewel in her glam-wear at an event or anywhere she goes! Always fun with funky jewelry we can look to Gemini to find styles of rings that are glam and over the top. If you are a glam dresser or want to have a glam side of your wardrobe, adding some of these pieces is a “must!” Bracelets of faux or real gems that are large and bring the bling, look great and are conversation pieces. I’ve seen women in their 70’s, out in major cities at shows, with the greatest jewelry whether real or faux so long as it is big and in charge. The glam woman should collect these great pieces so to have a huge wardrobe of them! Necklaces that take over the neck are the same glam, ageless look so long as they are made of real or faux classic stone colors and the necklace is of a classic shape. We can take another tip from Libra and remember that the glam dresser always has a great pearl necklace or two. Pearl necklaces for glam purposes should be long and have wonderful details of gold or white gold whether faux or not!

While we are on the subject of accessories and the glam ageless dresser let us not forget the faux fur scarf or neck piece. Wrapped around the neck of any glam dresser, a collar of fur of any kind looks new and is ageless. Buy these pieces separately or detachable from a coat. Ageless glam includes any animal print dress so long as it is glam, not sexy, as well as animal print handbags and accessories.

The ageless glam face is matte, never shiny and not covered in makeup. It has a sheer base, matte powder and strong eyes with a strong lip. Older women look fantastic in highly pigmented lipstick and if a young women is glam, she can wear it too without looking cartoonish. The older glam woman with a strong lip color looks fun and inviting to talk to. Glam women do not shy from pigment in a lipstick and are not afraid to find a red lip that suits them and gives them punch. Eyes should not be painted on but a glam dresser of any age uses mascara, a smudged or lined liner and goes easy on the eyeshadow. The ageless glam dresser brings her eyes forward by dusting a bit of shadow on the eyebrows, and if the glam dresser is older she may want to dye her eyebrows if some of them are white. Keeping it simple yet dramatic is what works and we can take a clue from a Leo woman for this or some Gemini women who like to make the mouth show since they are such wonderful talkers.

These are just a few tips for the ageless glam dresser. I will touch upon the ageless natural dresser and some more styles that are ageless. Remember that if you are glam you can be glam all your life and you need not lift your face to do it! Wrinkles add character to a face and I adore seeing a woman in her 70’s without a face lift who still dresses glam and loves to be a part of it! Next time you are out or at a party decide who you think is better eye candy: The older glam dresser or the woman who gave up and wears an old dress from her closet that is ill-fitting and frumpy. Never knock the glam dresser for she is always a classic and so fun to know!

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Ageless Dressing And Astrology: Glam — 14 Comments

  1. I just had a client who was wearing the most amazing trench coat (yes, it’s that cold here already) with ruched instead of tailored collar and Chanel type two tone pumps with stocky heels on Friday. When I checked her ID, I was blown away. She was born 1942. No, she didn’t try to look younger. But those things would have looked absolutely glam on a 20-year-old going for the Gossip Girl type Upper East Side glam. When she had left, I told our hostess (a very fashion forward Piscean girl) that now, that’s how I want to look like too when I’m 70.

  2. This was the most fun post to read! I read Gloria Steinem’s “Fountain of Age” when I was around 35, and it gave me a completely different take on being a woman going through the life cycle.

    However, I’ve been a teacher for 10 years, and for that reason alone my look is not so good. Let alone the fact that I have tended to “hide my light under a bushel” for several reasons.

    I have life-coach sort of mentor who has been pushing me to update, and he went so far as to call me schlubby. He advised me never, ever to wear flats again. Enter the kitten heel! I will start a new job soon, and it’s a much artsier role, and the wardrobe could use some age-appropriate glam. Renaissance!

  3. Annalisa, fashion IS fun! I must tell you that when I was a kid, I was always fascinated with images of those older gals who would lie on the beach in Miami, wearing leopard print bathing suits AND sparkly cat eye sunglasses. Their bodies were not 7th Avenue ideal, and leopard print was not the fashion of the time. But they were there, letting it all hang out, wearing fashions that didn’t say “I’m sorry I look like this” but rather “I’m having a great time with my life.” I think somewhere I always thought that was the key to fashion and I wanted to emulate those fabulous muses.

  4. Annalisa I always enjoy reading your articles. I gain much insight from them and they help me a lot. I don’t have the need to dress like I once did. It is very nice to be able to get some very good advice on what is what these days. Every once in a while there is occasion that calls for something special and as I have aged it is nice to have some suggestions. Thanks much!

  5. Annalisa this is cool. You know when I was growing up and in High School “glam” was really in…well for a select few here in the States and was more so in Europe, but it was attached to the rock music like David Bowie, Roxy Music etc. I always dressed to the teeth going to school where most kids wore jeans, tank top and hiking boots. I always wore platforms, fluted satin skirts and designer jackets. I would by this stuff with my babysitting money! I had a long bias cut silver blue glitter skirt and I paired it with black platform boots and white halter top with lots of glitter chucky jewelry. Of course then I was 110 pounds at 5’7. Now I just wear yoga pants and t-shirts and hoodies! But love to see older women when in the city wearing stuff like that woman above. She ROCKS!!! I also love the leopard jackets. OMG!!! I would have died for that back in the day!! Fun post Annalisa!

  6. I agree… Gemini & Leo are our Glam Queen Icons 😉

    I also think a stronger shade of lipstick is suiting me better now, than when I was younger. I am always mindful, to never look like “mutton dressed as lamb”… it can be a fine line! But when you get it right? It looks fantasmagorical =)

    Thanks Annalisa!

  7. I am in love with that green turban, and how she wears it. What a great picture!

    (My favorite jacket is a little faux leopard fur bolero with a bit of 60’s mod swing to it, and two giant covered buttons. It really does go over everything!)

  8. The woman with the turban was photographed by Ari Seth Cohen, the artist behind the blog Advanced Style:

    It is a beautiful blog, truly inspiring.

    I bought a vintage wool, French-made, double breasted women’s coat today…it is a perfect slim fit with amazing buttons. So classy. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it hanging there. Salvation Army, $15. This is a coat for life, says my Cap Moon square Venus.

  9. I think I can still knock ’em out and I’m 66. I learned a long time ago what suited me – classic Cap with Virgo Asc, leavened by my Uranus on the MC and a natural vibe from my Taurus Moon – and I’ve honed it over the years.

    Some of you on the boards will remember I started a thread on the FB page ‘Humans of New York’ by a photographer who often picks out stylish older ladies. His block has been picked up by 🙂

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