Ageless Dressing And Astrology: Bohemian Style

Hello, Bohemian dressing girls and boys! Yes, It makes no difference to me, some boys are great boho dressers! Here we take some pages from the types of dressers that are influenced by Aquarius, Gemini, Pisces and Cancer! Bless them, they can do it well when it is their style and they look smashing! Nothing says “I’m me” like boho dressing; whether it’s called “hippie” or “boho” we have a style that is classic, will stay with us and if bought in the right way can be worn for a lifetime. It is how we do it that ages us not that we do it! Feel free to let your boho, freak flag fly into your 80’s and beyond if that is your fashion of choice. Below are some boho tips to choosing what will work for you at any age and keep you happening all your life in your boho world!

The boho world of dressing is very open about feminine wiles as our Cancer friends can show us. Aquarius gives us the wild patterns on dresses, skirts and tops that make the look sing. Gemini gets us moving in the direction of boho jewelry and more complex mixing of patterns with a glam touch, and Pisces shows us it must be flowing. The classic boho tops and blouses include peasant tops, V-neck blouses and knit tops, paisley print blouses and tops and some striped patterns along with prints off all kinds. Crocheted tops can be very boho and look fantastic as separates. Loose, free and flowing, these tops can be a bit low cut in the “V” area but should not be cut too low as to age you up or down! Best to keep too much cleavage out of a top if you want to keep yourself from marking your age. A boho top is, again, loose fitting, whatever natural fabric it is made of, and a knit or fabric blend.

So easy looking that they can be homemade, these tops allow a woman to go without a bra, and some bohos don’t like to bother with a bra if they can get away with it! Never go without a bra if you are a person of sizable breasts that can move and become a bouncing sign of age and tastelessness. Small-breasted women can get away with some of these tops braless if they are very small breasted and don’t need a bra anyway. I know that some boho dressers like to make their cleavage an important point of their look but I do not recommend it for those that want to dress ageless. Also, in good taste, after one is very young a woman one should wear some sort of bra just to be in good taste. The boho look is not about flaunting the breasts, so remember this!

Boho blouses are either tucked in and belted or belted over. Often Boho blouses have flowing or big sleeves to balance out the look of a full skirt on the bottom. Crocheted tops are great for the boho look as are sweaters that are long over the hip and loosely knitted.

On the bottom of boho tops are tiered skirts at ankle length, of patterned or solid material, lace skirts that hit the ankles in black or other colors. These skirts can be gathered at the waist as well and can be belted or not, over the tops they are worn with. Indian style, leather, flowing skirts look fab in boho chic as do those skirts of the aforementioned style that are above the ankles and usually worn with boots or moccasins. Tie-dyed skirts as well as tops are popular and the more unique the better when you are dealing with tie-dye. Many boho types love boots and the heavier on the bottom boots appeal to them because they ground the style. Lower heels are what the true boho wears because they want to be comfy. Ponchos are often worn over the boho look as are fringed coats to the waist or a bit longer. Shorter boho skirts look great with boots as well and Indian moccasins are a choice for true boho types. Indian moccasins that are knee high or flat shoes are both fun choices! Tiered skirts are great for boho dressing and having tiers of different fabrics with a common color makes for a great gypsy/bohemian look that is ageless. The Gemini and Aquarius are great at mixing patterns and can be attracted to this kind of skirt. Often the Cancer-type boho dresser likes a V-neck shirt belted over a patterned or multi-patterned skirt.

Little mirrors such as those found in prints from India are popular and very attractive for boho skirts as are beaded fabrics, because many beaded necklaces worn at once is a great boho jewelry choice! The more beads poured on, the better, and the look is very ageless. Gemini are great at accessories and can point the way to jewelry that fits the bohemian style. Add leather wrist bands and earrings that dangle and you have a very good boho look.

Pants in the true boho fashion have bells on the bottom and are made of patterned fabric, even paisley! Mostly flowing bells at the bottom, these pants are comfy and creative. Again, many boho styles can be homemade which is a large part of their charm. Pants made from the same fabric as the skirts can be the most fetching of boho fashion.

Bohemian style dresses are flowy and the skirts float around the legs. The dresses are usually made of patterned fabric with a myriad of tops from halter to V-neck with billowing sleeves. The boho dress is very popular among boho dressers and sometimes worn with a hat. The Native American style is sometimes incorporated into the boho look in dress styles, leather, and accessories such as jewelry and scarves. Scarves of all types are boho and worn in all shapes. Scarves are worn around the neck and as wraps in the hair. Dresses of brightly patterned material in smallish to medium prints are favorites and are often maxi in length. The boho dress can also be cut at the calf or the knee. Boho dresses are made from anything from gauzy material to sheer fabrics like light cotton or even washable silk. The best patterns for boho dresses are darker in color for the fall/winter season and have long sleeves. There is a certain homemade quality to the boho dress that is special and each dress seems to stand on its own. To be ageless, the best boho dresses have sleeves and if they are sleeveless, they are best worn with a shawl or a light jacket. Again, arms tend not to be good on women after a young age and are best covered a bit by a sleeve even is it is slightly fitted instead of billowing. Layering jewelry with dresses is timeless and using ethnic jewelry can be quite popular and lovely. The dresses that float look the very best and are the most timeless, which a Pisces is quite adept at finding. A Pisces is great at finding watery prints for boho dresses and making sure the skirt floats about the leg. The freedom of a boho dress is something we all could use because it’s basically pull on and possibly belt and go, which Pisces so loves!

ageless dressingOther bohemian clothing and accessories that are timeless and ageless are floppy hats of fabric, all styles of belts that are made of natural decoration such as wire accents, turquoise beads and other beads, bead necklaces, layered lace skirts, belted painter’s smock tops, ethnic patterned prints, rings for all fingers and even rings for toes, crocheted caps, unique tie-dye, biker boots, harness boots, fabric bags, silver jewelry.

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Ageless Dressing And Astrology: Bohemian Style — 10 Comments

  1. Thanks Annalisa!!!

    I still have my long denim skirt from back in the day. It had such a nice design in it that I had to keep it. I don’t suppose I’ll ever be that small again. πŸ™‚ 5’8″ and 102 lbs.

  2. It would be fun to get a new one. I do really like the long skirts. I think I’ll wait till Jupiter moves out of my rising sign as I think I’ve been putting on a little extra weight.

  3. Boho boho Rah rah rah! Thanks, Annalisa.

    I have a question, spurred by this post…does anyone know of a bra that does NOT contain Lycra/Spandex/Elastane? I am allergic to the stuff, and it is EVERYWHERE. Fortunately, I got the small peaches, so I just go without, wear A-line T-shirts, or suffer the itching, but it would be lovely to have a comfy boulder holder again. People get certain impressions from my lack of bra, and I’d rather not have that limitation when dressing.

  4. Yes, Annalisa, cotton is ideal, although any natural fiber would be fine. Most do contain Spandex in the straps, but I don’t react as badly. It is still quite uncomfortable, and doesn’t stay localized (I get a fever, etc. eventually).

    Oh, noes! I was blocked from checking those sites out. I use the neighborhood Church Wifi for internet access, which means that I can’t look at undergarments online. This cements my plan to take the computer to the Chinese food restaurant…Fried rice and underbritches sounds like a hot date to me!

    Thanks, Annalisa. I will follow up if I am successful in my adventures!

  5. “Fried rice and underbritches sounds like a hot date to me!”

    Hahaha! Love this

    Very nice piece Annalisa. I loved to dress like this and one reason I love going to the island is that it’s the world centre of boho chic! There are many boutiques there and some very talented designers, and somehow the international style there is peculiar to the place – and suits me very well. I wish I had places back here that I could wear those pieces, but mostly I save them for my trips to the island; they are suited to the sun and a laid back lifestyle

    I love wearing ‘big’ /ethnic style costume jewellery with this type of flowing layered look too. Again, it doesn’t look right in an English village, but London can cope πŸ˜‰

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