Advice For Saturn In Scorpio

vintage scorpio orange“…No doubt, you will stumble over numerous things you feel you lack. It will be up to you to decide which voids you want to focus on filling and which empty spaces you are going to have to accept…”

I wrote that for a client dealing with Saturn in Scorpio.  I’m posting it for people who are feeling pain and having trouble moving ahead.

You’ve got to determine what is lost and can’t be resurrected…and then focus on working with what you have left.

Can you see this process underway in your life?

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Advice For Saturn In Scorpio — 22 Comments

  1. That’s precisely what I was thinking 5 minutes ago and yes, you are right, I should focus on things that are in my control, and not keep going back mulling over the loss, the regrets, the mistakes and most importantly have faith, as that’s what saturn is teaching me transiting my 12th

  2. Absolutely and while it may not be the happiest, at least it beats the heck out of all the Libra weighing. Then again, I’ve got some cappy and just putting one foot in front of the other and slowly, slogging through a tough climb comes more naturally to me than sitting and weighing things. That’s the hardest part for me, personally, the weighing and deciding,

  3. This rings so true. I feel as tho’ my marriage is lost & I am not certain if it can be resurrected. What I can do is move forward with compassion & be grateful that neither of us wants to lose our family – tho will need to restructure it. Sad.

  4. Can you see this process underway in your life?

    Almost every day. I keep pressing on. There have been days its been almost crippling. Other days have brought these huge lessons. The kind of lessons that I had no idea I still needed to learn. I have this giant mirror in front of my face right now. Some days the reflection is good and I get it, and then the next day comes and I realize I am seeing something completely different from what I thought I always knew. It’s such a surprise. Right now I am seeing myself through other peoples eyes. I am looking at myself in the way another person sees me. In less than a year I have changed profoundly. I would never have believed this last year….but its happened and there is more work to be done.

    Since its not over I am not sure yet what I will have left. I guess that will play itself out over time. I do however know what I have left today. I am working with it, but its bare bones…..

  5. I really appreciate this. I’m wondering why Saturn in Scorpio seems to be more drastic than other signs? Is there more potential loss involved and what’s behind that?

  6. I feel like I’ve lost my idealism. My dreams are still there to some extent, but I no longer feel like things are going to magically work out. I’ve lost the idea that things must or will be a certain way. I have to focus on what I am realistically able to accomplish, what habits I can form that are sustainable and practical. This is harsh because it forces me to face the possibility that I might never get anywhere in life, and I have been in quite a rut lately. But it’s actually liberating in a way, because now I can find joy in small accomplishments. There is no grand goal I have to achieve (possibly because I can’t achieve it), and anything better than neutral feels like a victory.

  7. At times I feel as though I’m floating in outer space and all I can do is look at the stars. At other times it feels like weights are in my shoes. Some of the things that were so important when I was younger are unimportant now. And the small passion that began in my 30s burns bigger and brighter every day.

  8. I do see it!I’t been my intention over the years but now some gear shift is occurring(jup cancer, my 9th?),and hitting the bottom was necessary.Can see a pattern now, would’nt have believed it only one year ago.
    I have to leave behind what I never got:actual childhood,sense of innocence, feeling burden-free, parented by my parents and not viceversa, many hurts, loneliness, unfaithful people, images and sensations connected with the first 40 years of life which I’ll never get.ordering things on the timeline,harder than it sounds.
    Holding the void has been crucial, a tremendous effort just to get there,while an unrequited love still burns and hurts,a loved one attached somelsewhere with a newborn baby.And at nearly 45 I realize that maybe I could be a mother.
    FOCUS(thanks Elsa..)on:what I’ve made out of my troubled chart so far,my eagerness for life,my selfcommittment, economic independence(first in my family over 2 generations), my warm little house,my music, my kittens.defining myself ,out of the deep neptunian woods.progr asc.moving towards sag.after 40 years..scorpio powerful with pluto-moon-venus,scorpio mother.leave behind scorpio wounds and power games,learn to wear my scars with elegance(libra!), keep intensity and drama but for constructive purposes,such as sharing,creating,connecting.let different people enter my life/space.disciplining myself(saturn as an ally,at last!) working with law,judges and sentences.
    I’ll never get back the first part of my life.facing the mechanisms which have created it like that is like a death sentence,you have no choice if you want to live.that’s how I feel now.having chosen to live,in spite of an opposite force which has held me back for so long.refusing to value myself on some scoreboard based on different life stories and,most of all, much better cards handed over when the game started.
    focus on nurturing,defining, creating reality-rooted bonds,dare to say that I want a family(wow!!!),opening up to something different coming to me,beware of further illusions,grounding
    stop feeling a cripple because of my unfulfilled personal life, possess my actual age shamelessly

  9. This has been an UNBELIEVABLE year…..a totally bad “Lifetime TV Movie”….so much tragedy, loss, etc….but, alas, we are here so must find a way to move forward…every morning it’s a work in progress!!

  10. This sums up exactly how I’ve been feeling lately. I couldn’t put my finger on it but you just said it in the clearest and most concise way. Yes, I am much more aware of all the parts in my life that are lacking these days, and it hurts, whereas it seems before I could distract myself with other things and feel alright. This is good advice, thank you Elsa! I’ve been trying to do what you have suggested, it’s good to know I’m on the right track with this approach.

  11. I feel more determined to hang on than ever. I am committed to maintaining my dignity. After that, the Universe is going to have to tear what it wants from me out of my rabid little claws. I’m NOT giving in without a fight.

  12. In short, yes. There is loss. I’ve lost years. And I’ve lost opportunities… I am mad at myself. Mostly, it’s about saving what time and opportunities I do have. One sure thing though, from this past week, I’m choosing not to return to some social circles because I don’t have the time or energy to keep up with what newest thing they’re interested in. I’ve decided there are more important things in this life I need to work on. I’m so tired of effing those things up… Last chance.

  13. well the worst they say has passed for me cause im nov 7th although im still not out of the woods yet…So for me everything has taken forever…everything is delayed or there are loses, and nothing comes easy …plus i have been worked to death…lots of overtime…in the same respect Saturn had its influence to make me more serious and or like i knew i had to work ever harder in order for me to succeed…i felt alone in it all too…but so what…i have my health…a nice home a great partner…i bought a new truck with low financing …so some things were good…its not like it was the end of the world…(so far)…lol

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