A Shadow Falls Over A Grand Trine In Air

I’ll see a neurosurgeon today. I have no earthly idea what he’ll say, but I bet it’s interesting. I also think I should take it pretty well.

This is because the moon in Aquarius trines Mercury in his own sign, Gemini. These bodies from a Grand Trine with Jupiter in Libra. I have Mars conjunct Mercury in Libra – I think this bodes well.  But I don’t know exactly how to define, “well”.

There is a horrible shadow here…of the father (Pluto in Capricorn). I am in this circumstance because my father opted to kick me in the head, hundreds of time.  You imagine the trauma to neck. Decades pass, arthritis develops. It’s an extraordinary injury.

A lot of doctors these days, don’t really want a challenge. They want to surgeries with predictable incomes. For example, there is a doc here; all he does is hip replacements.  If you need anything other than a hip replacement, he sends you on. When or if you need your hip replaced, you’ll be sent back to him to have it done.

This is understandable to me.  No one wants to operate on someone’s wife and mother, and leave them dead, paralyzed or brain damaged.  It’s much easier to just say, “no”.

If someone does cut into my neck, what they’ll see is pure evil.  Seriously.  How does someone do this to a kid?

I think this is another reason I may be turned away. But it also may be the reason I am not turned away.  This is interesting to me.

People like me exist, on some level, to collide with others to bring out their best…and their worst.


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  1. Elsa, I’m so sorry you went through those experiences with your father. It makes me really angry. No child, no person, should ever go through anything like that. I hope you don’t think this is prying, but would you tell us what happened to your father, as the years passed? I’m asking because I want to know what karma he experienced. I guess I want to know if he was “punished” in this lifetime for what he did to you? I send you love, and healing energy.

  2. U r well beyond measure u consider all influences, u have decided to swim thru and against and with life’s injustices
    I have 2 fractures in the cervical bones in my neck( ex-abuse)
    There is only 1 diagnosis “yes I am determined, yes I will love this life
    I recently got haircut during Aquarius moon, dude butched me because
    I said do as you’d like
    If his words ,work or interpretation feel shocking
    I think Aquarius days include off the cuff rude moments
    U swim on,actually I think best thing for my body mind heart and soul is swimming , do u live close enough 2 YMCA? Hope u feel the grace of from here forward no looking back

  3. Best of luck to you today. Sorry to hear you went through that (that’s an understatement but I don’t know how to adequately convey it!) and I hope for an optimal outcome for you.

  4. Interesting how our bodies tell the stories if our childhoods. My abuse was sexual. My 3,4 and 5 lumbar joints have arthritis. Louise Hay’s books list them ad first chakra issues. Yep.

  5. My Rosary is for you today Elsa…God’s Will be done…
    with Love and Light I see you perfect and Whole the way you were created…

  6. Best wishes to you! I am in a similar circumstance today, picking up lab results from an ongoing illness that Dr’s don’t want to deal with. Thanks for all you do, Sticking your NECK out to help others. So ironic.

  7. Wishing you well Elsa, you’re so brave to share this with us. Thank you so much. My natal sun in capricorn 8th house is square my nodes as well as square uranus conjunct jupiter in Libra. I get what you say, “People like me exist, on some level, to collide with others to bring out their best…and their worst.” I haven’t suffered your trauma as a child, but there was trauma and that makes waves as you grow up. People either love me or hate me. I’m between the extremes of people’s viewpoints. I challenge them and some like this, others try to eliminate me (sometimes quite literally!)Go Elsa go, keep well, praying it works out for you. If anyone can pull through the extremes, it’s you!

  8. As long as bringing out the worst is aimed at bringing out the best! A wake up call so to speak. I like having you around to spark my shadow inquisition. Best of health to you.

  9. Dear Elsa… You are loved and cherished around the globe! 4th house Scorpio Sun conjunct Pluto, 12th house Cancer Moon, Jupiter in the 8th (etc..) speaking here… I cannot state enough how valuable a person like you, speaking your truth is to little ol’ me.. I’m not so good with words, just wanted to leave a little thank you note here today.. God bless <3

  10. Dear Elsa, have you heard of or tried CranioSacral therapy? The Upledger Institute has awesome trained therapists and have had great healing results with head injuries and trauma. Make sure you find a cst therapist with extensive head trauma experience. There are many in the state of Colorado. Much love ❤️

  11. Hi Elsa, I read your book and it was pretty harrowing. I pray that what damage has been done can be irradicated in the best and perfect way that you need it to. I am glad that you can look beyond regarding your father. The pain we hold on to in anger only harms us and our psyche. But I am sure it has taken you a LOT of work to do so. Blessings on you! (((Elsa)))

  12. Oh wow, Elsa…So sorry for what you went through. Thank you for being so strong and using your talents to help others. I pray your doctor is one who wants to step out of the box and help you with all the talents and abilities he has. Everyone is sending you their best most positive thoughts!

  13. I also think that karmically you may have chosen to dispense with a lot of your own karma this lifetime, which, of course, makes this a very difficult life for you.

  14. Elsa…..I hope it goes well for you today! On the August Eclipse thread…..you did remark awhile back, that it hits your chart very favorably…..maybe that and Jupiter going direct will help? And maybe you have some lucky Juipter in your natal….idk?

  15. Wishing you a swift and favourable resolution. May you be blessed and may you find healing and be at peace throughout the process. May all things work out well.

  16. GOOD NEWS. No surgery! Yes, my neck is bad but he indicated the ortho guy overreacted…or just that I did not need surgery at this time. He was very reassuring and told me in the future, I should come to him for any spine problems. He invited me to be his patient, which was very cool. 🙂

  17. Excellent news! I hope he has some ideas for managing the pain and best way to handle your care. Sounds like a good find.

  18. I feel happy for you. This post hurt, the karma talk just makes me swiggle inside I don’t think there is a scorekeeper B strong have faith in your ways and path. Have a wonderful evening

  19. Well now Elsa, that’s wonderful news! Simply wonderful! I’m so happy for you. And how nice to have a new doc with a better perspective.
    I’m sorry you went thru that with your Father. Your first role model as a man & someone you should have been able to trust. Horrible & bewildering thing to go thru once, not to mention repeatedly. Hard to wrap one’s head around something like that.

  20. Glad for your good news and the fact you have made a success of your life inspite of what happened. But, Ive got to tell you reading this burns me up. Back when we were growing up too few people interfered in child raising. Thank God its a different world today, and child abuse is taken seriously Yes, its evil in its purest form. You are brave to write it.
    People like your Father should go under the jail for life. It is his loss today though.

  21. This is very good news Elsa. And indeed, maybe he has some very good ideas to help you with this. That he invites you to be his patient sounds very nice and friendly. That is what you need as well! I am happy for you.

  22. Very very good news!
    What a relief! (understatement)
    I ditto Leslie on child abuse.
    Hard to think that something like that can happen and nobody notices or reacts. I take it your other family members just looked away. That is sick.

  23. Phew! That was a close one. Sudden changes for the better. Isn’t that what Magic is about?
    Congratulations on your new life. :-). <3

  24. Wow!!! As someone who experienced sexual abuse by exposure (i.e., seeing parents having sex), physical abuse, shaming, and being ignored) I am so impressed by the beautiful and amazing things that you have done Elsa, in spite of what you went through!! I am so glad that things went well with your consultation! You are a gift to us all, and I am so glad that you do the work that you do. You deserve many, many blessings always.
    Yes, may divinity bless you ALWAYS.

    • Exactly!

      I’m glad I got in to see him as soon as I did. I was not being overly cautious, but I was told I should be wearing a collar all the time…not soft! One of those Aspen collars that don’t let you move at all.

      If you wear one, your muscles atrophy and eventually you can’t hold your head up. So now I am just grateful…and walking around, just happy as could be!

  25. So glad to hear that you won’t need surgery. That’s some scary stuff you’ve been dealing with. Wishing you all the best.

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