Astrology: A Poem By Andrew Wilson


At forty, I came to astrology,
Steven Arroyo one of the first to
Bring my semi-unopened mind to see
That we should learn our natal chart to view.
Our inner make-up is there to be seen,
Solar arcs and progressions aiding us
In our quest to view what has not yet been;
Which forces are helping to make things thus.
Much have I learned from the internet,
And from Neil Tyl, such a skilful writer.
Elsa, proto-blogger on this planet,
Will help us our burdens to make lighter.
Stars, planets, houses, signs: delightful parts
Of one of humanity’s greatest arts.

Andrew Wilson


Astrology: A Poem By Andrew Wilson — 9 Comments

  1. I have never before heard the term, proto-blogger. So I looked it up and I’m still not sure! A blogger before blogs? The OG blogger?

    And she sure has lightened a lot of loads. Nice!

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