Weekly Forecast: November 8-12, 2021 – Mars-Mercury With Saturn

saturnWe’re getting some GO with Mercury and Mars in active conjunction in Scorpio this week. It’s flow and synchronicity and mad cosmic powers. The Scorpio Sun channels some of that mojo with a trine to Neptune all week long.

That’s the good news. It’s pithy, creamy juice. The challenge tags on with Mercury and Mars heading into square with Saturn in airy, eclectic-electric Aquarius. We’ve got the go, the drive to transform (ourself, others, our path, our dreams), but we’re held up by process. By mechanics. By the fact that doing things right takes time. And sometimes it takes revamping the plan, ripping out something you’ve already got completed, and going another route with the project.

The project isn’t wrong or ended. The steps and the perspective require some air. It’s not just an inconvenience; this will gird your investment and shore up your efforts in the long run.

This roadblock builds through the beginning of the week, peaks Wednesday, and recedes Thursday… not with a bang, but more a sad trombone. In fact, some is likely to say something self centered or shitty during this process. Unless that someone is you, it helps to not take it so seriously.

What other people say, even when it’s about us, is rarely about us. People will people. Sometimes it works out in our favor; other times it doesn’t. Sometimes it feels lousy and still works out in our favor.

Monday and Tuesday the Moon moves through Capricorn. Its aspects and tenor create a general mood that facilitates really grinding along with that GO we feel. Tuesday night through Thursday night, the Aquarius Moon highlights the bubbles trapped under the glass.

On Friday, FINALLY a Pisces Moon gets to be the sweet, loving hero it can be, instead of the drunk or the maudlin weeper it often gets a bad rap for. Along with the Sun’s trine to Pisces ruler Neptune, the Moon softens and sweetens with a sextile to Venus. It’s a well deserved payout. A return on investment or a chance to sip off the fruits of your own good labors or judgement.

The evening brings a Moon trine to Mars and Mercury and a late night sextile to Uranus, ruler of Aquarius – currently in Taurus. It’s divinely skilled for pleasure and markedly opportune for novel satisfaction. Try something new if it feels right. Trust your instincts, both physical and mental.

New sensations and projects are emerging in Scorpio. Where is Scorpio action unfolding in your chart?



Weekly Forecast: November 8-12, 2021 – Mars-Mercury With Saturn — 7 Comments

  1. H12 and into H1. I think Uranus is lighting up my Jupiter, concept wise. There were concepts from 30 years ago in the early nineties that I explored. Read all the books at that time and gleaned some stuff at that time. Haven’t thought about it since. Then it popped up and I could finally really get it as it applies to what I am experiencing now. Caught me by surprise. I had to ask how could I explain this astrologically. Persephone is squaring Jupiter? I was not aware that Persephone could throw up this kind of thing. I mean it is usually a grueling trip to find what I am looking for. Understanding through concepts makes current issues more palatable. The collective movements that have a life of their own. Scorpio full moon will be in H1 conj natal Saturn and square Pluto. It is of interest to me currently. And yeah, I do feel moving forward, working my way forward.

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