2018-2019 Astrology Holiday Guide Now Available!

christmas elf elsaelsaYou may tend to stress over the holidays. I try to keep the newsletter coming, but it’s a busy season for me. I can’t always manage. To fill in for this, I started writing the Holiday Guide in 2013.

People often tell me they wish they’d read my letter before they did or said X or Y. The guide allows you to look ahead and plan during this sensitive time.

I write the guide no matter what. Some years are better than others. This year’s guide will be particularly helpful because of the planetary scenarios coming up. I think it will help you navigate this period of time happily. I know that if it helps you avoid even one skirmish, it will have paid for itself!

Here’s what’s included this year:

November 16th: Venus Direct – Whew! That Was Close!
November 17th: Mercury Retrograde – Ignore This, I’m Sure
November 20th: Mars Square Jupiter – Heroic Opportunity
November 22nd: Thanksgiving – Sun Enters Sagittarius – Be Good & Eat Well
November 24th: Full Moon In Gemini – Isn’t This Fun?
November 25th: Neptune Direct – Wait, What?
November 27-28th: Sun-Mercury-Jupiter Conjunction Square Mars – Drunken Know-It-All
December 1st-2nd: Venus Enters Scorpio & Opposes Uranus – Release Your Obsession
December 3rd-5th: Sun Square Mars Conjunct Neptune – Ambush
December 6th-7th: Mercury Direct, New Moon In Sagittarius, & Mars Conjunct Neptune – Invisible Gas Attack
December 12th: Mercury In Sagittarius – Storytelling
December 13–20th: Calm Stretch
December 21st: Mercury Conjunct Jupiter, Sun Enters Capricorn – Balance
December 22nd: Full Moon In Cancer – Feelings
December 25th: Christmas – You’re All Pathological! I’m Outa Here!
December 26 – 30th: Another Calm Period
December 31st: New Year’s Eve – Resolute!
January 1st: New Year’s Day, Mars Enters Aries – Initiate!
January 2nd: Sun Conjunct Saturn & Moon Conjunct Jupiter
January 5th: New Moon In Capricorn – Mercury Enters Capricorn – Saturn Overload
January 6th: Uranus Direct – Breakout!

Christmas dogThe earlier you get your guide, the more you’ll benefit. It’s also a way to throw in to support the site. I always appreciate that!

Get your new guide here: Using Astrology To Navigate The Holidays 2018-19


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    • The guide is delivered immediately. There is something is as link to download in your confirmation email.
      If you missed it I’ll send it to you. Give me 30 min. I am away from my computer.

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