Style Tips Through The Signs – Part 4: Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces


Capricorns look great with a touch of makeup no matter what their age. To present with a pulled together look pleases them but the whole haul of makeup that covers the complete face is not needed and can add age to the face. The best way to present yourself if you have Capricorn tastes is well turned out but ready for work or whatever responsibilities you may have as a Cap. Your face is the first thing people see, as well as your hair, so you should have a formula for making-up that works every time, all the time.

Go with a powder finish even if you have your bare skin underneath and use a powder that is colorless so you have a finished look on your skin that is matte but not thick and doesn’t show any wrinkles or imperfections. You can try a facial primer first and see if that evens your pores out enough and you don’t need anything else if your skin is well taken care of. Taking care of your skin is an investment that Capricorn should make as they “reverse age” and become more carefree as they get older. Cleanse with a product that does what you need it to do, exfoliate every time and use moisture for it helps to keep your skin young and protected if you use an SPF, which you should. To use a sheer, colorless powder gives you a matte face that looks natural but has a sheen that Capricorn could use to look professional and full of integrity. Too much base can make you look “fake,” and Capricorn wants to be trusted above all.

Next, it’s a good idea to apply a dash of blush to your skin because it can make us look younger and healthier. Use a color blush that is the natural pink that your skin blushes. Most skin blushes a pink tone no matter how beige it is so try some until you find one that matches the color you get when you pinch your cheeks. A pinch on your cheek will reveal the color it naturally gets when blushing and that is the color to find! Sometimes the best blush is very light pink/beige and sometimes, if you have darker skin, the color is brighter pink. You would be surprised how pink you really blush even if your skin tone is not white-white! Match that color and use it sparingly on the apples of your cheeks for a done look but not overdone.

Mascara is usually needed unless you have very dark eyelashes that are thick. If you can wear your natural eyelashes now is the time for it’s very “now” to wear little makeup. If your lashes don’t show enough, go ahead and apply one coat of mascara to make your eyes show and get the attention they deserve when you communicate. Always curl your eyelashes before you apply mascara and even curl them if you are going natural with yours. Curling the eye lashes gives them a younger look and lifts up your eye if it has a droop to it. If your eyes are young, you only look more fetching with some curl to the lashes.

Add a lip stain with a gloss without shimmer to your lips because you look more professional without shimmer products on your face. Cap is serious a lot and you will be taken seriously if you avoid shimmer on your lips, unless you use shimmer in your lipstick. Avoid the lip glosses that are thick and gummy in texture and loaded with shimmer. Use a lipstick or stain and go ahead and use a frost if you use a lipstick. Frost can make your lips look bigger if they are a bit thin.

Always remember to finish your face, whatever you decide you need to wear, with some color added to your eyebrows. Eyebrows can fade with age and if you are young, they still could use some pop to bring your face together and also to show your eyes in their best light. Use a dark brown instead of a black eye brow color to avoid too dark eyes that are not believable You want to use an eyebrow powder and a stiff, small brush to apply your eye brow color instead of a pencil unless the pencil is a powder form. Powder on your brows just looks more natural and better in every way so don’t go for the oil pencil on your eyebrows. All these are small and natural ways to make the most of your face without getting caught up in the makeup train that can age you no matter what your age. No nineteen year old wants to look thirty and no forty year old wants to look fifty so go lightly on your make up to get the best and youngest look for you.

Remember that long hair can drag down the face and no one should wear straight long hair unless they have a round face that needs to be pulled down a bit. Add layers at your chin and think about bangs to give your face a lift and bring out your features. Have these layers feathered toward your face and you will have a very natural and attractive look at any length. Cappy usually does not like to go wild with the hair so remember to add the layers to avoid the saggy face and the droopy eyes that can appear with only straight hair to look at. Your eyes can look a full size bigger with layers at the right length in your hair!

The piece of clothing that I think most flatters a Capricorn is a jacket. Now days what looks great is a new baggy waist pant or skirt with a T. or a tank and a jacket over it that is short and to the waist. The new shorter jackets come in any type so if you are a leather jacket wearer you can go with a brown leather and look pulled together over anything or go with a fabric jacket that is cut to the waist with a bit of a square look. These jackets pull together your look and a Capricorn looks turned out in a jacket like no other sign! Invest in a jacket and expect it to last at least five years with regard to style so it’s worth the investment. Find the type that matches the most of your clothing and sometimes that means a brown or an olive color if you don’t wear a lot of black. Black and brown are now worn together a lot so you can use a dark brown over a black and look as “now” as possible. Put the most thought in your jacket and make it light if you live in a hot climate and a bit heavier if you live where it stays cool most of the time. Wherever you live, you want a jacket that says “you” and becomes your signature over any look you wear!


No matter what the age of an Aquarius, they look just great with a bit of shimmer in whatever they wear on their face! I’ve seen some great looks on Aquarius that include a tan and shimmer and I’ve seen the same great skin when it’s not tanned but has a bit of shimmer on the cheekbones or on the eyes and even the lips. Aquarius seem to shimmer and their eyes are so expressive that it looks smashing to have a bit of help there to bring out more shine, enhancing what comes naturally to them. An Aquarius should think “eyes” when thinking about the face and keep the rest of the face as natural as possible. No matter what your age you can use a bit of shimmer on the brow bone and on the upper eye beneath the eyebrow. If you do wear eyeshadow, go with some that has a shimmer to it and if you don’t, think about buying a shimmer product that you can dot on your cheeks and eyes and lips to give them the shimmer you are looking for. If you apply base you can still use a shimmer product but if can, wear your natural skin and add a powder product or a creme product that has shimmer and just a little bit of color.

Doing up your face with one color that is meant to be worn all over the face is the best way to avoid too much shine and to get a pulled together look that is natural. Find a product that is in line with your skin color. If you have light skin, go for a beige product, and if you have a bit of color to your skin go for a bronzer product or a brown that has a bit of shine. Blend this color on the apples of your cheeks and up to the outer cheekbones and use the same color on the eyelids or under your eyebrow to bring forth the eyes. Use the same color on your lips and add a bit more color and shine to the lips to bring your lips forward as an Aquarius looks magical with a bit of shine on the lips and just a bit of color. Air signs can wear color on their face very well no matter what the age but avoid falling into the trap of wearing too much color and too much product. Avoid base if you can and replace it with a primer or a tan. If you wear base, try to use a moisturizer with color or using it only where you need it on your face and blending it. Always use a concealor on the inner corner of your eyes to make them pop but blend, blend, blend when you use it so you don’t bring attention to the very area you are trying to hide!

Since you look good with a bit of color on your lips, try a reverse lip liner to avoid the lipstick going into the cracks above your lips if you have them. You can find a reverse lip liner in many lines and in many price points but the main idea is to line the outer part of your lips with it so that your lipstick does not bleed. These products work very well and stay in place all day so you have a great lip most of the day. Use a natural color to line the lips and then use it on the lip as well before you apply your lip color. This will keep your lips neat and keep your lipstick where you put it as well. Finish with a frost or a stain with a bit of gloss over it to give you some shine but don’t go for maximum shine for it would be too over powering. The idea is to accent your face and the skin in the right places to bring forth your inner shine to the outside on your face! Nothing looks better on Aquarius than this welcoming and just a dash of color and shine so apply your product lightly and don’t be afraid of trying this even if you are a bit older and don’t think it will work on you! It will work for you at any age for your personality is glowing and your face will show this if you try these techniques!

What looks great on Aquarius is the “boho” look! Gauzy tunics and leggings or long dresses for day or long skirts and gauzy tops look lovely on them and give them the interest in their clothing that is suitable for them and their shining personalities! Try to find tunics that are light in weight and even try ethnic prints to see if you can pull them off with leggings or yoga pants because you look great in clothing from other cultures! Indian prints from India or African prints look great on you and you can pull them off! Try paisley for a long, new maxi dress that is made of comfortable cotton and you will look as laid back as you can be! I also like the new long skirts for Aquarius with a waist-length top. Again, fabric is important to you and you want to try prints and remember that the louder the print, at times, the more it suits you! Aquarius can also wear color very well and look great in prints that are watercolor and have more than one color in them. Being comfortable and colorful is a goal you might try for a new look or to add to the look you already wear. Even to go so far as pieces that are separates but have the same basic color will work for you and any top with a pattern is usually your best friend! I love the way Aquarius can look in prints and they can show their inner thoughts by taking the time to find prints that really speak to them when they are shopping. There are some clothing stores that specialize in prints from other cultures and those are great shopping stops for you if you are looking for new hunting ground!


Pisces look great with the use of a bit of highlighter product on their faces. You can feel light and like yourself with a bit of base that is a moisturizing base with very little color, or use your base by adding a bit of moisturizer to it and using that instead of a straight base on your face to make it lighter. You can also invest in a great base and only use it where you need it and leave the rest of your skin bare with the exception of a primer that has a bit of highlighter in it. Smashbox makes a great primer with a bit of highlighter in it and you can find like products if you search other lines. You can also mix your moisturizer with a highlight product and apply it to your face all at once to give you a bit of light. One way to apply highlighter is to use in on the center of your face coming from the chin to the nose to the forehead and this brings out the center of your face and gives you that light look that is so flattering for Pisces.

Trying a blue of green eye liner lightly on your eyes can make you eyes pop an look almost natural on you because your face, especially the eyes are so deep for Pisces. Use a light blue or green pencil liner and line only the top lashes and blend, blend, blend so it appears very light on the top of your lashes and you will have the look of the ocean about you but in a way that is not too intense for you to pull off. Finish this look with some mascara and you’d be surprised how many of you that can wear a navy blue mascara and pull it off! Remember to curl your lashes to give them the “up” and awake look you need, and apply your mascara lightly because heavy makeup is not only aging but it also looks very fake on sensitive Pisces. A little is a lot for Pisces when it comes to makeup so make every product count! A good rule of thumb for a Pisces is that if you accent your eyes, go natural on your lips and if you only use mascara on the eyes, go ahead and add a bit of color on your lips. If you have light skin, go with a pink color on your lips to add a bit of mystery and if you have darker skin, go with a sheer red that is barely there and leaves the natural mystery in the Pisces face.

Highlight the eye area with a highlight on the brow and make your eye area match your skin color so you don’t have shadows on your eyes where you don’t want them. Another great look on a Pisces is to get used to the darker areas of your upper eyes and accenting them with a bit of color to make your eyes appear as sensitive as you are! No one needs under eye bags so use a product to get rid of them and use a concealor in the corner of your eye and add a bit of highlight in the corner to make your eyes pop. You only need a dab of highlighter in the corner of your eyes to give them the look you need so go gently with it! Remember to use a powder color on your eyebrows to bring out your eyes and go easy with the color there. The idea with Pisces makeup is to take the natural mystery in your face and accent it without going over the top with product. Use a light hand for a little goes a long way with your face, Pisces. If you sport a tan there is still room for your highlighter so if I were you I would shop highlighting product until I found one that applied the way I like, whether powder or creme, and that can be used all over for the best result. Leave the rest of your face natural or if you wear base, only use the base and a bit of powder and let the highlighter do the talking. Pisces look best without a heavy base so get to work on your skin if you need to do so for wearing no base or little base is best for you. There is an inner light that comes from within a Pisces that needs to be noticed and flattered.

Being a Pisces myself, I often dress for my Sun and add this or that to feed the other parts of my chart. A Pisces has many influences and often they have more than one “look” that pleases them. This can be fixed by you dressing the the style that is most “you” and adding jewelry or belts, etc. that will make the outfit fit the other areas that interest you. The best way to do this is to wear basic Pisces-like clothing that can be accessorized in many ways. I like Pisces in loose-fitting clothing that is made of light and airy fabrics that move with you and give you a floating appearance. Light tunics with loose pants made of thin fabric give you this look or dresses that have room to move about and add a legging that is of interest to the whole look. You look great in long skirts that move and are of “Pisces colors,” like sky blue, ocean blue and sea green. You can try baggy pants with a tunic over them that is wide in cut and in a baby doll style but with loose sleeves.

Some lines have separates that are meant to be worn together that can give you a pulled together look yet one that is loose and that you can feel free in and without constraint. Avoid anything that is too binding for you feel tied up and less free when you are in anything that makes you feel bonded. The new maxi dresses can work for you and you can wear a T. underneath if the top is too bare to bring the dress more to a Pisces style. Layering is a great thing for Pisces for they can layer for comfort and remove layers as they need while keeping comfortable throughout the day and night. Try layering like fabrics that are soft in feel and easy in movement. Start with a piece you love, like a flowing dress and layer over it a vest or a loose jacket or whatever might make it more “you” and most comfortable. A Pisces should never feel bound by clothing. You can layer under or over any piece and mixing it up is part of the fun for Pisces because they are often dressing for many parts of themselves. Try taking basic outfits and adding accessories like chain if you have Scorpio, flowers if you have Libra, etc. You can come up with some very creative looks using yourself as a canvas and collecting parts of you in the way of things that you wear!

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  1. Thanks Annalisa, I’ve been wondering about face finishes and whether or not to layer my hair….might take the plunge (cautious Cappy here!)

  2. Thanks, Annalisa. This Cap has been waiting for my sign to be written up. I’m a 50 something Cap that has worn sunscreen almost daily since it came out 30 plus years ago. It has made a real difference at my age. I have rosacea. Besides my medicine, sunscreen is a big part of the treatment. Daily, light exfoliation is a must. Oil free moisturizers and makeup. When I’m out and about, I use makeup with a gold tint to neutralize the redness. And I keep my hair short in a “shape” cut.

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