2021 Horoscope Archives By Midara

January, 2021

Aries Sun and Rising – Self-Rescuing Warrior

Being awesome, valued, and worthy isn’t something that other people can bestow upon you. It’s something inherent that you never have to justify. So this month, when you’re tempted to go barreling forward to prove yourself, stop. Instead, figure out how to marshal your resources and take steady steps to become the awesome, powerful, super-rad person you know you can be. Make the changes YOU want to make. It was never about them anyway.

Taurus Sun and Rising – Charge!

When people think of Taurus, they often think of a happy cow placidly chewing grass in a sunny meadow. They see your peaceful nature. But this month, you’re likely to embody the other side of Taurus: the charging bull. You’ve been poked and prodded and herded long enough. It’s time for you to take charge. But before you let loose, make sure you complete your OODA loop: observe the problem, orient yourself, make a decision about what you really want, and then act.

Gemini Sun and Rising – What a Rush!

Roller coasters are funny things. They’re impressive feats of engineering, imposing structures designed to fling and hurl our bodies around in an imitation of mortal danger. We scream, we cry, we throw up. And yet we keep coming back for more! Roller coasters can even be good for us, helping with everything from stress to kidney stones. This month will be quite the roller coaster, Gemini. But just like the real thing, you may be scared, but you also stand to benefit in a major way. And when the ride is over, you, like the rest of us, will be breathless, laughing, and yelling, “Again, again!!”

Cancer Sun and Rising – Buddy System

Every diver learns on day one that it is dangerous to plumb the depths alone. The same goes for spelunking, saltwater fishing, and urban exploration. Basically, any time that you’re venturing into uncharted territory, it’s better to have a capable group to watch your back. As you are pulled to excavate your own psyche in the coming months, don’t be afraid to ask for a little help from your friends. It’s dangerous to go alone.

Leo Sun and Rising – Invest

Some people say there’s no such thing as luck. They say that if you trace the thread of even your most unexpected good fortune back far enough, you’ll find that it is rooted in action, decisions, and relationships that you initiated or nurtured. Whether or not you share this view, it would be wise to adopt it in the coming months. What can you do now to build relationships and create conditions for your next big break?

Virgo Sun and Rising – Hectic

Sometimes vacations don’t turn out as we plan. We dream and dream about how wonderful it will be, but on the big day, things start to go wrong. You get into a fender-bender on the way to the airport. You get searched by security when you’re already running late. You finally get in the air, but the plane has to make an unexpected landing. It’s madness! All you want is to be able to start the day again fresh. The good news, Virgo, is that if this month doesn’t go quite as you expected, you’ll have the chance for a do-over.

Libra Sun and Rising – Real Attraction

On King of the Hill, a group of women were rating the sexiness of each man in their neighborhood. When the group started talking about Peggy’s husband, she was indignant at how unsexy they thought he was. She angrily responded, “I’ll have you know that in 15 years of marriage, Hank has never once forgotten my birthday or missed a mortgage payment!” The other women laugh, but I think Peggy is on to something. Sexy men are a dime a dozen. Romance is cheap. But commitment, support, and security? That’s where the real value lies. Being someone people can count on is the sexiest thing you can do.

Scorpio Sun and Rising – Mirrors

On Adventure Time, the protagonist, Finn, is a brave hero in a constant battle with his nemesis, the Ice King. At one point, Finn finally catches him and triumphantly throws him in jail. But as the hero guards his prisoner, he is thrown for a loop. The Ice King proclaims that he has committed no recent crimes, then holds up a mirror to Finn, bellowing “BEHOLD THE TRUE JERK.” I’m not saying, Scorpio, that you are a jerk! I’m also not saying you’re the hero. Things are always a little more complex than that. But know that sometimes the pain and upset that seem to be coming from other people are manifestations of our own darkness. And sometimes not. That’s when a little self-reflection comes in very handy.

Sagittarius Sun and Rising – Detour

In all the greatest stories, things tend to go awry. There’s no epic about a hero’s life going perfectly to plan. No one goes to a theater to watch two hours of peaceful rides on horseback. And so it is with you. You’re coming out of a long, dark night and just want to be able to move forward on your path. You long for calm, or at least for excitement that you can control. But every plot needs a good twist. And unexpected detours often lead to the best treasure.

Capricorn Sun and Rising – True to You

On King of the Hill, Hank finds out that his friends have been excluding him from their group vacations due to his reputation for being a stick in the mud. Determined to prove that he can party with the best of them, he joins them on a hunt for sunken treasure. At one point, the whole group jumps off the boat to swim in the ocean, and no one remembers to let down the ladder. Hank then sees the error of his ways and takes charge to get them to safety. He and his friends both leave with a greater appreciation for his nature. He may be a party-pooper, but party-poopers get stuff done. I don’t mean to say that you shouldn’t have a good time, Capricorn, nor am I saying you’re boring! But your reputation for responsibility is well-earned, and furthermore, it’s a good thing! Stay true to yourself and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Everyone else will come around soon enough.

Aquarius Sun and Rising – Your Core

This is your time to shine! The planets are aligning and everything is coming up Aquarius! But what does that really mean? The thing about Aquarius is that you’re always questioning yourself and interrogating your own shadow. Knowing who you are isn’t the most intuitive experience for you, so you often default to constructing an identity based on your beliefs. But my challenge to you this month is to subvert the paradigm. What would it look like if you created a world in your image? What if your real power comes from who you are, not what you think?

Pisces Sun and Rising – Know Your Piper

I’ve written a few times about The Pied Piper over the years. He probably existed in real life, and was most likely a well-intentioned character. He went to a town that was overpopulated and led some of the younger adults away to start new, more prosperous lives in a town that had been destroyed in war. We know that people did follow him, but the trail ends there. Did the travelers find the prosperity they sought? Or did they come upon a land in shambles and no help to be found? Did they have to rebuild the town all alone? These are questions to ponder in the coming months, Pisces. You may get an offer that sounds too good to be true, and you may be sorely tempted to drop everything and run off into the sunset. But how well do you really know your Piper? Maybe before moving, it might be worth taking a tour.

February, 2021

Aries Sun and Rising – Snow White Rising

In older versions of “Snow White”, the girl’s evil stepmother doesn’t just come to poison her once. In fact, she comes three times in three different disguises. Each time the stepmother fooled her, but each time Snow White narrowly escaped death. On the fourth attempt, however, it appeared that the stepmother succeeded. The girl ingested the poison again and fell into a death-like slumber. But what the stepmother didn’t know is that the previous attempts had inoculated the girl against the poison, rendering its effects much less severe. Snow White’s body was able to gather strength as she slept, and after a while, she summoned all her inner power and awoke, seemingly resurrected. Further, she married a wonderful prince and was elevated in power above her evil stepmother, forcing the jealous woman to bow to her. This month I see a similar story playing out for you. You will encounter challenge after challenge. But if you trust yourself and remain strong, you’ll eventually be able to summon power that shows your doubters what you’re really worth.

Taurus Sun and Rising – Shared Success

There was once a farmer who became extremely prosperous by selling a special strain of corn that had been cultivated by his family for generations. And every year, he gave away large portions of his seed corn to his neighbors. When asked why he did this, the old farmer explained that the same bees that fertilize his crops will also be fertilizing that of his neighbors. If he wanted his own crops to be the best, he had to make sure that his neighbors were growing good corn too. This month, Taurus, you may be tempted to break off and go it alone. But if you calculate carefully and share your resources, your harvest will be so much sweeter in the end.

Gemini Sun and Rising – More Than a Brain

There was once a brain in a jar who sought to understand the world. From its stationary perch, it observed humanity, but it always felt that something was missing. So one day it called to a human passing by and explained its plight. The human smiled and put wheels on the jar, allowing the brain to move. The brain was happy, but it discovered that being so low to the ground made it hard to see. It didn’t want to get stepped on! So the brain spoke to another human, who placed the jar on a raised platform. Again the brain was happy, but it felt very anxious when the jar began to slip off the pedestal. So the brain spoke to yet another human, who fastened the jar tightly to the platform. And so it went, with the brain working with kindly humans to continuously tweak its way of operating in the world. And in doing so, the brain realized something: one can’t understand the world by simple observation. One has to participate. So this month, Gemini, relish your participation in the world. Recognize that you, too, are of this world and a product of the people who have helped you along the way. And if there is someone or something you don’t understand, get your hands dirty and figure it out directly. This is not the time for armchairs.

Cancer Sun and Rising – Standing Apart

Groucho Marx was known for not quite fitting in. He tried, of course, but he preferred incisive observations and dark humor to rubbing elbows and greasing palms. So when his friends convinced him to join the local Friars Club, it turned out as poorly as one might expect. This culminated in his famous letter of resignation, in which he declared that he didn’t want to be part of any club that would have him as a member. This month, Cancer, channel Groucho. When you encounter pressure to join or fit in with the crowd, give yourself permission to step back and look inward instead. What you’ll find there is far more valuable than any group could offer.

Leo Sun and Rising – Sustainable Harvest

Commercial fishing can be an ecological nightmare. This is particularly true in the case of bottom trawling, in which a giant net is dragged along the ocean floor, catching anything and everything that lives there. Then the commercially viable fish are sold and the rest are tossed aside. A UN report estimates that this practice is responsible for 95% of the damage inflicted on deep-water ecosystems. However, many fishermen are exploring alternatives that allow them to go after only what they need and leave the rest. I urge you to take inspiration from these fishermen. In relationships, it can be easy to take everything that our loved ones have to offer and then some. But this month, try to be a little more specific. Taking only what you need, whether that be emotionally, financially, or otherwise, is far more sustainable and will leave everyone with more resources in case of a rainy day.

Virgo Sun and Rising – Coming Up Milhouse

On The Simpsons, Milhouse is a tragicomic character. He tries so hard to be cool and on top of things, but it never seems to work out quite right. He is the sort of character who only avoids walking straight into a cactus by getting horrible food poisoning and being forced to stop and vomit. Things never seem to go right, but he never stops trying to see the bright side. In one episode, he’s forced to wear embarrassing flood pants. But then an enormous flood sweeps through Springfield, and only Milhouse’s pants remain dry. It’s a small victory, but it still causes him to joyfully exclaim, “Everything’s coming up Milhouse!” Let Milhouse be your inspiration this month. You may encounter annoyances and setbacks. But if you do your best and keep the faith, by the end of the month everything will be coming up Virgo.

Libra Sun and Rising – Pursuit of Pleasure

Humans are pleasure factories. Our bodies and minds work together to come up with all kinds of ways to feel good. From food to sex to music to conversation, the world is always conspiring to find new ways to delight us. This month, Libra, I recommend that you give it a little help! Become a relentless explorer intent on finding new and interesting ways to enjoy yourself. Pet a kitten, sing at the top of your lungs, or grab a bunch of feathers and try to tickle yourself. Be as creative and weird as you can. We only get to live this life once, after all. Might as well feel as much joy as possible while you can!

Scorpio Sun and Rising – Here’s Your Roy Cohn

Roy Cohn, who served as chief counsel during the McCarthy hearings, was a complicated man with an even more complex legacy. But one thing everyone can agree on is that he was not someone you’d ever want to go up against in a legal fight. This is because he knew that actual fighting was rarely necessary. Cohn was a schmoozer of the highest order and had ingratiated himself with nearly every judge in the area. He is well-known for saying that he didn’t care one bit about the merits of any given case. All that mattered was the judge. I know that the life of a grinning socialite isn’t your cup of tea, Scorpio. But getting an edge in life IS. So this month, when you come up against opposition, channel Roy Cohn. Find a way to befriend your enemy, or at least someone with power to help you. It could be your ace in the hole.

Sagittarius Sun and Rising – Bridging the Divide

On Avatar: The Last Airbender, there were two feuding tribes. One tribe, the persnickety, detail-oriented Gan Jin, believed that their founder had been horribly wronged by the founder of the other tribe, the relaxed, messy, live-and-let-live Zhang. The Zhang, however, maintained that their founder had been wrongfully accused by the founder of the Gan Jin. Because of this, the tribes could never get along. The Zhang looked down upon the Gan Jin for their fussiness while the Gan Jin saw the Zhang as total slobs. It’s only when the hero reveals that the founders of the two tribes had actually been twin brothers that the conflict was resolved. The two tribes and their founders were two sides of the same coin, and they completed each other. Someone needed to mind the details and someone needed to be looking at the bigger picture. And this month, Sagittarius, the same is true for you. You may encounter something or someone who seems to be antithetical to your values. But if you dig a little deeper, you may find that you actually complement each other perfectly.

Capricorn Sun and Rising – The Middle Path

I have never been a fan of virtual reality. I’ve always had questions about the impact its widespread adoption could have on society as a whole. So when I found myself shelling out several hundred dollars to buy my stepson a VR headset, I was more than a little concerned. But when I tried it out for myself, I was delighted! I still very much prefer living in the real world and my worries are still there, but virtual reality is clearly here to stay. And what’s more, it’s not the boogeyman I envisioned. We set reasonable boundaries and my stepson has had a great time enjoying his headset in moderation. Of course, I don’t relay this anecdote because I think you’re interested in the minutiae of my daily life. Rather, I think this is an important metaphor for you this month. You are likely to come up against forces that are seeking to change things and pull you out of your comfort zone. And when you do, I recommend hearing them out. There may be a way for the forces of change and preservation to coexist. And if anyone can find it, it’s you.

Aquarius Sun and Rising – Sweetener

Aquarians are known for thinking globally. One of my favorite Aquarius-heavy activists sometimes becomes impatient with what seem like petty personal concerns, regularly exclaiming, “Who cares?? We’re trying to have a society here!” And while I sympathize with that view, I think there is some value in looking into those small personal concerns. Most people need more than shared values to join a cause. Simply put, you’ve got to sweeten the pot. So this month, no matter what you’re trying to accomplish, try to bring other people on board not by explaining the merits of your cause, but by speaking to their individual needs.

Pisces Sun and Rising – Metamorphoses

Despite proclaiming that he had no interest in love, Pygmalion had a secret desire. A vision of the perfect woman lived in his heart, where he nourished her image every night. Eventually, he was driven to sculpt her out of ivory so that at least she could exist in some form. But upon completion of this masterpiece, he despaired. Ivory couldn’t capture her perfect smile or the way her eyelashes fluttered when she laughed. It couldn’t capture her soul. So he went to the temple of Aphrodite, goddess of love, and begged her to take pity on him. And the goddess, seeing his sincerity, had mercy. When he returned home, he kissed his statue, and to his shock, the lips were warm. He opened his eyes and saw a perfect smile, then fluttering eyelashes as she giggled shyly. That which had lived in his subconscious for so long had now come to life. And Pisces, this month I expect you’ll receive a similar blessing. The secret wish you’ve been nurturing will finally draw breath for real.

March, 2021

Aries Sun and Rising – Poetry Bomb

When a young Julius Caesar was captured by pirates, he wasn’t what you would call a model captive. First he demanded they actually increase the bounty on his head, saying the price they had maned was far too low for someone of his status. He then began giving orders and acting like he owned the place until the pirates were ready to beg for mercy. But what really got to them was the poetry. Every day, Caesar would spend hours writing poetry, and would then require all the pirates to listen with rapt attention as he recited everything he had written. In the end, they would have given him up for free just to escape his literary torture. As you navigate the next month, try to think like Caesar. You don’t always have to mount a straightforward attack. Sometimes you can win just as easily with a more subtle approach.

Taurus Sun and Rising – Friendship is Magic

In the movie Inglourious Basterds, Lieutenant Aldo Raine was tasked with infiltrating a Nazi movie premiere and assassinating Hitler himself. But to do it, he has to create a crack team of some of the best, most motivated soldiers in the world to have his back. In the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Frodo has to form a fellowship to help him achieve his goals. Even advice blogger Captain Awkward advocates creating a “Team You” as a support network before making any huge life changes. This month, Taurus, as you work to achieve your bog, audacious goals, you’ll need a group standing with you. So reach out and build your team.

Gemini Sun and Rising – Do Good Recklessly

Sometimes in life, our clarity leaves us right when we have to make a decision. We no longer know where we want to go, but we must go all the same. In these moments, the best advice comes from a poem often attributed to Mother Teresa. It says, in part, “People are often unreasonable, irrational, and self-centered. Forgive them anyway…The good you do today, will often be forgotten. Do good anyway. Give the best you have, and it will never be enough. Give your best anyway. In the final analysis, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.” This month, Gemini, you may find yourself confronting all manner of confusing and unreasonable people. Do right by them anyway.

Cancer Sun and Rising – Bold Enough to Hope

On Avatar: The Last Airbender, there was a horribly downtrodden fishing village whose main water supply had been polluted by a factory owned by the colonizing army. The villagers had nearly given up hope, but then a mysterious woman dressed as the village’s protective spirit, The Painted Lady, appeared. She handed out food and medicine and even destroyed the factory. But what’s more, she gave the village a breath of new life. She was even able to convince the residents to work together to clean the river, thereby improving conditions for more just the village, but everyone downriver as well. I think this is an apt story for you, Cancer. You’ve been through so much that it might seem silly to try. But if you try to flow with the universe, you’ll receive help from the ether AND you’ll be empowered to help yourself.

Leo Sun and Rising – Legacy

When a glorious redwood towers toward the heavens, do we stop to admire the soil from which it springs? When we buy a gorgeous new pair of shoes, do we reflect on the generations of cobblers that came before? And when we breathlessly observe the migration of monarch butterflies across continents. How much time do we spend thinking about the countless times this journey was undertaken by their winged ancestors, eventually leaving a memory so strong it is coded in their very DNA? The time is ripe to reflect on these questions, Leo. What legacy do you carry?

Virgo Sun and Rising – Beautifully Adrift

In the song “Sweet Surrender”, Sarah Mclachlan details a strange story. She leaves her old life behind. And she is swirling in a torrid tempest of shock and confusion. But as she continues, she is aware of a deeper force at work. It is a force meant to place her on a raging river, with the ultimate destination being a meeting with her true love. The only thing that is asked of her, and indeed, the only thing she could give, was her surrender. When she was at her lowest point, all she had to do was give in and trust the universe to take her where she needed to be. Let this be your theme song, Virgo. While you are hardly at a low point, you would still be well-served to relax and trust that you’re already en route to exactly where you need to be.

Libra Sun and Rising – Healing Retreat

OnThe Legend of Korra, the hero, Korra, is badly injured. After an epic battle to save the nation she loved, she was wounded and found herself unable to escape the haunting visions that plagued her. Even though things were desperate and her help was still needed, she was forced to retreat and spend years with the best healer in the world before she could come back and face the spotlight again. But when she did, she was strong, refreshed, and able to defeat anyone who stood in her path. Take a lesson from Korra this month, Libra. The time is ripe to see a healer of your own. Regardless of what other people need, it’s time to take care of you.

Scorpio Sun and Rising – Simple and Clean

On The Golden Girls, Blanche becomes obsessed with true crime. So when Rose, her best friend, begins hiding details about her husband’s will, Blanche is certain there is a nefarious motive. Rose is so desperate to hide the true details that she even goes out of her way to lie and say that she was bequeathed a huge fortune, only to have lost it all on bad investments. But eventually the truth comes out, which is that Rose’s late husband simply wasn’t the financial success Rose had made him out to be, and Rose was trying to protect her husband’s legacy in the minds of her children. Blanche, having expected far more intrigue, is disappointed. But should she be? Sometimes life and love are surprisingly sweet. Sexy drama and dark secrets have their place, to be sure, but there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a little goodness when you can.

Sagittarius Sun and Rising – Right Outside Your Door

Sherlock Holmes, in addition to being famous for his powers of observation and reasoning, was well-known for his bohemian lifestyle. He would stay out for days on end, pursuing his latest passion or chasing a sought-after crook. Sure, he had his home base on Baker Street, but that was a mere shell, a place to lay his head in between fits of activity. For Holmes, it seemed, home was something he took with him wherever he went. But at the same time, he put work into knowing every nook and cranny of the city he lived in. I wonder if you can strike the same balance, Sagittarius? Can you expand your idea of home, but just a bit? What grand adventures wait just beyond your front door?

Capricorn Sun and Rising – Small Delights

Rest and relaxation are an investment we make in our own success. Appreciation for the small things is a way to immeasurably enrich our lives. A study from a prominent psychological journal recently found that connection to nature and a feeling of awe in the little moments are associated not just with happiness but with success as well. Heck, even Ronald Reagan enjoyed his naps and jelly beans. So take some time this month, Capricorn, to build a rest and reverie into every day, and watch your potential soar.

Aquarius Sun and Rising – Feel the Flow

I know it’s a cliché to tell people to do what they love and the money will follow. It’s said so often, and it is so rarely the case. But I think it belies a greater truth about life. If you follow your own path to your own passion, the resources you need will appear. This month, Aquarius, when you’re putting your audacious plans into place (and let’s be real, everything you do is audacious), put your trust in the universe. However unlikely it may seem, what you need most will undoubtedly come to you right when you need it most.

Pisces Sun and Rising – Under the Beams

There’s a trendy concept called a “main character moment.” These are times in our lives when everything aligns. Everyone sees you and makes space for you. Things turn out more easily than they should. Sunbeams seem to follow you like a spotlight. Help arrives from unexpected avenues. And anyone who isn’t working for your benefit fades into the background. This month, dear Pisces, is your main character moment. Just make sure that you remember most main characters have a goal. Use this time to achieve yours.

April, 2021

Aries Sun and Rising – Practical Demonology

A popular old webcomic shows a terrifying demon speaking to a tiny man, asking him why he is crossing through the demon’s domain. The man answers that he was just going into the kitchen to get a snack and got lost. The demon is incredulous, asking how anyone could end up on the Twelfth Plane of Torment on the way to the kitchen. The man’s reply? “I am not a clever man.” Now, Aries, you ARE clever, and don’t think I’m saying you’re not! But I think you’ll find yourself relating to that man a bit this month.  You may be certain where you want to go, but that might not be exactly where you’ll end up. But if you look at this as an opportunity rather than a setback, you might be able to gain some traction. After all, there’s a lot you can get up to in the Twelfth Plane of Torment.

Taurus Sun and Rising – Birthday Skunk

On Bob’s Burgers, Linda’s birthday was a mess. She got locked out of her car, her pants split down the back, she accidentally took a bus in the wrong direction, got in an epic fight with a neighbor, and then she got sprayed by a skunk TWICE. By all accounts, she should have been furious, frustrated, or at least dejected. But instead she arrived home feeling 10 feet tall, looking over everything she’d managed to survive that day. Later, while soaking in a tomato bath, she decided that getting lost and finding her way back was her new birthday tradition. I think Linda got it right, Taurus. The times when we get lost and everything seems to be going against our grain are often the times we learn the most about ourselves. And I suspect you’ll be very happy with what you find.

Gemini Sun and Rising – Hot Girl Summer

Even though Megan Thee Stallion’s “Hot Girl Summer” came out in 2019, I declare it to be your theme song this month. While the song is a bit…colorful, I expect that you will be too! Stepping out after a long, dark, foggy winter, you are ready to have some fun! There are people to see, friends to make, and a big gorgeous sun shining on your skin. You need to shine, and now is the time to do it! It’s true that you may be left with a bit of a hangover, whether literal or metaphorical, but it’s a small price to pay. There will be time for hard work and thoughtful repose later. Now is the time to revel in all that makes you “you.”

Cancer Sun and Rising – Scrubbed Clean

Few of us really like spring cleaning, Cancer. The chemicals, the abrasives, the scrubbing on hands and knees. But once you’re done, you have something shiny and renewed, not to mention publicly presentable again! And after that, you might just get to snuggle down in some fresh clean sheets with a delicious friend. So this month, whether your fresh start is in your home or your soul, don’t begrudge the process. Get down to business so that you can get down to the REAL business of enjoying life.

Leo Sun and Rising – Expert Student

In some ways, what we learn becomes who we are. You go to school to become a nurse, and after you learn what you need to learn, assuming all goes well, you become a nurse! Or say you learn everything you can about a particular topic. Suddenly you’re an expert! But I think that it goes deeper than that. If you ask me, it’s what you’re willing to learn that truly makes you who you are. Are you willing to learn about other people’s experiences in the world? Are you willing to learn from those who walked before you? And are you willing to unlearn the old and try something new? It’s these questions that truly determine who you’ll become.

Virgo Sun and Rising –Teachers in Low Places

When we think of the underworld, we often think of a dark and lonely place. But this is hardly the case! Hades is filled to the brim with souls, all of whom have a story to tell. Even Dante met the teeming masses in his journey through the inferno, with each type of denizen teaching an important lesson. Which is all to say that we are never as alone as we may think. When we face the depths, there is always a friend to find or a hand to hold if we so desire. And if we listen closely to that friend, we have so much to learn. It’s here in the shadows that we find the path to the light.

Libra Sun and Rising – Become the Master

You know how much you matter, right? I understand that sometimes you’re surrounded by such big personalities and shining lights that it feels like you’re relegated to a supporting role. Heck, you might even be happy to step back and support their bold dreams, even if it feels like you’re neglecting your own. But now, Libra, is an ideal time for you to take stock. Instead of looking at those self-assured go-getters in awe, why not take a page out of their book? Why not ask for the support you need because you need it, and not worry about how others will meet your needs. Just trust that they will. You matter. So take a leap of faith and bet on yourself.

Scorpio Sun and Rising – Rocket Fuel

There is a lovely quote that reminds me of Scorpio every time I hear it: “When we reach our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change.” Now, I do not mean to suggest that you will be hitting a low point. That’s because, for you, there really is no such thing. No matter where you are or what you’re given, you transform everything on such a subtle molecular level that there is no more good or bad. Everything becomes fertilizer or fuel. This month will fuel you more than you can imagine. And what’s even better, you’ll be more convinced than ever of your transformative powers. You have a gift, Scorpio. Use it.

Sagittarius Sun and Rising – Deus Ex Machina

There’s a lovely viral story in which a young gay man calls a LGBT+ bookstore in crisis, distraught and afraid he may hurt himself. As the customers overhear the clerk on the phone, a line starts to form. One by one, each customer gets on the phone with the young man, talking him through the pain and assuring him that they, too, had been there. It’s a wonderful story, and one that I think you’ll be able to relate to. The world sends its trials as it always does, but how lucky to have such a wonderful cast of characters to help you along the way! This month, the cavalry arrives exactly when you need it most.

Capricorn Sun and Rising – Echoes

In The Legend of Korra, the protagonist goes through a horrible ordeal. She is chained, poisoned, and nearly has the very breath stolen out of her lungs. Afterward, she’s left paralyzed, and it takes her years of hard work before she’s able to walk again. But even when she does, she’s not quite her old self. It turns out that small traces of the poison still live inside her, and she’s forced to relive some of the pain in order to finally get the poison out. And that’s how life goes, isn’t it, Capricorn? We survive our trials, but they never really leave us. But instead of being frustrated by the weight of what you carry, try reflecting on how much stronger you’ve become.

Aquarius Sun and Rising – Like a Rock

Messaging is important. In the 90s, Chevrolet was riding high on its successful “Like a Rock” campaign, which projected strength, reliability, and rugged individualism. It was a perfect combination. But when Chey tried to take it a step further, using the tagline while depicting one of their vehicles as a lifeboat. Again, it’s a great slogan, but one thing you don’t want your lifeboat to do is sink…like a rock. This month, Aquarius, is a good one to meditate on this story. Find a way of getting your message across that truly resonates with your audience. But also be willing to adapt when you meet resistance. Something you hadn’t considered might be worth a second look.

Pisces Sun and Rising – Randonaut

Early last year, an app was launched called Randonautica. Using a series of mysterious prompts, it generates coordinates in your local area, prompting you to go exploring. It claims that the coordinates are quantumly generated, and even suggests that it may be able to use your thoughts to guide the process. While I’m not sure about that part, I am sure that this is exactly the kind of adventure you need right now. This is the month to stand up, get going, and really get to know the world around you. Even the most mundane little suburb is teeming with mystery and adventure if you know where to look. So look!!!

May 2021

Aries Sun and Rising – Boulevard of Broken Dreams

My song for you this month, Aries, is “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” by Green Day.

Sometimes we all feel a little alone. And sometimes we all feel stifled, frustrated, or impotent. There’s so much you want to accomplish, but all you’re feeling right now is stuck by yourself with your demons. But we’re never truly alone. Even if the city around us is sleeping, we are still a part of our surroundings, and we belong. And if you’re looking for someone to treat you with kindness, start by looking to yourself. If you are really the only one you can count on, then you can at least start by being excellent to yourself.

Listen here: Green Day – Boulevard Of Broken Dreams [Official Music Video] – YouTube

Taurus Sun and Rising – As Is

My song for you this month, Taurus, is “As Is” by Ani DiFranco.

What’s truly special about you, Taurus, is that you understand what is most valuable in life. Mansions and gourmet dinners and gorgeous people are great! They are! But you know that the most valuable thing in the world is what is right in front of you. If something is real, accessible, satisfying, and yours, that’s all you need. So remember that special talent when you’re feeling restless. As Ani sang, “When I look around, I think this, this is good enough…’cause when I look down, I just miss all the good stuff. And when I look up, I just trip over things.” Don’t trip, Taurus, and definitely don’t miss what’s good. Chances are you’ve had it this whole time.

Listen here: Ani Difranco-As Is – YouTube

Gemini Sun and Rising – Montana

My song for you this month, Gemini, is “Montana” by Venus Hum.

This is your month! It is Gemini season, and all the most fun planets are showing up to the party. It’s time to shake off all the cobwebs of the past year and get down to the business of enjoying life! Yes, you may be busy, you may be overwhelmed at the frantic pace, and you may even be hopelessly behind in your work or plans. But as the song points out, even when we’re racing to the next stop, we can still enjoy good music, spring flowers, and a big, beautiful sky.

Listen here: Venus Hum: Montana – YouTube

Cancer Sun and Rising – Guardian

My song for you this month, Cancer, is “Guardian” by Alanis Morissette.

Cancer, you have been through so much over the last few years. You have, as Alanis sings, “Smiled when you’re in pain… You (have been) pushed beyond what’s humane.” And yet you have continued to smile, Cancer. You have continued to love and try your best and give everything you have. You have been there for so many, and now it’s time to take care of you. And if you can’t find someone to play the role of guardian, then become your own champion. Your heart deserves care just as much as anyone else’s.

Listen here: Alanis Morissette – Guardian (OFFICIAL VIDEO) – YouTube

Leo Sun and Rising – Are We the Waiting?

My song for you this month, Leo, is “Are We the Waiting” by Green Day.

Life has been a struggle lately, huh? You are trying to juggle hard work and security with restlessness and necessary change. It’s a difficult balance at the best of times, and this month throws a wrench in the system. You may feel like you’ve lost ground, or you may want to throw your hands up entirely. But remember that you are not at all alone. So many of us are stuck, waiting for the life we are trying to build to come to fruition. Things will move eventually, but for now, we have hope and we have each other. And that’s not so bad.

Listen here: Green Day- Are We The Waiting (Lyrics) – YouTube

Virgo Sun and Rising – Every Single Night

My song for you this month, Virgo, is “Every Single Night” by Fiona Apple

We all know the rhythm by now. You’re relaxing, kicking up your heels, and enjoying the sunset when WHAM – the dog comes running by, chased by screaming children, and somehow everyone is simultaneously sticky and soaking wet. Then it’s a flurry of activity as you try to settle everyone back down. And sometimes we don’t even have the dog to blame! Sometimes that same flurry comes from within. But no matter how your mind churns, try to recall this song’s very good advice, “So I’m gonna try to be still now. Gonna renounce the mill a little while.” You, Virgo, can find the calm inside the storm.

Listen here: Fiona Apple – Every Single Night (Official Video) – YouTube

Libra Sun and Rising – Light Up My Room

My song for you this month, Libra, is “Light Up My Room” by Barenaked Ladies.

Sometimes in life, a little magic comes our way when we’re least expecting it. We look around, and suddenly the combined hum of the traffic and crickets outside becomes a symphony, the light bounces off the broken glass on the sidewalk just right, and we’ve overwhelmed with the beauty of it all, wondering why we never saw it before. Our entire world opens up, and the air is crackling with our joy at being alive. You have that opportunity now, Libra. Open your heart to the possibilities.

Listen here: Light Up My Room – YouTube

Scorpio Sun and Rising – Clint Eastwood

My song for you this month, Scorpio, is “Clint Eastwood” by Gorillaz.

Sometimes life is two things at once. Sometimes we’re pulled into the depths at the same time we’re lifted to new heights. Sometimes we see the destruction and pain permeating the world, but we also see the sunshine and change on the horizon. The world is dark, but it’s beautiful. It’s harsh, but it’s changing. We’re hurt, but we’re healing. As the song says, “I’m useless, but not for long. The future is coming on.” And for you, Scorpio, it really is.

Listen here: Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood (Official Video) – YouTube

Sagittarius Sun and Rising – 21 Things I Want in a Lover

My song for you this month, Sagittarius, is “21 Things I Want in a Lover” by Alanis Morissette.

Your tribe, Sagittarius, is notoriously hard to pin down, and even harder to fence in. It’s not that you fear commitment so much as you fear not being allowed to explore the world. And if you are going to commit, it had better be to the right thing! I encourage you to spend this month considering what you really want and what truly complements you. Maybe the song can give you some ideas! And, as the song states boldly, “In the meantime I’ll live like there’s no tomorrow!”

Listen here: 21 Things I Want in a Lover – YouTube

Capricorn Sun and Rising – Leaves from the Vine

My song for you this month, Capricorn, is “Leaves from the Vine (Little Soldier Boy)” performed by Mako Iwamatsu

You of all people know how fragile life can be. The world is filled with billions of, as the song puts it, “fragile tiny shells drifting in the foam.” Sometimes life is harsh. Sometimes the things we hope to reunite with don’t come back, or if they do, it’s in a form we never expected. But even as the song is stark and spare, it is also filled with healing and sweet release. And so is life. We grieve our losses, protect what we have, and celebrate the return of life and love once again.

Listen here: Little soldier boy (Leaves from the Vine) – Mako Iwamatsu (Iroh) – YouTube

Aquarius Sun and Rising – Thirty-Three

My song for you this month, Aquarius, is “Thirty-Three” by Smashing Pumpkins.

It’s common to get so caught up in life, jobs, family, goals, ideas, or whatever else, that we lose touch with our roots. We forget the familiar streets that carried us to where we are. We forget the people who may not have played a major role in our lives, but who made the world richer with their presence. When this happens, we need to make a return trip. We need quiet reflection so that we can integrate everything that has brought us to this moment. Let this song inspire you to take a contemplative moment and remember.

Listen here: The Smashing Pumpkins – Thirty-Three (Official Music Video) – YouTube

Pisces Sun and Rising – Jupiter (Swallow the Moon)

My song for you this month, Pisces, is “Jupiter (Swallow the Moon)” by Jewel.

There’s nothing like a good reunion. Whether it’s with a person we’ve been missing, a special location, or even a beloved piece of our own soul, nothing feels better. We are flooded with relief and joy as we gaze upon them. Then we sit and marvel as our eyes drink up every single inch. A hole in our hearts we didn’t even know we had is filled, and we feel complete. This month, Pisces, something that has been missing from your life for far too long may just return. You may also get a taste of something wonderful and entirely new! But whatever it is, take your cue from Jewel and make sure you savor it completely.

Listen here: Jewel – Jupiter (Swallow The Moon) (Official Music Video) – YouTube

June, 2021

Aries Sun and Rising – New Light

There once was a traveler lost in the woods. He had been pursued by a vicious beast and lost his way during the chase. As he struggled to find his way back to the path, he felt himself becoming hopelessly disoriented. Finally, a wizened old sage with a long, trailing beard and leaves in his hair stepped out from behind a tree. “I’ll take you where you need to go,” he said. They moved quickly, the sage’s practiced step leading the way, until they finally came to a large cavern. The traveler froze. “This is the lair of the beast that pursued me! Why would you lead me to my doom!?” The sage smiled and said, “What you think is a cave is actually a tunnel.  And while you may not be able to see the light, if you keep moving, you will come to a better place.” The traveler worked up his courage and rushed into the cave. The beast was there and chased after him, but this time he knew where to go. He ran at full speed straight into the darkness. Finally, he saw a small sliver of light. It was just large enough for him to squeeze through, but far too small for the beast. And as he stepped out into the world, he was dazzled by the color and light. He came to fight a beast, but stayed to find his joy. And so will you, Aries.

Taurus Sun and Rising – Buried Treasure

Treasure hunters looking for shipwrecks have it pretty good. Most of their work involved sailing the coasts, enjoying the sunshine and the ocean breeze on their face, all while letting their radar do the heavy lifting. Not a bad gig! Of course, it’s only easy until they actually find something. Then it’s about putting on gear and plumbing the icy depths. It’s certainly not the most pleasant part of the job, but it is by far the most fruitful. Once it’s over, they can come back up with long-buried treasure in tow! This month, Taurus, I recommend you take a note from these treasure hunters. Enjoy the sweetness and sunshine while you can. And if you do have to go deep, know that there are untold riches waiting for you at the bottom.

Gemini Sun and Rising – Cosmic Freelancer

In the show Bee and PuppyCat, nothing exactly makes sense. A young woman, Bee, meets a strange animal that is part puppy, part cat. Through a series of unusual interactions, Bee discovers that PuppyCat is a cosmic freelancer. They work a number of wild and surreal temp jobs, including babysitting a fish who turns into a monster when they sing to him, retrieving a magic cherry that turns out to be made of the souls of previous temp workers, and even a world run by cats in which Bee becomes the pet. The journey is weird. The jobs are even weirder. But they pay the rent. And Bee and PuppyCat learn a little about each other in the process. And if this month feels similarly disorienting, Gemini, have faith. The detours you’re on now will fill your coffers, most literal and metaphorical, in the weeks to come.

Cancer Sun and Rising – Release

What if it’s not on you, Cancer? The world, I mean. And its entire weight. When life feels like a bundle of magnets of the same polarity, fighting to fly apart as you try to hold them together, maybe the answer is to stop holding so hard. Maybe let the pieces fall where they may. I don’t say this to lead you to nihilism or despair. Quite the opposite. What if the world is so kind and gracious and sweet that it will allow you this break? Yes, it may be a bit scary, and I won’t deny that there are some real risks and hardships to endure. But holding your magnets even tighter won’t make them stay together. Instead, the only real solution is faith. Let go and enjoy those things that stick around. It’s time for sweet release.

Leo Sun and Rising – Love Shines Brightest In the Dark

In Avatar: The Last Airbender, the protagonists meet a group of singing nomads who lead them into a secret tunnel system. The tunnels were built by two lovers who wanted a place to meet in private. As the group moves through, they notice the layout of the tunnels changing as they go, leading them in circles and making it impossible even to backtrack. Eventually, they see a message that indicates that believing in love is the answer. In response, some of them begin to sing a love song, and they are approached by enormous burrowing badger-mole hybrids. The group was terrified, but it turns out that the animals were enchanted by their song and decided to lead them out of the tunnels on the condition that they play music the entire time. Now, what does this rather convoluted story mean for you, Leo? Sometimes life gets dark, and in those times, it’s love that sees us through. And even when we see the light and start moving again, love is more important than ever.

Virgo Sun and Rising – Feel the Flow

The world “fluster” has an interesting history. Coming from the Icelandic word “flaustra,” meaning hurry, we can see how we get the current meaning, which is something close to “agitated.” But being flustered also means feeling a bit confused, out of sorts, or under where to go. And that connects with the use of the word “fluster” in the 1600s, which meant “to make slightly drunk.” This month, Virgo, you might feel all of those versions of flustered. But if this is the case, I recommend you try for the real root meaning of “fluster”, stretching all the way back to Proto-Germanic – to flow. If you can flow with the universe, you’ll be unflustered again soon enough.

Libra Sun and Rising – Tension Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Great friendships and great loves often start the same way. There’s the tension as you first see them and know that something will happen, but you’re not sure what. Then there are the little overtures, the tiny gestures of mutual interest. Then you get to know each other, and you’re delighted and surprised by every detail about them, even as you sense you are moving into uncharted territory. Over time, tensions start to arise, and we choose to either deal with them head-on or we avoid them. If we avoid them, then they are destined to resurface at a later time. But if we do face them, while we take the gamble that things might not work out, we also are at least creating the opportunity for resolution. What could have been a long-simmering grudge can instead turn into a wonderful, all-night talking session in which you deepen your bond for years to come. So this month, Libra, if you’re faced with a bit of struggle, don’t fear. Treat it as an opportunity to grow even closer to the people you love.

Scorpio Sun and Rising – Devils in Disguise

We’ve all seen the old trope in which someone trying to make a decision has an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. But what I always wondered was how the person was for sure which was which. Devils love playing dress up, and angels often disguise themselves. What I have found is that the devils tell us the sweet, beautiful things that keep us in our comfort zone, while angels want what’s best for us, even if it makes us uncomfortable in the moment. So this month, Scorpio, if you are faced with a difficult decision or are about to be thrust into the spotlight, listen to the angel on your shoulder and take on the challenge. I think you’ll be very surprised with how well things turn out.

Sagittarius Sun and Rising – Drum Beats

In the hero’s journey, the process always starts with a call to adventure. Whether it’s Gandalf or Obi-Wan, a figure always seems to appear to let the hero know their journey is about to start. But what is less known is that often the call to adventure comes from inside us. It starts as a deep, powerful drumbeat thrumming in our souls. It causes us to turn inward and understand what’s there before it then drives us out into the world to seek our answers. This month, Sagittarius, listen for the drums in your heart. Dive into the depths. And when you have your mission, go and explore to find the answers you seek.

Capricorn Sun and Rising – Real Riches

When we think of the word “resources,” we often think of money or precious metals or oil. We think of tangible things that make life possible and abundant. But this month, Capricorn, I challenge you to look at resources in a different way. What is it that truly makes your life rich? Is it, in fact, the money and material goods? Or is it the people, the relationships, the love? What price do you place on a summer day or a butterfly landing on your nose? What would you pay for your dog greeting you excitedly at the door? What is your real treasure?

Aquarius Sun and Rising – Revise

There once was a prince whose family had caused untold harm by attempting to conquer the world. When the prince ascended to the throne, he vowed to redeem his family name and remove all the colonies his family’s regime had set up. But when he tried, the people resisted. Some of the colonies had existed for so long that the populace had intermingled and become a unified whole. And yet, when he pulled back, others rose up saying that he must not have been sincere in his promises. He was eventually able to come up with a compromise, creating a blended city that was shared equally by all nations. But it took time, reflection, and a lot of revision of his plans. He didn’t please everyone, but he got as close as any human could. This month, Aquarius, learn from the prince. You may not be able to attend to everyone’s needs. But if you take time to review and revise, you may come a lot closer than you ever thought possible.

Pisces Sun and Rising – Open Windows

We’ve all heard the old saying that when God closes a door, He opens a window. It’s so common as to be trite. But this month, Pisces, it truly is the case for you. In the last month, doors have opened to you and you’ve felt like you have truly come home again. Now some of those doors may close, and others may have signs saying, “not yet.” But in the meantime, you will have other opportunities. They may not be as bold or obvious, but they will be sweet nonetheless. So throw open those windows and feel the breeze!

July, 2021

Aries Sun and Rising – Deepening

In The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis, they talk about how wonderful people feel after initiation into a new religion. They had been in a low place, seeking mercy, and suddenly they found it! They are, understandably, walking on air. But as time passes, difficulties arise. The same old patterns come back to haunt us, and we’re pressured by the structures in our lives that haven’t yet changed. At this point, many people lose their faith. But Lewis recommends continuing on. As you face your struggles and urges to run, your strength deepens. If you take his advice, Aries, then by the end of the month, you should be flying high once again.

Taurus Sun and Rising – Playing House

You’re not used to having a million irons in the fire. Taurus is great at focusing deeply on a few things and doing them really well. But lately you’ve had pressure everywhere – work, relationships, home, and that’s not even counting the enormous inner transformation that colors everything you do. And those things aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. But this month, I urge you to allow yourself a little comfort. Enjoy a home-cooked meal or hang with your family and friends. Draw or make art. Create little daily rituals that make your life sweeter. Tend to the parts of life that make you feel good. As you know better than any other sign, what we tend is what grows.

Gemini Sun and Rising – Real Worth

Sometimes life is hectic and wild, and that’s usually just how you like it. Bustling here and there, meeting friends, making discoveries, and enjoying all that life has to offer. But this last month or so has been a totally different animal. Confusion, delays, false starts – everywhere you turn, there’s another issue. In times like these, it’s best to take stock while the dust settles. What resources do you have to carry you through? Who will stand by you? When everything else is stripped away, what really matters to most? If you can get clear on those questions, I think you’ll find you already have everything you need.

Cancer Sun and Rising – Stentorian

One of the things people often don’t recognize about you, Cancer, is what heavy burdens you secretly carry. You give, you love, you comfort, and you carry on, but all while the weight of the world is resting on your shoulders. This month, though, I challenge you to approach things a little differently. What if, instead of bottling up your pain, you decided to speak up? What if you took a moment to center your own needs and make them heard? What if you boldly declared that you matter? I think you’d encounter a lot less opposition than you think. You might just get all the help you need.

Leo Sun and Rising – Playful Surrender

Roller coasters are great fun, but pretty weird when you think about it. You’re strapped in tight by often multiple harnesses, ratcheted slowly up a giant hill, and then you go racing downward. You never know what twists lay ahead. And just when you think you’re done, you get knocked completely sideways and spun in loop after loop. And the whole time, you have absolutely no control. You choose to seek the thrill, but after that, your fate is in the hands of another. This month, Leo, might be a wild ride. But if you surrender to the bigger forces directing things, you just might be in for the adventure of your life.

Virgo Sun and Rising – Pool Party

In Avatar: The Last Airbender, the group of protagonists had really been through it. Twists, turns, defeat, confusion, regrouping. Life was hard. But on the eve of their final battle, they chose to have a pool party and then go to a play. Why? Well, as one person put it, “This is exactly the kind of wacky, time-wasting nonsense I’ve been missing!” And Virgo, as counterintuitive as it might be, I suggest you emulate this little group. Yes, things have been frustrating, and yes, you may even be behind in your work. But if you can, try to take time to enjoy the people around you. There will be time to fight your battles later. This month is for friends and fun.

Libra Sun and Rising – The Real Test

Learning lessons is the easy part. Sitting in a classroom listening to the teacher drone on, it’s easy to roll your eyes and think that you know the material already. But applying lessons is hard. When that test comes, the formulas you thought you knew by heart look like swirling arcane symbols on the page. But luckily, life isn’t exactly like school. Yes, there are tests, but they’re all open-book. And what’s more, we’re never alone. So this month, as you are asked to show off what you’ve learned, know that you have the skills to put on a great show. And if you’re still nervous, maybe ask your favorite people for help. For this performance, you have nothing to fear.

Scorpio Sun and Rising – One Jump Ahead

In the Disney movie Aladdin, there’s a scene in which he’s stolen some bread and is being chased by guards. At first it looks like he’s home free, but then he finds himself surrounded, swords pointed at him from every direction. He looked around and saw only one way out. He grabbed a carpet, leapt out of an open window, and magically landed safely while the guards ended up in a pile of manure. All that frenzied action might not be your favorite thing, Scorpio, but it is a perfect analogy for this month.  You might find yourself pressured from every angle. But if you take a leap of faith, you’ll find a surprisingly cushy landing.

Sagittarius Sun and Rising – Labyrinth

Mazes can be exercises in frustration. They’re fun and meditative when we have all the time in the world, but who has that these days? It’s maddening. You start moving forward, taking little turns as you go. You hit a straightaway, and suddenly you’ve found the middle! You celebrate, but then you realize that it’s only half over. Now you have to find your way out again. But as you find yourself mirroring the steps you took coming in, something starts to click. The lines and corners make sense. You can see the map in your mind. And when you find your way back, the world looks just a little more magical. So this month, Sagittarius, even though things may become twisted and you feel like you’re going backward, just keep going, and I promise you’ll come to a better place.

Capricorn Sun and Rising – New Eyes

Like most earth signs, you have an innate fear of scarcity. You stock up in times of plenty and conserve during times of lack. But how sure are you about your judgement in these cases? Can you always accurately assess what kind of period you’re in? Being human, I suspect that even you falter every now and then. And this may just be one of those times. What feels like salted earth may really be a newly-sown field that has yet to sprout. If you look at the issue in a new light, you may just find you have far more resources than you expected.

Aquarius Sun and Rising – Don’t Barf in the Grill

On King of the Hill, one of the characters is hit with a string of bad luck. First his wife throws him out, and then he begins to have trouble with his business. He searches everywhere for relief, even finding religion and a potential new love, only for the new love to reject him too. He eventually hits bottom, stumbling drunkenly around his business looking for (many, many) places to throw up. But with the help of his trusty right-hand man, he is able to sober up and see what was there all along: himself. And as long as he behaved in a way he could be proud of, all the problems would resolve themselves. So this month, however backward or off-kilter you may feel, and whatever challenges you may face, maintain your integrity and things will soon go your way again.

Pisces Sun and Rising – Upward Spiral

Not every culture views time the way that we do in the west. For some, the past is seen as lying in front of us, since it’s something we can see, and the future lies behind us, as it is still a mystery. In other cultures time isn’t linear at all, but cyclical, spiraling ever onward. You, Pisces, have an intuitive understanding of this, and it will be very valuable this month. Sometimes we’re given gifts that need tending before they can be opened. Sometimes we’re given previews of the future, but things aren’t quite ready to manifest. And sometimes, like now, we’re given that preview so that our hearts can grow to fit the beautiful future before us.

Consult with Midara

August, 2021

Aries Sun and Rising – No Labels

Mental health diagnoses are the source of much debate. Some people say we’ve pathologized any kind of unhappiness, whereas others are thrilled that people are getting the help they need. Still others believe we are simply pumping people full of chemicals to make them fit better into a broken system. All of these are important and valid points of view, and worth understanding. But luckily, there’s a way for you to bypass all that this month. Instead of getting caught up in classifications and what’s “normal”, why not find a way to serve the world with the gifts you DO have and care for yourself in a way that makes you feel good? Everything else is just window dressing anyway.

Taurus Sun and Rising – Bask

Fiona Apple once sang, “I’m good at being uncomfortable so I can’t stop changing all the time.” And while few people would see that as a Taurus-inspired lyric, that really has been your MO lately, hasn’t it? It has been sometimes bitter work, but you’ve come so far. And, of course, there is much further to go. But as much as you are built for endurance, even the strongest of us need a break. So this month I give you permission to stop and rest on your laurels for a bit. Sit back, take care of yourself, and bask in the view of the road behind you before you start moving forward again.

Gemini Sun and Rising – The People’s Champion

When David faced Goliath, it wasn’t really his fight. The king was supposed to be the one out on the front lines protecting the people. The war was his, after all. But his cowardice led him to choose David to fight in his stead. But David, understanding the importance of protecting his people and homeland, took on the fight. And Gemini, this month you may find yourself in a fight that isn’t yours. It may be ancestral or familial or just old and boring, but you’ll be there anyway. The nice thing is that, like David, you too will emerge victorious, stronger, and ready to take on the world.

Cancer Sun and Rising – I Want

It’s time for a reckoning, don’t you think? You give and give and give, but have you really asked why? This month, I want you to examine your relationship with value. I want you to recognize that the most valuable thing in your world is you. I want you to stop giving away pieces of your own soul in order to nourish others. I want you to fill your own cup and drink from it greedily. I want you to bask in what delights you most and develop a loving relationship with your own needs. I want you to get comfortable saying “I want.” And then I want you to go back out there and keep doing what you do best, only this time on your own terms.

Leo Sun and Rising – Down With the King

In the world of ancient mythology, if you wanted to prove yourself, you were given heroic tasks to perform. The king would hand down the decree, and then await the hero’s return to judge how well they completed the task. But you know what, Leo? I don’t think the kings were all that necessary. I don’t think heroism and strength are things that can be conferred. Instead, they are things that exist within us all. You can hold up your accomplishments to the judges and they may find you worthy or not, but it was never about them anyway. Let your light shine however it wants. Down with the king!

Virgo Sun and Rising – Cheat Codes

Some gamers believe that looking up how to fight a boss in advance is cheating. But me? I call it preparation. Even in the most ancient myths, heroes often have wise sages to give them inside information before their big fight. And as you prepare to step out of the shadows and prove your strength, you should be willing to take your wisdom when it comes.  The source or even the content may irk you, but when you are standing proudly in your victory, you’ll be glad you chose to listen.

Libra Sun and Rising – Bold Blessings

Blessings shouldn’t wear disguises, right? They should be decked out in flowing robes with gold gilding and diamonds sewn into the seams. What’s with all this stealth and secrecy anyway? And while you’ve enjoyed a few of the quiet, more modest types of gifts lately and have been very gracious about it, you’re ripe for something with a little more glitz and glam. This month, expect your blessings to step out of the shadows and into the world dressed like absolute royalty.

Scorpio Sun and Rising – Red Flags in a Trench Coat

People talk a lot about toxic traits and how to cut people out of your life. They list red flags and encourage people to abandon others at the first sign of trouble. But there’s the thing: every one of us has traits that others would find toxic. Many of us are basically a pile of red flags wrapped in a trench coat. I don’t mean to say we should excuse terrible behavior or accept mistreatment. But I do think that expecting perfection in the people around us is a mistake. This month, instead of keeping an eye out for threats, try to love and serve others because of their flaws, not in spite of them.

Sagittarius Sun and Rising – The Right Spot

Have you ever been in a swanky hotel or nightclub, having drinks served to you on a glittering silver platter, only to then head out to a little dive bar where everything is sticky and there’s an odd smell you can’t quite place? And do you remember the sheer relief you felt? Finally, you were somewhere authentic, among real people with real quirks and fascinating stories. You were, in some ways, home. There’s a difference between being well-positioned and being in the right place, and that’s your lesson this month, Sagittarius.

Capricorn Sun and Rising – Fight for Your Right to Party

We weren’t born just to work. Our place on this earth isn’t something we earn by creating value for others. It’s something inherent within us. We are also born with the right to enjoy ourselves and play, no matter how much the world might like to convince us otherwise. And this month, Capricorn, I challenge you to reassess your relationship with fun. Step back and get perspective on what really makes life worth living. And then dive into the sandbox and learn to play again. It is your right, after all.

Aquarius Sun and Rising – Demon Friends

The goal of therapy isn’t just to make you more functional or to “fix” you. Long t-term, it’s supposed to make you feel better. Of course, exploring our own depths can be a harrowing ordeal. But it doesn’t have to be. What if, when touring your personal underworld, what you met were allies? What if the demons you feared turned out to be helpful guides? And what if, instead of leading you to your doom, they led you to a place of strength and wisdom you didn’t even know existed? This month, Aquarius, I urge you to move forward with this idea in mind. You may come upon treasure you’d never have expected.

Pisces Sun and Rising – Pansies

Pansies are lovely flowers. They are delicate and soft and come in nearly every conceivable color. They symbolize loving and tender thoughts as well as sympathy. They also are one of the first flowers to bloom in spring, heralding new hope. But pansies have an interesting quality. Because they dislike heat, they tend to bloom happily in the spring before dying back in the summer. But just when you’re sure they’re gone for good, autumn comes, temperatures cool, and the pansies come roaring back into their full glory. I know the dog days of summer are here, Pisces. I know how dry and barren the world feels. But I beg you to soldier on. Stunning new blooms will come your way again.

September, 2021

Aries Sun and Rising – Ring of Fire

When Johnny Cash sang about falling into a ring of fire, I think everyone could relate. Love is wild untamed, and it picks our hearts up like a tornado and deposits them, bruised but exhilarated, in entirely new territory. Love can feel like it’s burning us up from the inside out. You may be watching your heart ignite right now. But this month, Aries, I advise you to turn your attention to what is fueling your fire. What have you been carrying that is so flammable? And what is still feeding the flames?

Taurus Sun and Rising – Laboratory of Love

People flock to you because of your fixed nature. You provide so much grounding and stability, and it is heavenly to be around. But you may have noticed that these same people often go right to work attempting to get you to loosen up and change your ways. And this, of course, causes you to dig your heels in and wonder what these people wanted with you in the first place. But this month, Taurus, you have a unique opportunity. This month, you have the ability to be lovingly and carefully transformed by the people around you. And what’s more, you have the chance to be the transforming power in their lives, too. Relationships do change us. This month is about choosing those changes with love.

Gemini Sun and Rising – Well Met

We really can’t run from our problems. No matter how much information, work, or distance we put between us and them, they always seem to find us again. They live inside us and undergird our experience of the world. They are as much a part of us as our virtues. And really, when it comes down to it, would you really trade your issues for someone else’s? You never know what others are carrying. So instead of running, why not meet them from a place of strength? Greet them like old friends and prepare for the vital lessons they are kind enough to teach you.

Cancer Sun and Rising – Moving On

Life is always a mixed bag. No matter how much we crave it, there is never a moment at which we can finally relax and never have to worry again. But that doesn’t mean we have to keep our focus on the pain. Sure, you’ve had long-standing issues that have plagued you over the last year or two. And they may pop up to needle you again. But this month, Cancer, there is something much more interesting. There is love. There is deep, powerful, transformative love. There is kindness and service and support. And even better, there is a beautiful chance near the end of the month to take a deep breath and let it all go. A new, better phase awaits you.

Leo Sun and Rising – Queen of Darkness

Everyone knows the story of Hades and Persephone, with Hades abducting the young maiden and dragging her into the underworld, making her his queen. But there is historical evidence that this may not be quite right. In fact, many scholars argue that Persephone is the older deity, and Hades was tacked onto her myth. Persephone was the original Queen of the Underworld, ruling over life and death. And it was her love and her myth that made Hades what he was. This month, Leo, I want you to meditate on the darkness that has dogged you since childhood. Are you really the weakling? Or has your power been waiting for you to remember it all along?

Virgo Sun and Rising – Unsolvable

It’s always funny when we declare a problem solved. We’re happy and satisfied, and ready to rest and move on to the next task. But how often are our problems really solved? How often do our issues appear to be resolved, only come roaring back to life? How many monsters have we vanquished only to meet them again in a slightly different guise? I don’t mean to say we shouldn’t try, Virgo. When we resolve and then eventually re-engage with our problems, we often heal at a deeper level. So your task this month is to keep an eye out for what you feel you’re leaving behind you, and prepare to meet it again at the next crossroads.

Libra Sun and Rising – Debutante

When a young starlet grows up in the public eye, it’s almost customary for them, upon reaching adulthood, to have something of a debut and introduce a new, sexier, more grown up persona. This always comes with a bit of backlash, with some people preferring the angelic image of childhood. But that’s to be expected. As people, we change, transform, and shed our skin countless times. The important part is recognizing that you get to construct your identity for yourself. And even more important – you get to determine your own value. The peanut gallery doesn’t get to dictate your life. And this month, Libra, I’d like to see them try. You are far too wise for that.

Scorpio Sun and Rising – Charm

The concept of charm might seem a little light weight to you. Smiling and greasing palms feels more like a Libra talent than one you would favor. But there are times when charm can be a powerful tool. When you lack power or direct agency in a situation, charm can be a potent weapon. It’s a way of creating the change and getting the results you need when the odds are stacked against you. This month, Scorpio, I advise you to brush up on small talk, practice your winning smile, and turn on the charm. You’ll be surprised how much you can accomplish.

Sagittarius Sun and Rising – Get the Popcorn

In every show with an ensemble cast, certain episodes will focus more on some characters while the others lay low in the background, filling up the B-story. And while it may be frustrating to be stuck in the background, not being the main character for a while has its benefits. You get to collect excellent stories by watching rather than having to live them, which is basically the universe offering free wisdom on demand. And when things go sideways, you can simply side-step and let it pass you. In fact, I strongly suggest you do just that, Sagittarius. Help if you’re truly needed, but don’t let anyone make their problems into yours.

Capricorn Sun and Rising – Macro/Micro

Goals aren’t just something suspended in the distance, luring us forward. In fact, we live our goals every day. With every moment, every choice, every hit of the snooze button, and every cup of coffee, we are moving toward or away from our dreams. They live and breathe and change as we do. So the question becomes, are you really doing everything you can to meet your goals. Do your beliefs keep you stuck on the hamster wheel, or do they lift you up? And what about the little things? Do your small, daily routines support or hinder you? Do your comforts come at the cost of your success? Or have you cut yourself off from pleasure so thoroughly that you might not be able to enjoy your goals once you meet them? Now is the time to find out.

Aquarius Sun and Rising – Receive

When Sleeping Beauty was born, three fairies visited, and each gave her a gift. The gifts vary based on who’s telling the story, but the basic fact remains that the gifts made the girl graceful, strong, and vibrant. And that is exactly what you can expect this month, Aquarius. Early in the month, you’ll be blessed with sweetness, grace, and sharp intellect. Next, you’ll be blessed with incredible strength and determination, able to conquer anything in your path. And finally, you’ll be gifted with a radiance so powerful that you’ll come away with a new understanding of your own numinous light.

Pisces Sun and Rising – Potent Magic

You’ve been casting a spell, Pisces, whether you know it or not. All the yearning, the pain, and the hope of a better tomorrow have been churning in your core. Now you are swelling with promise and possibility, absolutely ready to burst. Spend the first few weeks of this month getting very, very clear on exactly what you want in life. And once you’re completely sure, let that spell fly. Pour everything you have out into the universe and sow the seed of your future. You may or may not see immediate results, but have no fear. Things may come in their own time, but your magic will never fail you.