Mars Conjunct Neptune In Scorpio – Deception With Malice

Recently I worked with the chart of woman who hard Mars in Scorpio conjunct Neptune in her chart. She’s a predator who deceives people with malice. She’s similar to those men who seduce rich women and bilk them out of their money.

Obviously, there are other ways this energy can and is used. But if you do see this in a chart, you’d be well advised to make sure you’re not dealing with a snake.

Have you ever run into this type character?  What can you tell us about Mars conjunct Neptune in Scorpio?

For more on this topic, search “predators” and “land shark” on this blog.

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Mars Conjunct Neptune In Scorpio – Deception With Malice — 72 Comments

  1. Padre Pio, Sylvia Browne, Carol Burnett, Charles Manson, Queen Mother, Howie Mandel and Napoleon all have Mars Neptune conjunctions.

  2. Yes, I have. A man with Mars conjunct Neptune in Scorpo, an obsessive and ferocious sex drive(Mars), but often lost (Neptune) in role playing, pornography and fantasy bordering on the perverse.
    The inability to “push” through assertively to change his life or situations, no drive,(Mars dissolved by Neptune) though quite controlling otherwise(Scorpio).
    In the 9th house, supposedly deeply religious, but admitting to “carnal thoughts while at church”, and enjoys the roles and rituals of Mass.
    Positively, a love of theater and acting, once again lost in fantasy and roles.

    • Welcome, sparkie 78.
      Neptune was in Scorpio between 1956-70. If you weren’t born in those years, you don’t have the conjunction. If you were born in those years, post your birthday if you want, and I’ll tell you. :)

      • Thanks Elsa! I was born october 21 1978 (230am, Melbourne, Australia) I have venus and scorpio in Mars! Conjunctions are outside my field of knowledge (lm a newbie) would mars be the reason l have such a complicated love life? Libra sun Gemini moon Leo ascendant… also my chart has many empty houses.. inc. My 7th? Any thoughts anyone has would be great!

  3. Bill Clinton also has a Mars/Neptune conjunction. Actions potentially could cause a scandal. Perhaps this is an indication that one needs to face the shadow or unconscious side of how or why one asserts oneself.

    Action taken for the benefit of others is what could save oneself from oneself.

    • Interesting you mention Bill Clinton as I was thinking about Hillary Clinton’s chart with Sun, Mercury, Venus in behind-the-scees 12th house, squared Saturn, Mars and Pluto in egotistical Leo in the 9th house of law… The word “Mobster” comes to mind. .. Wonder what Huma’s chart shows..

  4. Yes, Queen Mum did have the conjunction but it was in Gemini, plus she had Sun cj Mercury in Leo: thus why she was able as Queen to lead the people of Britain through the war, by courageous word and deed.

    • Since “The King’s Speech” – work of fiction, but based to real events – is one of my favorite movies, I just had to I just had to check how her Mars/Neptune related to King George’s chart. And sure enough – it was oppose his Sun/Mercury in Sadgittarius.

  5. Funny. Just had this conversation last nite. It was more of a head shaker. Like, what? It raised the memory of a woman that I was exploring a friendship with for awhile. This man left his wife for her. He was a handyman and did all kinds of repairs and improvements on her home and then she dumped him and sold her house. She told me about her girlfriend whose boyfriend did repairs on her home and then handed her the bill and how upset the girlfriend was. The woman’s response was ‘some people always keep score.’ Well with people like her, I think there is good reason to watch the patterns. But it’s just the way she runs her life and how she gets what she wants. I’m sure she feels entitled to whatever she gets. To her it’s just business. It makes her smart, right. But it does seem reptilian cold in hindsight to me. Her neptune would be in scorpio but I don’t know her mars. Oh, and the friendship, it didn’t make it. I realized later she was just stalking another victim to see what she could get out of me. We would take turns buying lunch. Then we went to an upscale restaurant, my buy, of course. She drank 6 glasses of expensive wine. I did not stop there because I knew I was witnessing some kind of creature I hadn’t run into before. Quite the education. Like I said, cold. And yes, I could sense underlying malice of some kind. But I did not hang out long enough to figure that one out.

  6. I think I am more interested now in the pretense they present. The hook. And how they use it. But the choice is still mine.

  7. My hubby has it and in the first house! A pisces with scorpio rising. Physically,mentally, sexually abused through childhood by father, sister; abandoned by abusive mother. Needless to say he has been in therapy for 20+ years. He is a good man, he is well aware of his demons and I think walking with his shadow has been the key. He is brutally honest; for he has always told me Everything since we met at sixteen and I feel like he has lived through hell. I do see the neptune water squash mars, as he loses drive easily. But when he is on he is Powerful. My question is how the hell did an aqu/cap rising end up with this guy? I experienced no abuse as a child. Must be my venus in pisces??

  8. Seems like I’m easy prey for these types. A tasty little mouse. I get shystied often. I have Scorpio rising but most of its in my 12th house.

  9. Mars in 1st house Scorpio, neptune in 2nd house Scorpio. I’m sexually aggressive & passionate. And live a bit too extravagantly for my husband’s taste. Manipulative at times. I used sex to get things I wanted. When I was younger It wasn’t cool. Bad actually. I never took no for A answer. Now I’m better. Thank God. I see things Before hand & stop myself from using my umm talents. A very strong blessing? Curse? I never meant to deceive or hurt anyone. Just took what I wanted. But never someone’s other. It’s a rule with me. No married men ever!

  10. I did know someone with both in Scorpio although they weren’t conjunct; 11 degrees apart. I don’t know what house. He was the meanest, most vicious man I’d had the misfortune to get tangled up with for a long time. Cruel, opportunistic, lied all the time just because he could, but also as he was paranoid and seemed to think he needed to constantly cover his tracks. And because he tested people all the time according to his twisted values. The aim was always to have the other person on the backfoot, able to be used. A chilling view of other people, talked all the time about how he would destroy others; all the things he’d gotten away with. If he killed someone he would enjoy it. Took a lot of drugs. Thought his actions were always justified. Very compelling, a deep thinker. Concentrated, immense power; in an argument, it felt like one of those scenes in an animated film where the creature you’re fighting rears up 50 foot tall.
    I know this is foolish but just have to say, I like snakes and can see how the imagery fits but don’t like putting this association on those creatures. Can’t imagine any animal having that level of malice.

    • Animals do not act out of malice but for survival reasons and to carry on their species. Homo sapiens, while of the animal kingdom, do have the potential to be super-natural and move beyond these tendencies.

      Animals that do live with homo sapiens as pets can pick up human behaviors and I imagine could develop what seems like malice if living with malicious people. But are they aware of what they are doing?

      I think we are skittish about traditionally non pet animals because they can always go back to wild behavior . My cats were very loving and always listened well. It did not matter that their food dish was always well stocked. But when they got on the trail of prey outside in the yard, there is no way they could hear anything. They were totally focussed on the kill.

    • Thank sounds exactly like my doctor. Dr. S. Robert Rozbruch of New York. Has this conjunction. Are we talking about the same guy?

  11. I have mars conjunct neptune, but in saggitarius which gives the conjunction a slightly different flavour, I guess. More idealistic, naiv and always longing to escape a hard, hard reality! I recognize the thing about losing drive easily…

  12. Do have Neptune in Scorpio (rising), wasn’t sure 12th or 1 house but with all this invisibility going on (like for instance on here, never having gotten even 1 response, sometimes wonder if my posts even show up, just as a small example!). Sun moon Pisces in 5 but mars in 8thin Gemini.
    Tons n tons n tons of abuse, by every1 around me.
    Was thinking of doing the Venus Saturn class but don’t want to sign up n disappear between the cracks again cus of course would like to get something, actually someone real and tangible out of it, not the receding horizons I’ve gotten my entire life! It’s been real lonely :(

    • Funny couldn’t even get the follow up email setting to work!
      Saturn in Capricorn prob in 3 (or end 2, who knows), n Venus in Aries in 6th, I guess that might be the square then that was mentioned in that blog.

    • Don’t worry KaD, as Elsa mentioned above, everyone on the planet born between 1956 and 1970 has Neptune in Scorpio. Every single soul. No biggie. :)

  13. @Yz, I can relate to what you said, I have moon Neptune Scorpio 4 degrees away from the ascendant from the 12th. I also have an unaspected Leo sun. Invisibility drives me insane. As a kid, it was adaptive, now just annoying. I feel like I have to shout to be heard. It’s so Wierd. But this is off topic, sorry Elsa.

  14. Neptune in Scorpio at 26 deg 21 min 7th house
    Mars is in Sag at 26 deg 35 min 8th house.

    no love life but married, living a kind of life. can’t take any hard action to anyone. hate myself !!

  15. Interesting you mention Bill Clinton as I was thinking about Hillary Clinton’s chart with Sun, Mercury, Venus in behind-the-scees 12th house, squared Saturn, Mars and Pluto in egotistical Leo in the 9th house of law… The word “Mobster” comes to mind. .. Wonder what Huma’s chart shows..

    (This didn’t post the 1st time. If this shows up twice, sorry!)

  16. Like Zebra, I have Mars/Neptune conjunct in Sag and well, the description of this conjunction in Scorpio seems a bit mean! I feel like the opposite, prone to be deceived by others (especially men, too big dreams and passion for men that didn’t love me, but used me for a while because I let them). So abuse, mental physical, emotional, IS a subject. For me in the 10th house, so I have been struggeling to find my vocation (or just profession) all my life, still no clue! And losing drive… personally, in love and in career, yes. I know all about it. I think the Scorpio-type does not accept to be a victim (Scorpio gives more power to the Mars-side, I guess, and Sag may be a little too understanding and gullible) and therefore practises the deceive themselves. Sometimes I wish I could do that. But analyzing this combination is one thing, but how to turn this in something positive? Putting energy in being idealistic, doing something for the world (not your own benefit, but hey, you’ve got to eat too?) , and well, sports help! It is known for the attractive sportstype and actor, I thought Johnny Weismuller, Paul Newman and maybe Marlon Brando? Also, John Lennon had the conjunction, but with a big orb and in two different signs. Maybe Mars Neptune can also say: A Bullet (Mars) From out of nowhere / or for no good reason, delusion (Neptune).

  17. I have Mars conj Neptune in Scorp. I think the house placement and other signs/aspects have a lot to do with how this aspect plays out. I am probably the last person others would call a predatory snake but I can sense that darker energy in the world (perhaps because of this aspect and a busy 8th house).

    I do relate to the Neptune diffusing the Mars energy but when I can engage in Neptune-inspiring activities, I have much more success. I’ve heard that this conj tends to pull in others struggling with addiction. This has been my experience but I always thought it had to do more with my 7th house moon…..

  18. I have this. I do hope I’m not a snake. Having dealt with this energy in my life for a long time, I would say it is important not to romanticise violence, secrecy or passion of any kind. Some of us with this signature may be veritable femmes fatales or gentlemen who bilk rich women out of their money, but I suspect many might just be enthralled by the idea. If we got within a toenail of it, we’d probably fall apart because the “mark” wasn’t behaving like the fantasy in our heads. Speaking for myself and no one else, I think there can be just as much foolishness here as expert conmanship: we’re quite as likely to to be the type who are “set up” by serious players, eg a major robbery gang, believing we are now a big shot and then left holding the baby.

  19. There is a journalist / author who I like very much and her name is Diana West. She was born 11/8/61 in Hollywood, Ca. so I pulled up a mundane chart just giving noon time of birth. She has Sun, Moon, Mercury Mars AND Venus in Scorpio! She seems to have a very sweet disposition (which I would not have figured with all of that scorpio – what do I know?) – but I can certainly see how she really goes digging for years to write these great (nonfiction) books!

  20. Hi All , I have Neptune 10/25 conjunct Mars 10/48 in Scorpio in my fifth house .So pretty tight . I’m a newbie so I’m treading water on this one . I’m pretty much cook book on them separately .. Love delving , and solving stuff , great intuition and gut reactions ( maybe that’s my moon in the 8th ) anyway always can tell a ‘ bad un ” never been wrong yet ! . Would of loved to work for the police ( in my day you had to be over 5ft 4in ) anyways . We we get to Neptune .. Can spend hours happily amusing my self with fantasty’s since I was a child .. It’s my escape from the real world for a bit . But I always come back to reality . Because too much zoning out is not good for you .. Gambling and drinking , I like both but again I’m aware when I’m getting obsessed . So I rein that back in ( strong Mars ) I could be ruthless only with those who threaten children and vulnerable people .that is my tipping point .i don’t personally relate this aspect with being cold or a snake . In fact I am the one that likes to give presents / time etc .. Fair is my middle name and abusing and using people on any level is not in my nature .. Still it is interesting to see how this aspect plays out it others charts ..just a thoughts !!!

  21. Elsa, I guess I am ten times Scorpio, ha, to say it like that. Born October ,31,1957 at 3:00 PM. I am very honest and friendly, extremely friendly, if you really appreciate me, i give you my heart, but if someone rubber in the wrong way…he is dead.Period. sexual fantasies, very rotten. Have also fantasies of people doing a harm to me and seeing my revenge by shooting them in the head to death with no mercy. If somebody did something bad to me 30 years ago, i still feel like looking for the person and penalizing that person according to the degree of the harm he committed on me 30 years ago, including killing the person if fully necessary on my mind. Over the years of my life, I confessed castigating people for things they did to me to the point of turning those people into the craziness. I admit that been born on Halloween, makes me realized who am I and I feel like if somebody messes with me…just leave the country, guy. what exactly happens with me with the planets Thanks for your answer. RG.

  22. VenusVirgo. i was looking for a convinced answer, not this. I you do this for a living and i pay you for this kind of answer, you better hold tight with my money in your hands , because i will take back with full force. Now you…VenusVirgo came and put the spoon in my table without been my server…weird…Elsa was my server, but you jump in the middle…again …weird…

    • What is “I you?” Check your spelling. Maybe you need some virgo in your life to check and recheck the details you so obviously miss…? Take $ back? Past life Taurus- over-concern with $? You proved I do know what I am talking about. You sound so insecure and threatened, so preoccupied with not losing, I would imagine you have intense difficulties sharing without expectations of something in return. Maybe that’s why you are on this site blindly putting your faith in anyone. If you don’t like comments, don’t publish your “darkest” self on a public blog you fool. You are the one that is weird you emotional mess of a water sign. Trust, I’m not a scared of You. LMAO

      • What do you know about Taurus?…nothing…you are another ASSHOLE making money on the DUMB PEOPLE and like I told my friend from El Paso that was so motivated and now he is convinced. I do ASTRONOMY and that one is for real. we study the real science of the planets and there is not any relation between the planets and the birthday…given anyone i told you …10-31-57…12-10-66 or very specially 9-10-1961, ha…who cares ASSHOLE venusvirgo…you are a MOCKING ASSHOLE…i work for NASA and we mock you all the time. ASTROLOGERS?…bunch of idiots…just like the rest of society…so dumb. No wonder our government thinks that society is so DUMB…believing in astrology????ha, ha…

  23. I am sure you venusvirgo are another “CHARLATANA” in astrology. I was trying to see what i can find in here, but i see that astrology is what lots of people say…just ‘CHARLATANERIA’ mocking, mocking…and you are not scare of me because you know ASSHOLE, that i can’t find you…ASSHOLE venusvirgo? dumb shit…asshole

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  25. That is what i told you Rogelio…astrology is just a MOCKING THING…I told you that ROGELIO, but you have to read that here for yourself. People is so stupid spending money on astrology advices, ha, ha. Rogelio, all this things for yourself. You are closer from el Paso than I.

  26. Who told you venusvirgo ASSHOLE that i told you my darkest secrets…ha…ASSHOLE…the person so dumb that i was arguing with, about the mocking astrology and he never believe me is NOW FULL CONVINCED. I told him , never listen , but now he knows.

  27. Roger. just read my comment even if you don’t want to. You feel embarrassed, ha. I know you are. I told you, doesn’t matter, 10-31-1957 or 12-10-1966 or simply 09-10-1961, the answer is always the same. just CHARLATANERIA. When you come to Miami you kiss my butt. ASTROLOGY IS JUST CHARLATANERIA…ASTROLOGY IS JUST ANOTHER WAY FOR THIS GUYS JUST TO MAKE MONEY FROM THE DUMB PEOPLE. ROGELIO, DON’T FALL IN THAT ONE, BECAUSE THE ONE I AM GOING TO CALL ASSHOLE IS GOING TO BE YOU.

  28. Does this Mars/Neptune behavior apply to composite charts? I was born 2/18/60 and a guy I used to work with was born 10/28/64. Both in Chicago, Me at 8:30am and he at 10:30am. Our combined charts have this conjunction in the 9th house. Anyway I was ganged up on by my Aries supv and some of our colleagues whenever I spoke to him. Then I got fired and noone has spoken to me since. Was our combined energy evil or something? I know I wasn’t doing anything. I still can’t even figure out what happened.

  29. Wow very interesting Elsa!

    I have Mars Conjunct Neptune in Capricorn in my Tenth House.
    (Mars is exalted in Capricorn)
    I am a sex addict in recovery, and am extremely manipulative. I find what Grant Lewi wrote about this conjunction to be true in my life:
    Here is a quick quote from Lewi:
    “The most magnetic aspect of the zodiac….Doors open at your command, men obey your word, and good things of the world come to you”

  30. Hi, have been finding this VERY interesting. My partner has close mars neptune conjunction in scorpio (possibly in 2nd house, although unconfirmed birth time). He is seen by others universally as a ‘nice guy’ (sun in libra with probable asc libra, and leo moon) . I read the following with interest: ‘I do see the neptune water squash mars, as he loses drive easily. But when he is on he is Powerful.’ I would agree here, except that my man only loses drive very occasionally, and when deeply emotionally in pain. Then he drowns and shuts out the entire world, very ‘feeling’ person, very emotionally sensitive. His drive is astounding!! When focused he moves mountains… That mars in scorpio is intensely focused and highly (positively) productive. There is also a nasty side, when he perceives he’s been ‘attacked’ emotionally (whether rightly or wrongly) he sends a poison dart out, attacks as a defense. Very Scorpionic. Luckily nothing has been lethal yet 😉 With regard to sexuality, I strongly suspect that the mars neptune conj in Scorpio has made him INTENSELY sexual, all the libra (incl venus in libra in probable first house) has made the mar/nep/Scorpio thing subject to the deep emotional (yet airy) need to CONNECT with a partner lovingly – only then he’ll unleash his desire and fluidity… I also think it made him a target for women with their own considerable issues – and also, although absolutely steadfastly loyal and faithful himself, he’s suffered at hands of partners who have been less faithful. Anyway, thanks for posting the article etc (from libra sun, libra asc/ major stellium on asc + moon in gemini in 8th).

      • Thanks very much Elsa, pleasure to be here :) I was reading some bits and pieces regarding moon in scorpio to try and get a grasp of why my gemini moon in the 8th house is so damn urghhhhhh!! Sounds very moon in scorpio in many ways, yet notably different (squaring venus in virgo in 12th – with pluto in virgo in 12th conjunct mercury, uranus, sun in 12th and asc in libra, + jupiter in libra in 1st. Mars is on IC in capricorn). I wouldve thought with all by cardinal air the very last thing causing me problems would be a moon in gemini in the 8th (oh, have grand trine in earth too, saturn in 7th taurus + mars and Venus). Neptune is hanging out i n the 2nd house, in Scorpio.
        Any idea of the ways the 8th is fundamentally different to moon in scorpio?

  31. I have Mars conjunct Neptune in Scorpio in the 8th. I’m 47 this year and still don’t think I have experienced all the ways this aspect manifests. I wouldn’t put a lot of it in writing. But have done both the promiscuous thing when young, and celibacy after living in a yoga cult in my teens. Money is odd for me, I have worked, toiled in life for little money & have several times when I needed money found it suddenly seemingly like magic. Once I needed a certain amount of cash to move and using astrology (uranian midpoints)had solar arc directed ju/ne=ha and realised I had overpaid my hire purchase on a fridge almost exactly the amount I needed. I was on single parent welfare for a while which is a trait of this aspect in the 8th & received much hate for it. My ex, to try & get out of child-support wrote to the tax department & falsely accused me of earning undeclared income from crime. They realised he was lying and went through my taxes and gave me a huge refund I didn’t even know I was entitled too. I didn’t even do anything, they just thought my ex was such a nasty guy. I had lots of substance abuse, I’ve done Yoga, am good at martial arts, am very obese and fluidy when inactive ( a lot of my life). I’ve had very deceptive influences from males and in work, it also has manifested by working at art.I’ve had a lot of sexual abuse and creepy stalkers and I don’t know why as I’m not really attractive. I’ve done astrology since my teens,used to do tarot. I don’t think I’ve ever taken any money or been a user, quite the other way around so far. If someone crosses me I make them pay.

  32. I know of a couple of people with this aspect. They are musicians and they are driven (Mars) to use music (Neptune) to bring society’s ugliness (Scorpio) to light.

  33. My ex-husband has Mars conjunct Neptune in his 10th house squaring Uranus in Leo in his 8th. He is very sneaky and deceptive, lacks sexual boundaries, is seductively charming to women he is targeting for seduction or sexual/romantic attention, and lies to either cover up something or to get what he wants. He does have a problem with his ambition and drive being swallowed up by both insecurity and unrealistic fantasies and expectations. He also engages in sexual/romantic fantasy. He wrote a sort of paper about monogamy — not believing in it. He confessed to being a polygamist at heart, but because society (and spouses) don’t agree with that, he hides it. I found the paper accidentally. It confirmed my suspicions that he was most likely sexually unfaithful during our marriage. I knew he had been emotionally unfaithful. He had been caught several times. He is now on his third marriage to a very naive younger woman.

  34. I too have the Mars/Neptune in Scorpio conjunction. I was born 2/16/1969 at 5:36 pm, San Jose, CA. This put the conjunction near my nadir and in square with both my Sun/Moon conjunction in Aquarius/Pisces in the 7th house and my Leo Ascendant, so I’d say it holds a place of prominence in my life. One other celebrity I didn’t see mentioned who had the Mars/Neptune conjunction was John Lennon. Warning people to “make sure you’re not dealing with a snake” seems to place undue weight on this particular aspect, as I would think ANYONE with a preponderance of Scorpio/Pluto/8th House influences in their chart have the potential to be treacherously deceptive. It should be kept in mind, however, that Scorpio is the sign of transformations of the most soulfully profound (with Pluto currently squaring Uranus and my natal Venus in Aries in the 8th and Saturn sitting on my Mars/Neptune conj., the transformation I’m undergoing is pronounced) , and the inherent strength and healing properties. It’s also an unfair distinction when you consider the different ways different signs can be malicious, whether through ignorance or unfocused neglect, and that the direct, purposeful manner does everything is but one of those ways.

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