Client Testimonial: “I Disagreed With Your Interpretation…”

MJ writes:

“Hello Elsa, I had a reading from you last fall and when I disagreed with your interpretation you laughed and said to just wait and see. I will never forget that moment because I did not see how you could possibly be right! But…I was so wrong and you were so right!

A miracle has happened for me and you were so right about it. It was concerning a very long, difficult relationship I was in. All difficulties have melted and a whole new relationship is taking shape. A man who said he would never change has completely changed and my dream is coming true.”

Thanks, MJ. Happy for you!

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Client Testimonial: “I Disagreed With Your Interpretation…” — 6 Comments

    • Thanks, Nightflower. I was taken aback when I first read it. It sounds harsh that I would laugh at a client’s concerns but I do know this is is exactly how I’d behave so what I can I say? It’s embarrassing though, on some level. :)

  1. Good job! Elsa, do you remember what planets/positions/transit, etc were involved. I’m just curious, but if that is telling to much of the client I understand!

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