Use Astrology To Navigate the Holiday Season: 2019-2020


I hate the idea of people on edge, especially during the holidays! To address this, each year I offer this guide:  Using Astrology To Navigate The Holiday Season. It’s meant to ease stress so you can sail through the holidays and enjoy yourself.

This year-end is extraordinary in that we’re headed towards January’s powerful Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, with many other events along the way. This transit will change the lives of many. Consequently, there is a lot of fear involved.

I addressed this by expanding the guide, which is not the same as inflating it. As always, there’s no fluff in the guide. It’s not over-worked and it’s not scary. It’s got everything you need to get on top and stay there over these next several weeks.

This year’s guide is expanded in two ways. First, it covers a longer period, beginning on November 12th, 2019, taking you through to January 13th, 2020.  I feet this is best and probably even necessary to achieve my goal of delivering something that is truly helpful.

This year’s guide includes the addition of Avoiding Holiday Pitfalls By Sign by Satori, including original images and possibly some inappropriate humor.

Navigating the Holiday Season: 2019-2020 is written in my storytelling style. It’s easy to use.  I use subtitles with dates and descriptions of the aspects. This is so you can follow along as the various dates come and go.

Here’s what’s covered in this year’s guide:

    • November 12th – Full moon in Taurus – Crock Pot
    • November 14th – Venus Square Neptune – Slippery
    • November 19th – Mars in Scorpio – Prowess
    • November 20th: Mercury Direct – Dumping Bad Data
    • November 22nd – Sun in Sagittarius – Bigness
    • November 24 -: Venus Conjunct Jupiter, Mars Opposite Uranus – Pop Up Opportunity
    • November 26 – New Moon in Sagittarius, Venus in Capricorn
    • November 27th – Neptune Direct In Pisces
    • November 28 – Thanksgiving – The Cusp
    • December 2nd – Jupiter in Capricorn, Stellium in Capricorn begins
    • December 8th – Sun Square Neptune – I may be the only one who thinks this is funny…
    • December 11th – Venus conjunct Saturn in Capricorn (Stellium) – Deep Love That Endures
    • December 12th – Full moon in Gemini (& Stellium in Capricorn) – December 12th  – Avoid This
    • December (Friday) the 13th – Venus Conjunct Pluto – Love & Obsession
    • December 20th – Venus in Aquarius – Lighten Up
    • December 22nd – Sun ingress into Capricorn – Heavy
    • December 25-26 – Christmas & New Moon Lunar Eclipse – Real & Poignant
    • December 29th – Mercury ingress into Capricorn – Grounded
    • January 3rd – Mars in Sagittarius – Aim To Be High-Minded
    • January 10th – Full moon (Lunar eclipse) in Cancer – Prelude To An Unforgettable Weekend
    • January 11th – Uranus Direct in Taurus – Ridiculous
    • January 12-13th – Sun conjunct Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn @ 22 degrees

After purchase, you’ll receive a confirmation email that includes a link to download the guide in pdf format. One click and you’re there!

If you want to keep a cool head, be happy, maximize potential, and be on top of your game through this period, this guide will help you do exactly that.  As a bonus – if you’re up, you can help support others. This is something that helps all involved!

Thanks and best wishes for a terrific holiday season!