Use Astrology To Navigate the Holiday Season 2018-19




I hate the idea of people on edge, especially during the holidays! To address this, I offer this guide: Using Astrology to Navigate the Holiday Season. It’s meant to ease stress so you can sail through the holidays and enjoy yourself.

There’s no fluff in the guide. It’s not over-worked and it’s not scary. It’s got everything you need to put you on top and keep you there over these next weeks.

Navigating the Holiday Season: 2018/2019 is written in my storytelling style. It’s easy to use.  I did add subtitles with dates and descriptions of the aspects. This is so you can follow along as the various dates come and go.

Here’s what’s covered in this year’s guide:

  • November 16th:  Venus Direct – Whew! That Was Close!
  • November 17th:  Mercury Retrograde – Ignore This, I’m Sure
  • November 20th:  Mars Square Jupiter – Heroic Opportunity
  • November 22nd:  Thanksgiving – Sun Enters Sagittarius – Be Good & Eat Well
  • November 24th:  Full Moon In Gemini – Isn’t This Fun?
  • November 25th:  Neptune Direct – Wait, What?
  • November 27-28th:   Sun-Mercury-Jupiter Conjunction Square Mars – Drunken Know-It-All
  • December 1st-2nd:  Venus Enters Scorpio & Opposes Uranus – Release Your Obsession
  • December 3rd-5th:  Sun Square Mars Conjunct Neptune – Ambush
  • December 6th-7th:  Mercury Direct, New Moon in Sagittarius, & Mars Conjunct Neptune – Invisible Gas Attack
  • December 12th:  Mercury in Sagittarius – Storytelling
  • December 13–20th:  Calm Stretch
  • December 21st:  Mercury Conjunct Jupiter, Sun Enters Capricorn – Balance
  • December 22nd:  Full Moon in Cancer – Feelings
  • December 25th:  Christmas – You’re All Pathological! I’m Outa Here!
  • December 26 – 30th:  Another Calm Period
  • December 31st:  New Year’s Eve – Resolute!
  • January 1st:  New Year’s Day, Mars Enters Aries – Initiate!
  • January 2nd:  Sun Conjunct Saturn & Moon Conjunct Jupiter
  • January 5th:  New Moon in Capricorn – Mercury Enters Capricorn – Saturn Overload
  • January 6th:  Uranus Direct – Breakout!

After purchase, you’ll receive a confirmation email that includes a link to download the guide in pdf format.

If you want to keep a cool head, be happy, maximize potential and be on top of your game through this period (November 16th, 2018 – January 6th, 2019), this guide will help you do exactly that.

Thanks and best wishes for a terrific holiday season!