Holiday Action Plan by Midara

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The holidays conjure dread for many of us. As much as we’d like to relax and enjoy good food, merriment, and good company, sometimes it just doesn’t turn out that way. Critical comments, probing questions, and unsolicited can overwhelm us, and suddenly our relaxing meal disappears and we get that distinct tight in the chest feeling. This is really too bad, because the holidays are supposed to restore our spirits and fortify us for the long winter to come.

I’ve got your back. This year I’m offering a Holiday Action Plan. In one hour, I’ll look at your chart as well as the charts of up to two particularly difficult people, discuss your concerns, and come up with a personalized strategy for dealing with family madness. We can work on ways to exit conversations gracefully, maintain good boundaries without causing undue conflict, making time to care for yourself and maintain your sanity in the midst of all the craziness.

We’ll identify what is really important and what is simply extra stress.

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Once payment is received, I will contact you by email for the birth data for everyone as well as your specific concerns. You’ll receive the completed plan within three days.