Astrology Beginner’s Report Package


Do you want to learn astrology but you’re not sure where to start? Let me help!

Start with your natal chart. You know you best, but we all have blind spots. Your personalized natal chart report will reveal these secrets and literally change your life. The Natal Report included with this discounted package will describe your personality. But it will also list the aspects or planet placements that create the situation. You can see a sample here.

Please note the italic text in the sample. Once you have your report, you can search each term and expand your understanding. Your Natal Chart is fixed. You can do this at your own speed, over time.

You’ll also want to understand how transits to your natal chart affect you. Our Deluxe Transit Report includes a year of transit interpretation, personalized to your natal chart. You can see a sample of this report here.

Jan 2, 2019  (Dec 31, 2018 to Jan 3, 2019)  Mar Sqr Asc

This is showing you the date a transit is exact, and the range of time it’s in action. If you wanted more information you could search, “Mars square Ascendant”. You have the freedom to keep it simple or work to expand your understanding at your own speed.

I think this is a good place for a beginner to start. Your natal chart is fixed. The planets are in motion, constantly interacting with the fixed positions in your natal chart. Invest a year and see if you can get this to gel. I bet you’ll very happy with the results!

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