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One question. 10 minutes. 30 bucks. Ask me whatever is on your mind and I’ll get you straightened out.

Whether you’re looking to get your feet wet with consulting or whether you’ve had a niggling astrology question that the cookie-cutter definitions online just don’t seem to help with, or maybe have an ongoing crisis and just need an one single actionable piece of advice, this is the place for you.

·        Why do my partner and I have the same fight over and over?

·        How do I interpret this aspect in my chart?

·        Why do all the people I date have the same flaw?

Ask me anything and I’ll cut to the heart of the matter and leave you with a golden nugget that will get you moving again. So click the link and ask me anything!

Once payment is received, I’ll be in touch.  The turnaround time on this is fast. You’ll receive your answer within 24 hours.



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