Conflicted About Committing

Hi Elsa,

My life is going perfectly, and yet I’m not happy! Or rather, I’m a worried, anxious mess. I recently got engaged, to a wonderful man who I’m absolutely head over heels in love with. My daughter is a delightful, intelligent, loving little girl. We just bought a beautiful house in a nice neighborhood and I just got a new job with a really cool non-profit.

But I just can’t seem to feel better. It’s like I’ve struggled so long to get to where I am – I mean, really fought HARD to achieve this – and now I can’t relax at all. It all seems so precarious. And I’m normally a fairly happy-go-lucky person.

Am I crazy? Am I not astrologically cut out for comfort? I’ve actually had dreams of having an affair, and I would NEVER have an affair! My guy is my best friend. I’ve also been looking at houses online, even though I adore our house. It’s like I’m still questioning all of these choices.

What the hell is wrong with me right now?

Uncomfortably Engaged