Love Artist – Venus In Leo Square Neptune

Hi Elsa,

Lately I have been wondering if there’s something about me that makes me blind to the glaring, glaring danger signs of the people I date. The last guy I was in a relationship with, we dated for a year until I found out he had been cheating on me and I broke up with him. Then almost as soon as I realized he was a dishonest person, all of these other things rose up in my mind, things I had known all along but excused-like his lack of honor, cowardice, selfishness, arrogance, etc.-and made it very clear that I had been making straw into gold all along.

I am afraid that I will keep choosing guys who are completely wrong for me. I don’t want to keep being blind to these faults and flaws and make excuses for them. Do you have any insight as to why I do this, and what I can do about it to stop this?
Blinded by love


Disowned by Mom

Hey Elsa,

I’m independent from my parents and my mom and I have a number of disagreements. Matter of fact, at the moment, I’m disowned. I find her condescending and domineering – she finds me whiny and petulant.

We saw each other recently and it was the same old pattern…her considering me a mess, despite the fact that everything I’ve done in the past year has been without her assistance (this includes getting my license, getting a car, paying a year of tuition, getting accepted to study in Europe over the summer). She would like to view me separately from the conditions of my life right now, cause she doesn’t like them. That frustrates me. Will this woman ever see me as a capable individual? Will I stop trying to prove to her that I am?

I have a 3.6 carrying 20 credits and working four days a week in university, I’m double majoring and minoring…this seems to impress everyone BUT her. Situation ever gonna get better? Are we capable of looking at stuff the same way? If we are – how hard will it be?
No Credit At All


Beautiful Dreamer

Hey Elsa! I’ve been having weird and vivid dreams lately, some of them disturbing. I’ve noticed several of my friends having similar experiences. Is there some cosmic reason for this, or am I just eating too many pickles before bed? … Read More…