2020 Horoscope Archives By Midara

January 2020

Aries Sun and Rising – Boss Battle

You’ve sensed it for a while. The pressure is mounting and the walls are closing in. The time to be a hero is upon us. No longer can you sit back and wait for fate to find you. You can’t wait for it to happen. You have to go happen to it. Luckily, you’re a fighter. Born and bred with, as Johnny cash would say, gravel in your guts and spit in your eye. As a matter of fact, leading the fight is what you are meant for. Look at it this way. Everyone has a role to play in this tale. And yes, it would be easier to be a mild-mannered shopkeeper or a witty bard. But when that dragon flies into town, it’s really, really nice to be a knight. The dragon is here. So be a hero and slay it.

Taurus Sun and Rising – Support from the Deep

The time is now. Those dreams, those plans you’ve been allowing to ferment in your mind are ready to spring to fruition. You had a bit of a reprieve this fall. You were able to build your foundation. Gather support, and make sure that your plans were properly laid. But now everything is coming together. Your support is there, in degrees and from places you never imagined. And that urge toward freedom and change that has been slowly building in your heart is now too powerful to ignore. It’s happening. It’s really, truly, finally happening. You’ve got this.

Gemini Sun and Rising – Virgil with Benefits

Fellow Gemini Jean-Paul Sartre was onto something when he said that hell is other people. Of course, you love to be out and about, telling stories, trading gossip, and generally making life more interesting. But when it comes to our partners, our counterparts, our other halves, the story is quite different. We feel hemmed-in, claustrophobic, like they’re a lead balloon pulling us down, down, down. It’s enough to make us scream, rage, run for the hills. But this month, I suggest cultivating a little perspective. What if down is exactly where you need to go? No life escapes a trip to the underworld. But you get to have your fun, sexy, hilarious, absolute favorite person be your guide. That seems like something to be grateful for.

Cancer Sun and Rising – King Crab

You’ve been trying so hard, Cancer. And I know you’re already tired. You’ve been doing your best to be who you were meant to be, and you’ve made great strides. But what happens when the pressure comes from those you need most, from the very people you’re trying to support? What happens when it feels like all your allies are coming together to tell you that your efforts are just not enough? Well, you get better, of course. Don’t let yourself believe that you’re too soft, too tired, too spent. Who says that you have to be a fire sign to be a hero? Step up. Keep going. With your shell as your armor and your claws as your sword, show them all what a crab can do.

Leo Sun and Rising – Joyful Rebellion

Ugh. The world can be so demanding. The pain, the confusion, the pressure, the relentless expectations. Somehow, no matter what you give, the world seems to want more. It’s enough to make you queasy. To give you dark circles under your eyes and keep you from sleep.  Enough to make you abandon your dreams and just become the drone the world wants you to be. But there is another way. It’s risky. It’s bold. But it’s also just crazy enough to work. Laugh. Smile. Have fun anyway. Use your fury, your frustration, and your freedom urge to rebel against the cold demands and instead make it your business to create laughter, love and joy come hell or high water. In times like these, those small acts of resistance are what revolutions are made of.

Virgo Sun and Rising – Survivor

When thinking about you this month, Virgo, my mind was brought again and again to an old episode of the cartoon King of the Hill. In it, Peggy, one of the protagonists, decides to go skydiving and her parachute fails to open. Miraculously, she survived, but nearly every bone in her body was broken. Even being in her full body cast, she was elated, high on her very survival. But after a while, despite her excellent support system, she became depressed and despondent as she confronted her new limitations. It was only when she was able to focus on what she could still do that the dark cloud began to lift. Take heed from her story, Virgo. A brush with death can be exhilarating. Facing down the worst and coming out the other side is amazing. But there is some level of rest and recovery that is required. Instead of bristling at your limits, revel in your accomplishments and appreciate the amazing capabilities you still have.

Libra Sun and Rising – Boiling Beneath

It’s funny how sometimes our deepest struggles happen out of the public eye. With a perfect veneer, there’s really no telling what lies beneath. As Blanche Devereaux, character on the Golden Girls and Libra extraordinaire, once said, “Isn’t it amazing how I can feel so bad but still look so good?” Sometimes this can be empowering, giving us a feeling of mastery over our lives. And sometimes it is maddening, leaving us feeling lonely, isolated, and misunderstood. But take a lesson from Blanche. She may have felt terrible and looked good doing it, but she was also talking about it. To her friends, her chosen family, the people who could help, or failing that, could at least give her a listening ear and a sympathetic smile. Don’t be afraid to vent a bit of your frustration. Let the veneer crack, just a little. It’ll let a little light shine in.

Scorpio Sun and Rising – Into the Light

You Scorpios have such depth. You are so comfortable in the darkness, spelunking and going deep, deep, deep to find the hidden treasure. You exalt in the loamy earth, fermenting the scraps to create fertile soil for growth. At the same time, the light blinds you. Under the scorching brightness of the noon-day sun, your well dries up. Those detached, spiky, jumping electrical pulses tear through you and feel so inhuman, so raw and white-hot. But there is a balance here. Eventually your soil has to be exposed to the light if anything can ever hope to grow. Eventually your insights, borne from the deep, must be shared with the world to do the good they’re intended to. Eventually the dark must be lit. And, just as day must give way to night, you too will be able to turn inward again, this time with the joy of a job well done.

Sagittarius Sun and Rising – Fight for Your Right to Party

It’s that time of year. The holidays have passed, the party is over, and everyone has settled back into the grind. But this month, instead of putting your nose down and girding yourself against the long winter to come, I say you fight back. Fight against the grueling day-to-day. Fight against the cruel expectations that would see us all become drones, working for unseen masters. Fight for real, honest-to-goodness freedom. Fight for your right to be an individual, to play, to explore, to live. You above all others know that life is to be lived. Come out swinging and be the example we need.

Capricorn Sun and Rising – Deep Breath

I’ve thought long and hard about what to tell you this month, Capricorn. There’s seen so much said about this Saturn/Pluto conjunction in your sign that is now coming to fruition. It’s doom and gloom. It’s despair. It’s the culmination of all your work. It’s a manifestation portal, bringing you your wildest dreams on a silver platter. So much chatter. So much conflicting information. I didn’t want to add to the cacophony. So I’ll say this instead – you’re going to be fine. By your very nature, you are prepared. You have paced yourself on this climb and you are going to make it. If you need to rest, rest. If you want to make a final sprint, sprint. Either way, something very real, very deep, and very lasting is waiting to be born. You have got what it takes to raise it, cultivate it, and build something beautiful.

Aquarius Sun and Rising – Practical Rebellion

It’s odd, isn’t it, that dual urge you have? Do you work hard every day to create the real, deep change you want to see in the world? Or do you burn it all down and start over? Do you appeal to the masters or overthrow them? Do you circulate petitions or stage a revolt? Well, this month, I think you’ll find that the real question is “Why not both?” Even the greatest revolutions require groundwork. They require someone to rent the buses, write the legislation, maybe even grease a few palms. But on the other hand, even the best inside job requires a little outside influence. Very few real changes are made my following all the rules. Someone has got to march on the capitol. And Aquarius, I think you’re the right person for both jobs. Merge that duality and see the wonders you can create.

Pisces Sun and Rising – The Magician

There really is something magic about you, Pisces. Both of the benefics, Venus and Jupiter, find their home or place of honor in your sign. And while it’s true that you may experience some confusion or fog at times, and while it’s true that you aren’t really sure on a practical level how everything works, work it does. Things for you have a way of turning out okay, and this month is no exception. When we use a light switch, we don’t necessarily understand why it works. We don’t see the wiring within the walls, we don’t know about the measurements of the electrical impulses. We just know that when we flip the switch, light appears. Just like magic. Just like you.

February 2020

Aries Sun and Rising – Tortoise Meets Hare

During his big race with the tortoise, can you really blame the hare for taking a breather? He was out of the starting gate so fast, streaking like a comet across the sky. No one can keep up that kind of pace. If you ask me, a little nap was justified. But maybe he could have set himself an alarm. By the same token, while our steady tortoise certainly got his acclaim in the end, I can’t imagine that he had very much fun while he was plodding along. This month, Aries, try to learn from both the tortoise and the hare. Take a little rest when you need it and enjoy the journey, but make sure you keep going.

Taurus Sun and Rising – The Call is Coming From Inside the House

The early life of Circe, notorious witch of Greek legend, was hardly glamorous. While her divine family loved to cavort about, making sure to be seen and adored for their beauty, Circe preferred to stay out of the spotlight. She spent her days among the plants and animals, honing her craft and rolling her eyes at her disruptive siblings. But when her magic began to manifest itself, she immediately used it to gain the love of a young god she’d had her eye on. When that failed, she gathered her power to punish the attention-seeking sister who he loved instead. But who was the real disruptor? Who was it that was really attention-seeking? Was her craft really superior than her sisters’ beauty if she used it to the same ends?

Gemini Sun and Rising – Third Time’s a Charm

There once was a poor wanderer. He was lonely and destitute and felt like this would never change, because who would want to tie their fortune one one such as him? One day he went out to hunt and left his meagre belongings by a tree. When he returned that night with a newly caught deer, he saw a lodge with a beautiful woman where his belongings had been. He stopped to gawk, but the woman ran out, took his deer, and ate it. He had thought himself blessed at first, but he was disappointed. The next day, the same thing happened. The deer, the lodge, the woman, and her greedy acquisition. Again, he had gotten his hopes up and again they were dashed. The third day, same thing. Except this time, instead of taking the deer, she processed it and preserved the meat, and then welcomed him inside with a smile. And there he lived the rest of his days, finally blessed. You may get lost, Gemini. You may be disappointed. There may be more than a few false starts. But like the wanderer, if you keep your faith, the way will find you.

Cancer Sun and Rising – Duckling Pride

In The Ugly Duckling, there were really two villains. One, of course, were the judgmental ducks who made a point to impress upon the duckling how unworthy he was. But the other villain was the duckling’s mind. He allowed his self-image to be poisoned and his self-hatred nearly did him in. He hid himself away, and it took a group of swans telling him how beautiful he was for him to even be willing to see himself in a different light. What would his life have been like if he stood up and proclaimed his value despite the jeers from his peers? How many more years of joy would he have experienced if he let himself be seen? How much sooner would he have found his flock?

Leo Sun and Rising –  Cyrano Rising

When Cyrano de Bergerac was hiding behind his friend and speaking to his beloved Roxanne, they won her affections not from his friend’s handsome face, but from his beautiful words. He exalted her and shone a spotlight upon her virtues. He made her feel like a star. That is something that transcends appearance. It’s a shame, then that he was never willing to make himself known to her. Take a lesson from this. Love is about standing in the light. We show love by shining our affection upon our partner. And to receive love, we have to risk being seen.

Virgo Sun and Rising – The Cheshire Alice?

During Alice’s travels in Wonderland, one of her biggest sources of strife was trying to communicate with the beings who lived there: the Cheshire Cat with his cryptic warnings, the nonsensical rules of the Mad Hatter, and the White Rabbit, always rushing but never articulating what is was rushing to. It’s enough to make one mad. I suspect you’ll recognize the feeling this month, Virgo. But before you go bellowing in frustration like the Queen of Hearts herself, take a moment to consider. Are you sure that you’re Alice here? Or do some of the denizens on Wonderland strike a little too close to home?

Libra Sun and Rising – Into Agrabah

When Princess Jasmine could no longer take the claustrophobic confines of palace life, she donned a disguise and set out to explore that her kingdom had to offer. Almost immediately, though, she ran into problems. Not having any experience in the real world, she carelessly handed an apple to a hungry child, nearly getting herself maimed and branded a thief in the process. But her instincts were right! Her compassion is admirable, as is her independence and desire to know more about the world. Sometimes we have to take the risk and defy the authorities. Then, when we come into real power, we know what the stakes are. We know how to help. Keep that in mind if you struggle this month, Libra. What good can come of this once the dust settles?

Scorpio Sun and Rising – Love Your Enemy

There once was a young farm boy whose village had been besieged and raided by enemy ships over and over. He harbored a deep grudge in his heart, and rightly so. One night, he saw a raiding ship on the horizon about to go down in a terrible storm. He thought about it, and while it pained him, he realized that feeding his heart with yet more death would not assuage his pain. He took his small boat and went to aid the ship. When he didn’t return that night, everyone in his village thought he had died. They also thought that it served him right for being so foolish. But the next day, the raiding ship docked. As the villagers all came with pitchforks to drive it away, out came the farm boy. The raiders exalted him and said that due to his courage, skill, and kindness, they couldn’t justify keeping him prisoner. Instead, the raiders set him free and even ate at the village’s inn. The war raged on, but that little village was never attacked again. Scorpio, I know you hold-earned fury. You have the right. But sometimes being willing to overcome it, even for a moment, will improve not only your enemy’s life, but yours as well.

Sagittarius Sun and Rising – Parasol of Contentment

There once was a simple laborer who yearned for a greater life. He wanted to be rich and powerful, with everything he could ever desire at his fingertips. And every night, he would go home and fight with his wife, taking his frustration out on her. Finally, she suggested that maybe his laboring in the sun all day was making him cranky and advised him to buy a parasol. He went to see a vendor who had an array of parasols, with the inside of each being painted to resemble a different sky. One by one, the laborer tried each parasol. Some left him angry. Some depressed him. Some inflated his desires even more. Finally, he chose the last parasol, painted like an autumn evening with geese in flight. This one made him feel a sweet, melancholy longing. But when his heart was restless, he could look at the geese and his pain would fly away with them. He could go home and look at his loving wife and be happy. He still wished for more, but now he knew that the nobler ambition was to appreciate and tend to what he already had. You may not be able to reach all the heights you aspire to all of the time, Sagittarius. But you can still find contentment if you know where to look.

Capricorn Sun and Rising – Don’t Feed the Vultures

Once there were a lion and a boar who were both looking for water. They came upon a beautiful pond and went to drink. But they both bent down to drink at the same time. They glared at each other mistrustfully, each wanting to be the first to drink in case the other left them with nothing. So they argued. And then they tussled. And then they brawled. And while they were tearing each other to shreds, they noticed a few vultures sitting on a branch, watching them and licking their lips. The lion and the boar looked at each other and said, “You know what? Maybe we should be friends.” Do you have any battles that might not be worth fighting, Capricorn? What about people that might not be enemies after all?

Aquarius Sun and Rising – Who Benefits?

In the old tale about the fisherman and his wife, the fisherman comes upon a talking fish. His wife, being a canny woman, realizes that the fish can grant wishes. She starts throwing wishes around fast and loose, upending the status quo and deposing the old, tyrannical rulers. This in itself is a noble cause. But it occurs to her to make herself and her husband rulers instead. Their wishes grow more and more grand, and each time the fish becomes more annoyed, both for having been taken for granted and because the good that was done by the original wishes had fallen by the wayside. Only when the fisherman asks the fish for his wife’s happiness does the madness stop. He goes back to his shack and finds his life exactly the way it was before. And they were happy. While I don’t mean to say that you should stop agitating for change, Aquarius, I do think you should take special care to examine your motives. And it couldn’t hurt to take a moment to appreciate those that got you where you are.

Pisces Sun and Rising – Being There

Once, when Winnie the Pooh and Piglet went to visit their friend Eeyore, they asked how he was doing. Ever in character, Eeyore told them that he was feeling “Sad, and Alone, and Not Much Fun To Be Around At All.” He expected them to cringe, to turn around and be on their way, off to greener pastures. But instead they silently sat down next to him.  Surprised, he asked what they were doing. “We’re sitting here with you.” That was it. But somehow, Eeyore began to feel a bit better. Just because they were there. This month might be rough Pisces. If not for you, then for someone you love. But it’s okay to be sad. It’s okay to feel bad. But whether you’re Eeyore or Pooh in this story, remember the lesson. Sometimes all it takes is for someone to be there. No more, no less.

March 2020

Aries Sun and Rising – One Step Ahead

On Regular Show, Skips is a man’s man. His strength and grit are above question. So when all his coworkers challenge him to arm wrestling matches, he’s feeling pretty confident. He goes through them one by one, slamming their fists to the table with ease. But when he gets to the smallest, weakest member of the group, he is suddenly, publicly, thoroughly defeated. In his humiliation, he ruminates and becomes obsessed with figuring out how it happened. When it is revealed that his coworker cheated but using a hidden support, he immediately challenges him to a rematch. He rips off the support and uses all his strength to throw him to the table. But this blow was strong enough to kill his friend, causing Skips to have to challenge Death himself to an arm wrestling match to win back his friend’s soul. Skips does eventually win with the help of – surprise! – the same illegal support his friend used against him. Sometimes Aries, we’re given a bad turn, even when we thought we were operating from a position of strength. But if we are willing to learn from those around us, we can still stay one step ahead.

Taurus Sun and Rising – Win By Waiting

On Bob’s Burgers, the election for class president was no election at all. One popular candidate had 99% support in all the polls, and his nerdy opponent, Henry, didn’t stand a chance. At least, that’s what everyone thought. But Henry knew better. He plotted. He got another candidate to join in and upset the race. He gently nudged the new candidate’s mortal enemy to work for the popular candidate’s campaign, virtually ensuring that both campaigns went negative and began to implode. All the while, Henry bided his time. One voting day, things had become so chaotic that one person dropped out and the other was disqualified. Henry won by default. Sometimes a plan takes a while to come together. Sometimes things that look like they’re going nowhere are filled with activity just below the surface. Sometimes seed take a while to sprout.

Gemini Sun and Rising – Guiding Light

On My Little Pony, things went very wrong very fast. All the ponies had their cutie marks (symbols that dictate a pony’s special talent and role in society) suddenly switched by unseen magic. The ponies are miserable, all forced to do jobs they’re terrible at. What’s worse they don’t even remember their previous lives. In order to fix things, the protagonist goes to each pony and asks them to help the pony who was doing the job that they had previously done. To paraphrase one of the ponies, “I don’t know anything about that job, but I do know something about that pony. She’s a true friend and I’ll do whatever I can to help her.” When things get confusing and it’s difficult to see the way forward, rely on those things you do know for sure. Let those undeniable truths be your guide.

Cancer Sun and Rising – Your Own Judge

Gene Belcher of Bob’s Burgers loves music. He plays his keyboard all day every day despite never really learning how. It’s fair to say that he slightly overestimated his abilities. So when he tries to start a band, his friends have other ideas. They split off and create their own band and don’t invite him to join, Distraught, Gene hands his keyboard to his sisters and asks them to burn it, renouncing music forever. When they later bring him ashes that they claim are the remains of his keyboard, he realizes his mistake. Smiling, his sisters produce his keyboard and say they knew all along that he didn’t really want to give up music. Gene grins and realizes what he should have known all along – music is to be enjoyed, regardless of judgement. He didn’t have to be good by anyone else’s standards. All that mattered were his own.

Leo Sun and Rising – Chin Up

When Blanche Devereaux of The Golden Girls had the flu, she pulled out her compact and gazed at herself in the mirror. She marveled, “Isn’t it amazing how I can feel so bad but still look so good?” Her words will ring throughout the month for you, Leo. Your dark night of the soul continues, but there’s no time for moping. Others are counting on you get it right, regardless of the pain you’re in. But at least this month you may get a little recognition for all that you’ve been going through. The work may suck, but you’ll look damn good doing it.

Virgo Sun and Rising – Let Go

On Bob’s Burgers, Bob is a true workaholic. He is the sole proprietor of his restaurant, and if he’s not there, nothing gets done. But when he goes long enough without a day off, things get weird. He forgets how to flip a patty. He gets orders wrong. He starts talking to the mustard. It’s not sustainable! So on one particularly bad occasion, his family takes control. They lock him out of the restaurant and force him to rest for his own good. Of course, it doesn’t quite go as planned – he was so obsessed with work that he volunteered to work at another person’s restaurant just to have the experience of work. But he sees the other restauranteur having the same problem. Same burnout, same suffering in their personal life. He returns home and sees, to his mixed relief and chagrin, that everything is fine. His restaurant survived without him. Turns out it really is okay to let go.

Libra Sun and Rising – Narrowed Focus

When Lucy and Ethel were working in the chocolate factory, they were in a little over their head. The chocolates kept coming down the assembly line faster and faster, and try as they might, they simply couldn’t keep up. The responsibility was too much, the workload was unreasonable, and no one was listening. In a situation like that, it really didn’t matter much what they did next. In my mind, they would have been better served to simply kick back and enjoy a nice, sweet piece of deep dark chocolate. Maybe focus on just candy and make sure it’s wrapped perfectly. If you can’t fix everything, why not just make one thing great?

Scorpio Sun and Rising – Building Blocks

After years of struggle and a string of failures, Tom Haverford of Parks & Recreation was finally riding high. He channeled his signature style into a clothing rental company that saw incredible success. But just when everything was finally looking up for him, larger forces stepped in to stop him. A very wealthy local businessman with a personal vendetta tried to buy him out. When Tom refused, the businessman opened a competing store right across the street and began to peel away his customers. Despite having been the first on the scene, Tom was forced to close the store. But this wasn’t enough to stop him. That businessman had taught him that sometimes you simply have to make your own path. So he used his story to create a series of self-help books and made millions. Sometimes we start strong but are thwarted by things beyond our control. But if we keep an eye out for the lessons we can learn, those stumbling blocks will become the foundation for even greater success.

Sagittarius Sun and Rising – Coming Naturally

On Adventure Time, Finn’s beloved dog Jake gets sick. And all Jake asks for is for Finn to tell him a real, true story. Finn realizes with panic that he doesn’t have any true stories to tell. So, ever true of heart, he goes out in search of one. It’s not exactly smooth sailing. He searches for a romance story by ting to get two forest creatures to kiss and ends up complicating their lives. He tries to find action by starting a fight with a bear. Eventually the forest creatures are so angry that they attack and imprison him, adding in the element of suspense. He earned his story for Jake, that’s certain, but surely there was a better way. Once the animals explain the harm he caused, Finn realizes that while we all have to work for our stories, sometimes we’re better off if we don’t force it.

Capricorn Sun and Rising – What It’s For

Once on King of the Hill, Kahn Souphanousinphone was a model citizen. He spent his whole life working to be the very best and checking all the boxes for success. But one day, he took stock and realized that all he’d achieved didn’t really amount to much. So he gave it all up. He stopped going to work, stopped paying bills, stopped trying so damn hard. And for a while, it felt great. When nothing you do matters anyway, why try? What are you really doing it all for? But when he realized he was facing foreclosure and that his daughter, ever dutiful, was trying to do her homework in the dark with no electricity, it hit him. Maybe there was a reason for all that toil after all. And maybe, even if he couldn’t enjoy them himself, the fruits of his labor fed someone far more important than himself.

Aquarius Sun and Rising – Inner Validation

It’s awful to know you’re right but have no one listen, as Dale from King of the Hill would be quick to point out. It’s even worse to have them come around only to turn against you again. When Dale was called to handle a routine extermination job at the local Mega Lo Mart, he quickly realized that the true problem was a person stowing away in the store. His friends, one of whom had recommended him for the job, came to check up on him and made it clear that they thought he was nuts. But when they are attacked by two teenage employees playing a prank, they realize that Dale was right to suspect a person was the cause of the damage. However, Dale knew that the problem went deeper than a prank. There really was someone living in the store. But when he told him friends, they again called him crazy. Whiplash fast, he was an outcast, then a hero, then an outcast again. But what Dale eventually understood is that validation from others is ephemeral and truly not the point. It is great to be celebrated, of course. But it’s far more important to know for yourself that you’re right. So when you get that outside approval you’ve been craving, Aquarius, savor it. But don’t come to rely on it. Your integrity is unshakable, and that’s what matters.

Pisces Sun and Rising – Doing What’s Right

On My Little Pony, Rainbow Dash wants a pet. She wants one as fast and brave and radical as she is, and she can’t decide which animal it should be. So she sets up an epic contest. The falcon wins in speed. The Hummingbird wins in agility. The eagle wins in coolness. And the tortoise loses at everything. Everything. Finally, they come to the ultimate challenge. Any animal who can navigate Ghastly Gorge and cross the finish line alongside Rainbow Dash will win it all. While all the animals zoom through, determined to be first, they fail to notice that Rainbow Dash is hit by falling rocks. All, that is, except the tortoise. The tortoise comes upon her trapped in the bottom of the gorge and uses his strength and tenacity to free her. He crosses the finish line with Rainbow Dash on his back, winning the prize and becoming her companion. Sometimes we don’t have to be the best or the fastest or the strongest. Sometime all it takes to win is a little intuition and a commitment to doing what’s right.

April 2020

Aries Sun and Rising – Reciprocity or Bust

You’ve been a little too responsible, Aries. You’ve kept your nose to the grindstone, your hustle game strong, and your obligations thoroughly met. And this is a good thing! I certainly don’t mean to tell you to stop. But isn’t it time to shake things up? Isn’t there something or someone in your life that takes more than they give? Isn’t there something that makes demand after demand but doesn’t quite seem to appreciate a job well done? Maybe it’s time to think about where you want to direct your considerable efforts. This direction should serve other people, naturally, but make sure it serves you too.

Taurus Sun and Rising – Preparation

You know what you need. You’ve had a vision of the future driving you for so long, and you know exactly what the next step should be. You can feel the new beginnings starting to breathe and come to life.  This month asks you to focus on exactly what resources will be required to get this project off the ground. What’s frustrating is that the obvious connection between what you need and who can give it to you may fail to manifest just yet. I know, I know. It’s maddening. Taurus might not be the fastest to get going, but once you’re moving, you want to MOVE. But if you focus now on taking those first steps, you’ll be prepared to burst out of the gates when the time is right.

Gemini Sun and Rising – Zoom

You might not know what to do just yet, Gemini, but you will. This month starts off with more of the fog we’ve been living in, but it fades as time goes on. And what’s left is actually pretty great. What’s left is us.  Humanity. Friends and neighbors and groups and sunshine. There are still problems, of course. There are conflicts and fear and real, honest pain. But that’s not all that we are, and we have to remember that. There are virtual group hang outs, big philosophies and even bigger dreams. And it’s your role to remind us.

Cancer Sun and Rising – Beautiful Wreckage

It’s weird, isn’t it, how once the most acute, immediate pain passes, that the enormity of the situation really sinks in. Once you get beyond the struggle for survival, you’re left to take stock of the damage. It’s almost worse, somehow. The battle may be over, but the long process of reconstruction now stretches in front of you. No one counts on this part while they’re fighting to keep going. But there’s a beauty here too. Once you clear out the rubble, new life can spring forth. New life that’s better and more nourishing than you’ve known before. So cuddle up with your loved ones and watch the embers of your old life burn out. A new one is just around the bend.

Leo Sun and Rising – Not Dead Yet

Even as the sun begins to shine and the warmth seeps into the Northern Hemisphere, it feels like the darkness still reigns. The light you were born to shine feels just a little dim, and you’re not sure how to fix it. But it’s okay, Leo. You haven’t stopped existing. You haven’t become unimportant. You just need to regroup. Focus on the small, core group of people you can affect. Let them be the bellows to your fire. And when you’ve done this, step back and look at the bigger picture. There’s a grand narrative here and you have an essential role to play. And then, only then, can you create the public new beginning you so crave.

Virgo Sun and Rising – Serve to Heal

Sometimes the world goes from confusion straight into darkness. The veil lifts and it’s horror as far as the eye can see. And when we turn inward, the darkness is mirrored within in. In times like this, how can we do the most good, not only for the world at large but for our own soul? In a word: serve. I know you hear this a lot Virgo, but it is true now more than ever. The best way, maybe the only way, to fulfill your highest calling and feel better in the process is to help others. So start the local free grocery stand. Run errands for your neighbors. And put that analytical mind and caring soul to work to help others see the find their way out of the darkness. Your light will guide you too.

Libra Sun and Rising – The Grand Why

Sometimes the world is dark and chaotic, and sometimes everyone we meet seems to create another roadblock or conflict to work through and overcome. And when these times are upon us, what it really does is shine a light on who we are. We are asked to reckon with exactly what time of person we’re meant to be and what impact we want to have in the world. And when we do this, we are able to create something even more valuable – a philosophy, a grand reason why. When we undergo hardship and strife and find a way to keep on going, we are left with a perfect pearl of wisdom to sustain us through hard times. Start paying attention now, Libra. That pearl is so close.

Scorpio Sun and Rising – Jarring Insight

You’ve been supported for a while, Scorpio, in matters great and small. You’ve been able to build the community you so desperately needed and have even had a little fun doing it. Now is the time to put that support to the test. As your attention is turned toward your deepest roots, things are going to get a little jarring. Keep an eye out for new insights, hidden inklings, and echoes from the deep. In the coming months, those small shocks will be the seeds to a whole new garden.

Sagittarius Sun and Rising – Muse Dance

Just because the world’s gone to shit, it doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun. You understand this implicitly, Sagittarius, and this is the month to put that attitude into action. Even with everyone stuck at home or working a newly dangerous job, with depression and fear everywhere you turn, humanity still has to shine somehow. This month, let it be you dancing on the balcony or recreating theme park rides in your living room. Be the one creating and shining and laughing so the rest of us can remember what it’s like. The world might be scary right now, but it’s beautiful too. And so are you.

Capricorn Sun and Rising – Calm Before – and After – the Storm

The funny thing about those crazy old characters in movies who constantly issue dire warnings and reminders to not let down your guard is that somethings they’re right. I expect this to be you this month, Capricorn. It will seem like the world has moved on, and somehow expects you to do the same. Like you haven’t struggled mightily. Like your muscles haven’t ripped under the strain. Like you are supposed to just pick up the pieces and live your happily ever after now. But we both know that’s not the case. We both know that this drama hasn’t quote finished unfolding. There will, in fact, be more to come. But one thing the crazy characters forgot to mention – it’s okay to rest too. You can enjoy the good times without becoming unprepared for the bad. As a matter of fact, that enjoyment is a necessary step. So try to smile when you can, but keep carrying that big stick.

Aquarius Sun and Rising – Gracious Winner

There is a seismic shift happening in the collective, and for once you actually might like where it’s going. There’s a good chance that at least one of your ideas has been vindicated recently. And you’ve got the energy and momentum to actually make the changes you want in the world. When things go wrong in the world, Aquarius energy is the kind you want to have on hand. Just make sure you’re enacting your reform kindly. Not everyone will be pleased with your ideas, but everyone matters. Try to do the most good with the least harm. How we behave when we’re winning goes a long way toward defining who we are.

Pisces Sun and Rising – Float with Purpose   

A lack of clarity is hardly the worst thing in the world. You don’t necessarily have to be doing the right thing as long as you’re doing a thing. And what’s not often acknowledged is that there is a power to this kind of mindset. To paraphrase King of the Hill, so what if your plans are mush?  The thing about mush is that while you can’t build it up, you can’t break it down either. In a funny way, mush has the edge. And that’s true of you, Pisces. When things are unfolding so rapidly, being about to go with the flow while maintaining the integrity of who you are is the ultimate skill. So move when you can, retreat when you must, and trust yourself to know the difference.

May 2020

Aries Sun and Rising – Underwater Archer

You’ve been focused. You’ve gotten your priorities straight and have your eyes on the prize. And just when you’re about to execute, to let your arrow fly, you suddenly are submerged in water, and your arrow weaves off sideways. But you’re a warrior, Aries. And warriors adapt. Instead of shooting arrows, learn a new tactic, Learn to swim. Learn to be okay with not knowing. Learn that no matter what happens, you’ll figure it out. You’ll adapt. You’ve got this.

Taurus Sun and Rising – Groundcover

You can feel it, right? The hint of change that has been hovering in the edge of you mind might actually be real. What was once a mere inkling now has the chance to bloom into fruition. You can feel the ground shift beneath you as the seedling tries to emerge from the soil. All you need to do now is maintain. Make sure ground is watered, and that there is plentiful sunshine. And when frost threatens to eat at the edges of your crops, make sure they’re covered, nestled safely away the cruel cold. Soon, very soon, they’ll be strong enough to withstand whatever the world can throw at them. But until then, those little acts of love will go a long way.

Gemini Sun and Rising – Genius

Sometimes we get an idea so amazing that we ride high on it for weeks, if not even more. That little nugget of information rocks our world and changes our trajectory entirely. This month, I see you experiencing just such a stroke of genius. You’ll ground it in reality, take it for a spin among your peers, and see if this thing truly has legs. The only potential hurdle comes late in the month, when doubt creeps in. You’ll have the option of dropping the inspiration altogether or expanding it drastically to encompass even more. Be careful which one you choose, because this momentum could carry you far from your normal haunts. Are you ready?

Cancer Sun and Rising – True Resolution

It’s so nice when we get a break. We call a truce and the fighting stops, if only for a little while. It can be easy to believe that the war is over. It can be easy to believe that all our problems are finally solved. But let me ask you, Cancer, are they really? Has this break helped? Undoubtedly. But did it truly FIX things? This month, that is up for you to decide. If not, you’ve got the perfect opportunity in the coming months to resolve matters once and for all.

Leo Sun and Rising – Be Seen

The screws have been tightening just a bit, Leo. You’ve felt a bit of pressure mounting, and are getting the sense of what you’ll be working on for the next few years. But before that process really gets in full swing, you’ll get a reprieve. A little bit of relief before the storm hits. There’s even a chance you’ll be on the receiving end of a gift from the universe. But in order for that to happen, you’ll have to fulfill one request – be seen.

Virgo Sun and Rising – Necessary Assistance

A little fire can go a long way. This month, when you have your great idea (and you will), you’ll find that it takes a little bit of help to set it into motion. And the help you get might piss you off! There’s nothing like being the architect of your grand plan and having someone come in and tell you the schematics are all wrong. But it’s better than the whole thing crumbling the moment you place your final beam. And later, when you hit a snag and aren’t sure what to do next, that outside help will be exactly what you need.

Libra Sun and Rising – Back to Love

Do you ever feel like life has gotten in the way of relationships? Like somehow the pursuit of what we want mot deprives us of…what we want most? Do you ever wish you could go back and make things right? Well, Libra, this month Is your chance. This month you are in a special position to think back on those you’ve left in your past and decide if they could have a role in your future. Be careful and discerning, of course, but also keep your heart open. There’s no telling what riches you could find.

Scorpio Sun and Rising – Biding Time

This month, while others are jumping and jolting around, trying desperately to find their path forward, you are preparing. You are lying in wait, observing the subtle energies that are pulling the strings. You benefit from deep intuition as you prepare to move forward. You know that soon you’ll be able to pounce and make your move. Until then, enjoy the deep knowledge swirling around you. There is so much to learn.

Sagittarius Sun and Rising – Backward Motion

You are the sign that is known for always asking, “what’s next?” You are always ready for the next great horizon. But this month, just as you’re gearing up for the next adventure, you start to get the inkling that in order to go forward, you have to go back. There’s something very important about the terrain you’ve just traversed, something that escaped your notice the first time. If you want to make your dreams a reality, you’re going to need to keep your eyes open. It may not be your favorite thing, but this is the best path forward in the end.

Capricorn Sun and Rising – Requesting Backup

You knew, right? You knew that the strife wasn’t entirely behind you. Things have shifted, that’s for sure, but the principal conflict, the main driver of the story, is still there running the show. Luckily, you were prepared. It’s what you do. It’s who you are. And this month you’ll have the support you need to get in your best defensive position and hold the line. You’re an old pro at this, Keep on keeping on. It will be over soon enough.

Aquarius Sun and Rising – Schematics

You are well known for your stunning foresight, Aquarius. This month, as Saturn begins to turn retrograde, reflect on what you’ve seen. You’ve gotten your sneak preview, your glimpse of the world to come. What you need now is to figure out how to put it into action. What, specifically, do you need to do to make the change you want to see in the world? Make a list. Plot out your course, Draw up your schematics. Now is the time to gather your resources and make sure you’re ready to move when it turns direct this fall.

Pisces Sun and Rising – Hidden Knowledge

Pisces, you are the zodiac’s best kept secret. You always, always know more than you are given credit for. Hell, you know more than YOU give yourself credit for. And now you’re set to prove it. In the coming months, I want you to comb through the past few months of ideas. Look through your mind’s history. Because somewhere in there is your idea. Your big, excellent, life-changing idea. Find it, and brush off the doubts. You’re more than capable.

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