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Pluto Transit 12th House (Mine) – How It Ends

Currently, transiting Pluto has retrograded back into my 12th house. I started writing about this transit in 2007. It’s been a 14-year-long labor of love. Pluto will cross my ascendant for the last time, early in 2022. This transit dissolved all of my accomplishments.  It dissolved all of my fear. It also most of what binds […]

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Pluto Transit 12th House: Mine – Die In Service

Eleven years ago, Pluto was about to enter my 12th house by transit.  I googled for information and found a total pile of crap.  I decided at that time, I would chronicle my experience in order to help others. I’ve kept my commitment. Here’s that first post (from 2007) Astrology That Scares The Hell Out

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Pluto Transit 12th House – Mine: Isolation

I got an email from a gal who’s been reading my posts on Pluto’s transit through the 12th house.  The thumbnails alone tell a story. I decided to update. Saturn has joined Pluto in my 12th house at this point. It does feel heavier but also less gross. I have Libra so I’m grateful for

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Pluto Transit 12th House – Mine – Deep In The Grim

It’s been more than seven months since I updated this tag. I’ve tracked this transit for ten years now. tag – Pluto transit 12th. There are about fifty posts so I’m off my average pace.  I’m about two thirds the way through this transit. I haven’t written about this lately because I stumbled on something deeply dreadful. I’ve

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