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Would you date a musician? How about an actor?

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This is a serious question! Would you date a musician? How about an actor?

Do you have any experience with this? Are you an actor or a musician? How does it affect your dating life?

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Heck yes a musician, that's hot. Maybe not an actor though, I feel like there would be a predilection to pretentiousness. Not hot.

But at this point I wouldn't kick either one out of bed for eating crackers.

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I prefer a carpenter, engineer, or a business man! Okay, psychologists, read into that what you will. popcorn_gif popcorn_gif popcorn_gif

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It was my lifelong dream to be in a relationship with someone who plays music. And I was lucky to be, for 5 years, when I was very young.

But it would have to be someone who performs only (or mostly) locally. I would never be in a relationship with anyone whose career kept them gone from home a lot. I want my life partner to be present in the flesh.

(As for dating, dating to me is for the purpose of finding a life partner.)

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Oddly, I have not. I don’t think Im into people who like the spotlight. I have dated many men who play instruments and I liked that, but none were actual performers. I have Venus in Virgo. 

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I'm not an artist, but I used to work in theaters... I flirted at that time with actors or musicians, but never got to the point of dating. I guess I'm not that much into people who like the spotlight like Libra Noir.

I have Venus in Leo, so the attraction for artists/ actors has always been present, but I fit more with those who work behind the scenesmile

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