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Who Tries To Buy Love?

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Have you ever tried to buy love? Asking for a friend.

And what's the astrology?

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I've read that people with natal Venus retrograde can try to buy love. In that case, they lack self-confidence and the belief that people truly love them and will try to buy it in order convince others of their love.

I actually have that placement myself but I constantly apologize for my actions when I'm socializing with someone I really like. But that has do with the fact that I was psychologically and verbally abused by a member of my immediate family. 

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Hmm. In a literal transactional sense? I’m not sure anyone, though if they do, they likely figure out soon enough that won’t work.

In a figurative sense, where we make allowances or adjustments so that someone will love us more, better, stay etc? I think all of us, at some point. 

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Sadly, this happens all too often online @ dating sites between people who have not met in person. One is lonely, naive and desperately seeking love at any expense, and the other party is just a scammer, working on a few victims at a time.

It seems obvious to most, that money cannot buy love, and exchanging money with someone you have not met (in person) is unwise. Unfortunately these people that are preyed upon are just plain vulnerable.

I met a lady who departed with a huge amount of money in this online context. She had a Taurus Sun with Venus conjunct her moon opposing Neptune.

It amazes me that despite warnings and plenty of publicity that some people continue to open up their purse online and over the phone (by scammers). To be honest it’s hard for me to always feel sorry for them because it’s such stupid behaviour.

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Maybe it can be Saturn in aspect to Venus where the uninhibited flow of feelings and reciprocity in love is absent.  Being that we live in the real world where funds are a necessity, giving money/favours is a an easy way for some people to commit a "transaction" that otherwise would elude them emotionally and practically.

I don't know, parents do that with kids as well.

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If you mean, literally, like with money then perhaps a desperate Taurus. 

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