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Where's Pallas transiting in your chart?

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I’ve never looked much into Pallas before, so this was really interesting. Went searching and found this article on Pallas, too. 

Natally, I have Pallas almost exactly conjunct my Moon, so it also makes some other aspects. T. Pallas is opposing my chart ruler, along with the other wanderers that are at bottom of my chart, right now.

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Pallas is opposing my Sun to the degree! I think it was exact last night. Interesting to see this topic now.

Pallas stationed at 0° Aquarius in May. Closely aligned with Saturn's station, but never quite opposed my Mercury at 1°. I definitely feel that May was a month of shifting patterns. My June mindset and my April mindset (last time Pallas opposed my Sun) are in different places.

The Pallas station tells me that some groundwork was being laid for Saturn to move back into 0° Aquarius with altered effects. A piece of the story is concluding this weekend.

I feel very positive about it. My mind is functioning much better than it was thanks to the last few months and the work of Saturn against my Mercury. Yes, I am still working on making personal changes (Sun opposition), but it feels like a certain "switch" I theorized about before is approaching full activation!

Yes, the effects likely won't be fully realized until December and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, but I'm glad Saturn is starting to shift and had the help of Pallas.

All these pieces are coming together. Even Mars will be involved, stationing direct on my natal Pallas degree in November.

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