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What does it mean when a Scorpio avoids eye contact

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The devil is in the details.

Too many variables.

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Maybe it is because they are pissed-

off at the individual...

No eye-contact means not giving

away psychic information.

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There are many different reasons. I avoid eye contact with toxic people and crazies.

and sometimes I'm just hanging out under my "invisibility cloak" neptune 1st house.

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There could indeed be many reasons, and maybe that's the pitfall with the scorp stare or the lack of it. Try (it's hard I know) to not take it personally. People with scorp qualities are indeed like radars, and are able to pull what they want towards them with subtle body language. Stay centered.

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I agree that sometimes it's as simple as being tired or distracted. Also, I am a terrible liar, even when it comes to something very simple, and so I naturally avoid eye contact then. But I don't think that is just a scorpio thing.

Yet I get very uncomfortable when I cannot make eye contact with people. Like people who wear sunglasses all of the time, even indoors? They drive me crazy. I have regular prescription glasses and I almost always put contacts in to leave the house because i just feel like i can't really communicate with panes of glass between myself and someone else.

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I guess it could be anything.

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