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What does it mean when a Scorpio avoids eye contact

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They could be hurting about something and don't want to share it. Just one reason.

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Welcome Hexe!!

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Because if I can't see you, you don't exist and therefore cannot hurt me (again). No eye contact is the first cut of the amputation.

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My husband avoids eye contact when he's mad at me. What really makes it sting is he acts completely nonchalant, like he is perfectly fine that I don't exist. But then he never amputates me for good...just let's me see how it feels when he's pissed. Although pissed isn't the word..that's Aries... More like he wants me to see how it feels to be amputated, means he means business. It means there's no other option but to compromise or..not gonna lie, see it his way...I have learned somtimes they just do not budge.

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I prefer not to make direct eye contact. Mainly 'cause it makes me feel the "Fight or Flight" feeling. But sometimes it's just that it makes the other person incredibly uncomfortable.

Overall..... if I enjoy your presence , I'll listen to you closely. If not..... you're ignored.

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well my guess is- whatever it is- they care

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