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What do you see in a man with a 5th house like this?

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What do you see in a man with a 5th house like this? Contain domicile Scorpio Mars, Scorpio Saturn, and Scorpio Pluto, all malefics in 5th.

Left image is Whole sign, if you not like Whole sign then right image.

5th house is house of expression, romance, sex, hobbies, children, etc..

He is very very intense when it comes to romance, he takes romance seriously too due to Saturn rule his 7th marriage house and Saturn in his 5th romance house. 

But how bad is this 5th house? do you see anger?

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The fact that all those are in together in Scorpio especially stands out to me, but unfortunately I don't know enough astrology to speak to anything in particular. And I think it would be beneficial to see the rest of the chart and know what is aspecting these planets, and to know about sun/moon/rising, etc. Very hard to gauge a person based on a small chunk Smile  

When you say serious about romance, do you mean rose petals on the bed and all that type of stuff? If so, that sounds really nice!

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What worry me is that 3 planets are know to be MALEFIC in astrology. Have a Scorpio Saturn is NOT the same as have a Scorpio Jupiter, if this make sense. Saturn are know since the begining of astrology exist that it MALEFIC, same with Mars, they are masculine planets

He serious about romance as in he has an obsession with me for 13 years already and still does, lol (he was 25 when we met, he 38 now). 13 years with him and NEVER once I even saw him bother look at another girl.

No, he not a romantic person, never the roses on the bed, poetry type, no candlelight dinner, nothing romantic. He has his weird and eccentric ways, the none normal ways. 

Example, he literally kisses my butt cheek (nothing related to sex at all), random affection, if he see me lay flat on my stomach play with my tablet, he will kiss my butt cheek, lol. 

And he the one does laundry, including handwash my dirty underwear with menstrual blood on it. But he handwash it (he said handwash it more clean than machine wash), and put it together with wet machine wash clothes and dry it. He does clean toilets/bathrooms, I never have to touch laundry or bathroom a day as his wife.

Basically he the breadwinner and house husband at the same time.

His chart very weird, but basic.

Empty planets in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th.

5th house contain: Domicile Scorpio Mars, Scorpio Saturn, Scorpio Pluto. Rule by Mars, so this is Mars house.

7th house contain: Capricorn Jupiter, Capricorn Neptune. Rule by Saturn.

8th house contain his fixed Venus.

9th house contain his Pisces Sun and Pisces Mercury combust.

10th house, Aries MC Midheaven.

11th empty. 12th house contain is Moon and North Node.

So he Pisces Sun, Cancer Rising, Scorpio Stellium, lol. He has all the water sign in him.