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True soulmate/karmic ties? Nodal and Vx axis aspects

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To make a long story short 5 years ago, I layws eyes on the most beautiful man I'd ever seen. Because of circumstances, we never acted on anything. 4 years later we meet up and both find out we had been into each other secretly! We start hanging out, mind blowing sexual chemistry, but he didn't want to commit. So I broke it off and 3 months later we are back at it again. But this time it's stronger. We love each other in ways I didn't know existed. It honestly feels like my life is better with him in it. I also feel we are helping each other deal with personal issues. We have a lot of respect for each other. Idk if it's the moon/Mars but it's hot. We want kids. We function well together. He comes over nearly every night and helps cook, take out trash, help kids with homework, spend quality time. It feels so right. What do you feel about his SN conjunct my Vertex? (And NN conjunct Anti-Vertex lol) His Venus is on my south node as well. Please any insight would be appreciated. I have our synastry chart and one with asteroids. Forgot to add Ceres. His is conjunct my NN

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