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The Silent Treatment

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Do you or your partner employ the silent treatment as a tactic? How does it work? How does it feel?

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The silent treatment could get you killed around here! ha ha! We both hate it!

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I do.

Sometimes I am so pissed off I have to be silent and think to calm myself down enough to discuss things without violence or complete crack-outs happening. But it's never passively done, if that makes sense. "I can't talk right now. If I do, bad things are going to happen and I don't know if I can control myself. I need space to calm down and I'll come get you when I do. This isn't over yet."

The people that can't respect or don't understand that do not last in my world. If I'm pushed to the breaking point and ask for respite to clear my head and don't receive it, then I blow and walk out. Permanently.

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I'm guilty- but, it's not necessarily 'the silent treatment', it's more like quiet brooding. If it's something that I'm upset about that doesn't have an obvious solution, it works better for me to take time to 'think' about it... fighting only prolongs getting to the solution for me.

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I used to. It wasn't me punishing my husband intentionally. I just alway HAD a really hard time expressing myself and didn't know what else to do. Not anymore though, thank God.

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Oh God... my Dad (Cap) used to do this to my Mum (Leo)... DAYS of it. It was horrible!

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