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Sun conjunct Moon Synastry

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hi everyone it has been a long time l haven't written

l wonder how you experience the moon /sun conjunction in your relationship.

l have been in a 10 year relationship with a man who had his gemini moon (+venus) conjunct my Gemini Sun/Jupiter it was great l did not feel it as strong. l think  l also felt l was the one in the drivers seat. somehow the one with the initiative.

l  have a Scorpio Moon l met a Scorpio Sun(+Venus) man in dec 2017 ..l must say l mostly find Scorpio sun men a bit too much energy wise

but now/then l did feel like BANG the minute l saw this guys picture (it was in music group we met online )  l was iN LOVE the pull was/is super strong it hit me hard. l have never felt so similar in the way we love and are to anyone ever before.

so l wonder if it's the Moon Sun conjunction because if it is l have to say its one the most beautiful aspects.

l feel understood for the first time although not all IS perfect but the feeling of being very, very close to someone in nature so to speak of being made of the same fabric is amazing.

Did you have similar experiences with SUN/Moon Synastry?

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My Sag Moon conjuncts my husbands Sag Sun; he feeds me at the root (moon is the fourth house natural ruler) to borrow one of Elsa's phrases.

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I’ve only had it with friends. They say the moon person feels it stronger and my limited experience aligns with that. But yes it just feels natural

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My Cap sun conj with his Cap moon

Also moon aqua conj his moon cap

Anas you've wrote, we do have some diffd icult aspects but, someone had told me that we ARE emotionally INCOMPATIBLE! hmmm_gif laugh

Also, some of the comments were is his moon looking for his mother (sun) in me? Or, (a positive one) that it is better if woman sun conj mans moon, he percieves you as his light and nurtures you with his emotions. And with the latter I can agree, we both are emotional and sensitive, but his emotions are compatible with mine in a capricorn manner ofcourse angel

Sue Ellen
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My husband's moon is on my sun, Capricorn. My 10th house, his 4th.

We understand each other on a visceral level. We have a magnetic pull. We stabilize each other, that's the Capricorn.