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Scorpio woman in love with a cancer man who turned cold

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I agree with what everyone said about not chasing him. Most probably you won’t feel good doing it... I mean, think about this: imagine the possible outcome of it, his reaction, how would you feel, etc. I know it is hard when you feel it could be something sweet and then it’s starting to cool off… 

But, as it was soup said above, it is better it happened now and not later… that you saw and felt the equation you’d be in with him.

As for closure: it will take a while... Be patient with yourself... I really loved Libra Noir’s rituals. I practice writing and burning letters myself. What I also do is write a lot, my thoughts and feelings, it really helps me put in on paper. It takes some of the pain of my chest.

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Just to add a layer, Cancer is a sign that deals a lot with guilt. Often all the clinging to the past, the nostalgia, the family obsession is a practical way of covering up feeling very guilty and responsible for all manner of emotional stuff including a lot of stuff that isn't their problem originally (especially family karma, dynamics). I imagine he had this experience with you which also touched him deeply but possibly set off a tonne of guilt about putting himself first, rather than being responsible for x, y, z, a million other people... The divorce will be creating a lot of guilt baggage in itself, especially if the kids are struggling. Overall, emotionally this guy is not free (yet) and there is uncertainty about if/when he might get free enough to put himself, and thus you, first. But I'm sure it's not anything to do with you personally. 

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