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Recovering From Your First A Broken Heart

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My son had his heart broken a few months ago when his girlfriend of three years left him. I am so sorry to say this. My husband warned me this could happen. He said our son had never had his heart broken. He asked me how many people I knew who'd escaped such a thing.  Um...

So ultimately it did happen and he's trying to recover.  This is all gut-wrenching to me. I think it's bothered me as much as it's bothered him, though he'd doing okay.  While he works full-time, he's on lockdown so it's hard to meet anyone... wearing a mask and all.

He started to teach himself to play a keyboard. He's also teaching himself to play guitar, writing songs and singing. All of this is new, except the singing. He's a Taurus and he's really got a great voice.

He also always wanted to be a comedian. I told him he should get a degree first - he has. He's a software engineer now, but he's also beginning to experiment with comedy, on TikTok.

He's pretty funny, actually, though it kills me to watch him. I mean, I laugh out loud but it also feels... indescribable. He's out looking for love, which does not surprise me. I would be doing the exact same thing and I told him so.  Actually, he's a Taurus with his moon and rising in Libra so all Venus-ruled.

His comedy is smart and self-deprecating. His sun is conjunct Saturn.  He's 21 years old and I just hope a great gal snaps him up.

My husband says he will never repeat the situation he had with his girlfriend.  You learn, right?

I had my first broken heart at 14. I squirmed around and cried to hard. I hurt so bad, I actually took the first self-acquired aspirin of my life, in an attempt to dull the pain.  Seems stupid now but I thought I was going to die. It was my hs boyfriend, I was with him for nearly three years... yes I started high school early.

How did you recover from your first broken heart?

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Time does heal wounds. My first love I met when I was 14 broke up before my 16th birthday. Stayed in bed for 3 days. Finally got up and kept myself busy. My second love was even worse I gave up so much to be in the relationship and loved his family almost as much as I loved him. It was a 2 year relationship and it took about 2 years to get over it. By my 3rd relationship I learned to hold a little of my heart back so by the time our 3 year relationship and engagement was over it was not nearly as painful. I moved on too soon though and became trapped in a very toxic marriage. I was able to open my heart up with my second marriage..finally success !!


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Mine was mixed up with the betrayal of a friend. It changed me forever.

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I haven’t been such a loyal trooper while I was young. I wanted to be free and not tied. I broke my 1st bf’s heart by leaving him after 9 years.

the 2nd bf left me for another. Altho I didn’t experienced that as a heart break. My heart broke when my brother passed away. And while my 2nd bf left me , I reminded myself of that. My ego was crushed, but it was the best thing he could ever do in leaving me. . As a Libra rising , balance is  important. I think he will find his way again. Maybe an Aries will catch his eye or vice versa. Because at his age I attracted a lot of Aries boys. The opposite of my rising. And wait and see what Jupiter in his 5th house will bring.. you never know! 

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The first boy I ever loved was a Scorpio and he was so happy and bright and amazing. I was 15 and he was 17. He died at age 22 and that killed me more than losing him. I remember hearing the news and just crumpling up into a ball on my bed and crying.

He turned up in my dream last night and when I woke up, I thought about youthful love, and how pure and innocent it is. I wish it for my kids.

Heartbreak is tough. I hate that anyone has to go through it. The only thing that moved me on from my first love was time, and then his death, because then there was no chance.

He'll always be a part of my heart. The first one really does cut deep.

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First loves, first lessons. ?