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Raging Because A Person Has Boundaries

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I've never thought of this before. There are legions of people out there who rage when they cross paths with someone with boundaries. This is personal to me, sure, but it's also pervasive in every day life.  It's like there is a prescribed, acceptable reaction and if you offer your own, personal reaction based on your own, personal character, the person comes unglued.  This seems really common.

How do you feel when you run up against a hard, no?

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I totally respect 'no' and other people's boundaries, it would be rude not to.

I have noticed many people ambling through life seemingly unaware that No applies to them, too, like they are seriously shocked when they are refused anything!

As I read on another forum, 'no is a complete sentence'. We are, I think, expected, more often than not, to 'give in for a quiet life' or 'be nice' or whatever.

There is much power in the word 'no'.

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I accept a “no” because I have to much self respect to do anything else. I don’t know if dignity is a thing anymore. 

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Personally, I've had some struggles with 'no' because I think I'm very plutonian. Both mars and saturn in scorpio in house 3. I'm also sensitive with a virgo moon in house 1. I respect a a 'no', of course, but sometimes i took it personally as a rejection when it wasn't. It teaches you some lessons in life.