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Possibility of getting pregnant

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interesting, I've been having a lot of things going on for me... Turanus, my 1st saturn return is happening next year and the year after... but with saturn,jupiter is here touching my personal and outer planets also, and I cannot even grasp what could happen.. it's not that we are planning for anything but i am curious how things could eventually develop.

I am attaching his chart for anyone to look up and give their opinion, although he will soon go through Turanus oppositionpluto and venus.

All opinions are very much appreciated! santa-smily_gif


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Yes, your Saturn Return is also a time of great changes.

I have a friend who had her 1st baby, a few months after her 1st Saturn Return.

Also your partner's Sun is in your 5th house, so children are possible together. But he also has Sun square Mars so you should probably talk about it to make sure you're both on the same page. I don't see any activity in his 5th house, or any of your planets in his 5th and since it's Mercury ruled, communication is probably important.

I haven't looked at a lot of charts on this topic of pregnancy, so I think you should get a professional astrologer's opinion.

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