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Planets aspecting the nodes in synastry/composite etc

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Hi all!

Most of us are aware of the energy of someone's planets conjuncting either our NN or our SN. There has been also discussion about someone's planets squaring the Nodes, but there hasn't been enough emphasis about the case of trines, sextiles or quincunxes to the NN/SN in synastry or composite. Furthermore, the role of the NN/SN person in the relationship deserves to be explored further.

Case in point: my partner's Jupiter squares my nodes, his Saturn and Uranus in Sag sextile my NN, my Moon and Mercury trine his NN in Pisces and my Venus and Mars quincunx his NN. Here's how it has manifested: he has taught me a lot of things about computers etc and this occurred before we got romantically involved, so the lover relationship seemed like new territory to us, especially to him. As the NN person, I encourage him to further his passions, and him as the NN has been the most supportive person I could ever imagine. 

Bring on your experiences and interpretations!