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Oh God, Puberty!

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I don't really remember it!

Watching my daughter now, it's sometimes painful. I feel like she's so vulnerable. I'd like to hide her away.

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I remember a great time before my dad passed over when I was 11yrs. I was into active sports especially ice skating! I loved to ice skate..Saturn in libra 1st house opp moon Aires. And I was really good at it..I had a great time just being a kid.a tomboy, really.and always sports summer swimming and  winter skating. it was like the beach Boys fun,fun,fun! . I went to catholic school and my dad was Italian. My mom from iceland..igot my moon in Aires from my mom a scorpio (she took me skating before I was 1yr..boys? Icouldn't give a shit . Ihad 2 brother's!!😆 .I was akward but I didn't care. 

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@anniehaze you sound like a lot of fun. Smile

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