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"Most Of What You're Doing..."

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I saw my back doctor today. He's clever, candid and quirky. To communicate, you have to make leaps and assumptions but if you miss, he will correct you.  It's cool because if you correct him, he adjusts.

He was checking my back and my neck and also my hip. At the end of the visit he said, "Most of what you're doing is working."  This amused me because I'm pretty sure I know what he meant...because I speak a similar language. 

Want to know what he meant?

He meant, "you gained five pounds, but everything else is cool".

Do you like this kind of talk or would it bug you?  I think it would bother a lot of people but I'm not sure.

He also talks really loud so you can hear his remarks made to others and also about others. I think this would bother people too, of course, but I think he's very likeable, very skilled and you can tell he cares about you so...

Is most of what you're doing, working? It's actually a very positive comment! Smile


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It wouldn’t bother me. I love quirky doctors who tease a little. It shows their humanity. 

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I think I would like this doctor. I admire people who manage to be real and have respect at the same time!