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Moral Ambiguity

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I'm just off the phone with my son. He's working for the same place he interned at after his sophomore year in college. He's happy there but we were talking about other job opportunities - he's a computer engineer.  I was shocked when he told me he decided when he was in school, he would take a job that was morally ambiguous. I don't usually do this or say this, but my heart swelled with pride! He's a Zoomer, as many of you know.

He's been in fairly high rebellion against me for a number of years. I can't think of anything he could have possibly said that would have made me feel better. I'm getting into this arena right now so his timing was perfect.

How do you feel about the moral line?  Is it clear? Fuzzy? Irrelevant?  What's the astrology?

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this is an interesting subject, and i've never been offered jobs where it's been morally ambigous; i've only worked in boring office jobs or when i was a teenager, waitressing at diners and restaurants. but my husband and my ex's had been offered or been in situations where they could fall into morally ambigious workplaces. My ex was very brilliant, the Aries sun/ he was born close to Pisces, with Virgo moon Aries venus.  However, he did do some things that were questionable, where his brilliance and ambition went off, that when a representative of a company from a different country had to go to his house to tell him he has to pay a big fine for stealing copyright, it was awful. Luckily he got off pretty good because they didnt ask too much from him despite his business was just himself and he asked me for help from time to time to help distribute his work. However i didnt understand what it all entails and was in the dark most of the time. 

Dont know what he's doing now but i hope he learned his lesson. My husband has been offered to work in management where it deals with offshore accounts, of billionaires and millionaires and questionable companies. He turned it down, despite the huge six digit salary. He told me he would not be able to sleep at night and feel good. I have no idea about this stuff, so he turned that down and we are poor again lol  Well of course i wont mention where and what companies, but its just an example. Of course i was really proud of him because i do want him to feel good and live life morally and good as he can be.  The astrology i figured is that he does have a stellium in Sagittarius.