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Lilith And Sexuality

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Lilith in Scorpio in the 5th house, conjunct my Uranus and Vertex and trine my Mars. It hell of a sexual placement, as you might well imagine.

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lilith in scorpio, trine sun.
i don't know about sexuality, because it's associated with the dark feminine side, but i agree with what they say here
maybe my favourite aspect.

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Lilith in Leo conjunct mars, 7th house - and part of a T square: Mars/Lilith opposing Jupiter in the first house, tightly squaring scorpio neptune on the midheaven.

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Welcome, Bunny McB. Smile

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in 4th or 5th house (depending on which system you prefer, 4th in equal, 5th in Pladius) in Libra. Conjuncts Mars and maybe Pluto (depending on the orbs for asteroids), sexiles Sun, square Mercury.

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Welcome to the boards,McB!

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