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How to invite someone to tell you the truth

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Years ago I did a video advising young people, especially women, how they could talk to that people heard them and took them seriously. I never dreamed a day like today would come.

I just advised an 80 year old woman how to talk to her doctor to get a straight answer about some medication.

"Again, look them in the eye, which is a way to communicate to them, they can tell you the truth... and should tell you the truth."

Picture it. There is an old lady in a room with a doctor who is going to give her some spiel unless she indicates she wants something else and can deal with it.  Time with a doctor is limited. If you want a real answer, your only hope is to connect, one human being to another.  Your eyes have to speak - yes, I am old but my mind is sound and do want a true answer to my question...

This is becoming really rare.  I don't think there are many out there who want the (unvarnished) truth.  Even if they say they do, if you give it to them, they may "hunt you down and kill your pets", as a man threatened to do to me this week!  So you not only have to ask, you have to ask as a sane human being...

I know you're out there. Sane human beings.

My point is, you have to find a way to identify yourself and a bold statement might not be the best way!

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So true and known by so few.
   As an aside I like that the like button is gone.  Words are so much better....