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How to Attract a Scorpio (Friends/Lovers)

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I attract Scorpios, left right and centre.

The Pisces in me attracts them.

My very strong Pluto boyfriend said to me, when we first starting to get to know each other said.

"Let me talk through my eyes, and I will read your vibes."

Basically, you need to be on their level, if not, they will move on.

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Very accurate, choctaw! LOL

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Tell them one of your secrets (but not too quickly).

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I think you need to know who you are.

Don't be full of shit.

Know where your boundaries are and adhere to them.

Have integrity.

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Have their back.

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In my experience Scorpio initially is just looking for someone who understands them, like anyone else, but for Scorpio they’re looking for someone who can understand their emotions and depth without having to necessarily talk about it. It’s a more visceral type of understanding than with other signs. 

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