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Heavy Saturn in Synastry

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My partner and I have a lot of Saturn aspects in our synastry. I do mostly understand what this means, but I'm curious on everyone's take on this and personal experience. Most of our Saturn aspects are "positive" aspects... a few squares but not a huge list of those in regards to Saturn. I'm talking about Sun, Moon, Venus, etc. synastry contacts, we've got this stuff in clumps, lol.

I'm also curious as to personal opinion on the Nodal contacts and the karmic connections there within. This goes with the Karmic indicators of Saturn as well. I'm especially talking about whether Saturn and Node stuff is really indicative that two people have experienced other lifetimes together, and which aspects can tell you what occurred and how your relationship was in the past?

So dish if you would be so kind? Thanks guys!

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Oh, and just in case anyone is interested... here are our aspects:


Venus Conjunction Neptune Orb 4°40'
MC Conjunction Sun Orb 4°47'
Neptune Opposite Mercury Orb 0°04'
Mercury Opposite Sun Orb 0°43'
Chiron Opposite Pluto Orb 0°48'
Sun Opposite Mercury Orb 2°26'
Venus Opposite AS Orb 3°34'
Node Opposite Mars Orb 4°40'
Saturn Opposite MC Orb 4°56'
Uranus Opposite Sun Orb 5°02'
Moon Opposite Mars Orb 5°51'
Uranus Opposite Jupiter Orb 6°28'
Mercury Square Mars Orb 0°27'
Lilith Square Mercury Orb 1°03'
Pluto Square AS Orb 3°05'
Saturn Square Venus Orb 3°50'
Saturn Square Uranus Orb 3°57'
Node Square Sun Orb 4°24'
Uranus Square Mars Orb 4°46'
MC Square Mars Orb 5°03'
Saturn Square Saturn Orb 5°07'
Saturn Square Moon Orb 5°27'
Moon Square Sun Orb 5°35'
Jupiter Trine Neptune Orb 0°01'
Chiron Trine Neptune Orb 0°03'
Node Trine Saturn Orb 0°53'
Pluto Trine Mercury Orb 1°08'
Saturn Trine Sun Orb 1°36'
Mars Trine Neptune Orb 1°38'
Venus Trine Jupiter Orb 1°54'
Moon Trine Saturn Orb 2°03'
Node Trine Uranus Orb 2°03'
Lilith Trine Jupiter Orb 2°33'
AS Trine Neptune Orb 2°59'
Moon Trine Uranus Orb 3°14'
Mercury Trine MC Orb 4°03'
Uranus Trine AS Orb 4°48'
AS Trine Saturn Orb 5°23'
Moon Trine Neptune Orb 6°19'
Node Sextile Moon Orb 0°33'
Lilith Sextile AS Orb 0°53'
Jupiter Sextile Pluto Orb 0°53'
MC Sextile MC Orb 1°27'
Moon Sextile Moon Orb 1°43'
Node Sextile Venus Orb 2°10'
Mars Sextile Pluto Orb 2°31'
Moon Sextile Venus Orb 3°21'
Venus Sextile Pluto Orb 3°47'
AS Sextile Pluto Orb 3°52'
AS Sextile Moon Orb 5°02'
Sun Inconjunction AS Orb 0°28'
Node Inconjunction MC Orb 1°04'
Sun Inconjunction Jupiter Orb 1°10'
MC Inconjunction Saturn Orb 1°16'
Saturn Inconjunction Mars Orb 1°20'
Moon Inconjunction MC Orb 2°14'
MC SemiSquare AS Orb 0°21'
Moon SemiSquare AS Orb 0°26'
Saturn SemiSquare Pluto Orb 0°36'
Node SemiSquare AS Orb 0°43'
Venus SesquiQuadrate Sun Orb 1°34'
Chiron Quintile Mars Orb 0°14'
Node Quintile Mercury Orb 0°18'
Moon Quintile Mercury Orb 1°29'
Sun Quintile Mars Orb 1°55'
Pluto BiQuintile Sun Orb 0°45'
Mercury BiQuintile Moon Orb 1°25'
MC SemiSextile Moon Orb 0°56'
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With south node, seems like lots of lifelitimes spent together and the Saturn person has to overcome some difficult karma to be together or maintain the bond with the SN person. Something heavy and time consuming that was not done properly and responsibly or even evaded in a previous lifetime. 

Saturn on NN - there's a harsh lesson involved in some way I feel. Like the student who has constantly refused to learn a certain something and the principal finally decides to call on Trunchbull to become the kid's teacher until he or she learns. Oh and if you haven't heard of Trunchbull,  you gotta watch 'Matilda'.