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Genius, Love and Friendship  

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"Love is rarer than genius itself, - And friendship is rarer than love."

- Charles Péguy, 1873-1914

It's a different take on love then the modern concept of there being plenty of everything for all.

Which perspective do you agree with (if either)? Where is your Venus - what about the aspects?

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What instantly struck me is the picture and "melancholic" is what kept coming up. So I looked at his chart and it made sense. This quote was very true for him; a reflection of his life and upbringing.

I don't agree with either.

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Yes, today many people adhere to the "abundance mindset" which I think has led to the devaluation of life.

I think the "scarcity mindset" has its value too. It begs one to treasure what they have and not waste it.

I don't know that I agree with either. My thinking is more along the lines the law of conservation of energy: energy can neither be created nor destroyed; only transformed. This backs up the ebb and flow that we can see in real life, and still puts responsibility on the individual to control the direction in their own life.

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"And friendship is rarer than love"

I have a Capricorn-ruled 3rd house Venus in Aquarius. Venus tightly conjuncts my Moon, sextiles my Mars and squares my ASC.