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Can this passionate relationship last?

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I have meet a man that changed my life in an instant.. I always thought he would be like the other men in my life but something in him made me feel this intense and passion that I never had with anyone in my life. I am currently in a process of divorce with my daugther’s father (the longest and most serious relationship). I am seeking a small input of the new current relationship. Honestly, I am so in love with him that no matter how stubborn he is, I still want him. I have been doing some research about the Chirons in our synastry and I can see many aspects that plays out in the relationship and it’s intense, passionate, and I can feel that he truly loves me but it is his own self, his life, his own identity that destroys him. He has been in depression for over a decade now and finally he is trying to set free. He tells me that he has never had anyone love him more than me. I never judge him and I love every part of him but he still fights over his life against what the world has been giving him. In our synastry and composite, I would appreciate an input of this relationship and it’s purpose and can it be long lasting? I just want to know if this relationship can be stable and if there’s a possibility for marriage. Honestly, I am not sure about the relationship because of his instability of his emotions going against himself and telling me that I can find someone better than him because he not financially and emotionally unstable in which I can tell. I just want to see in our charts if we have a soul connection or it’s a karmic lesson we need to learn. I do see my self with him for la very long time but I feel that we meet at the wrong time. Therefore, I want to see an any insight of this relationship and it’s potential for marriage and longevity. I do not want another fail relationship. I can see he will be an amazing father. Any positive aspect that overcomes the negative ones? Which aspects I need to be aware of? Thank you

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