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Are Men Attracted to Women of Their Moon or Venus Sign?

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I keep reading and confirming in my own life that to determine what type of woman a man is attracted to, one should look at his moon sign and/or his venus sign.

So far, it seems that a man's Venus sign is a better indicator of the type of woman, as a persona, he is attracted to whereas his moon sign seems to indicate how he emotionally/instinctively responds to such women.

Any thoughts on this? I could be way off base as the sample size of my conclusion is super small. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

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the love of my life (which I keep referring to but should really stop) has Venus in the 12th. where my sun, merc and other shit is. my son has venus in cancer. je suis cancer. my daughter has venus in the 12th.

(i'm taking attraction loosely here....)

my father has venus in leo. my mom is a leo.

my first husband had venus in virgo. as do i. and he is virgo sun. my second husband had venus in leo. i'm leo rising. but he's a virgo.

double leo has venus in cancer. and as i mentioned, i am a cancer.

my sister ha venus in leo - mom leo/sister leo rising. she is also a virgo.

i don't know about the moon. but i can attest to all these venus connections.

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My exes:

Pisces Sun/Pisces Venus/Cap Moon <--- very bad (mutual)

Aquarius Sun/Pisces Venus/Leo Moon <--- good relationship (I asked him out)

Cancer Sun/Gemini Venus/Cancer Moon <--- good relationship (mutual)

Cap Sun/Aquarius Venus/Sag Moon <--- very bad (he strongly pursued me)

Sag Sun/Cap Venus/Scorpio Moon <--- good relationship (mutual)

Scorpio Sun/Sag Venus/Scorpio Moon <--- very tumultuous from his end, he created a lot of drama (he strongly pursued me)

I'm Gemini Sun/Sag Moon/Gemini Venus/Taurus Rising

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the short and dirty difference i've come across in regards to this is venus is for sex and moon is for relationship

that may be oversimplistic

as for my personal experience, all but one of my last 5 boyfriends have had earth moons-----i am mega-virgo

while there venus's have been all over the place

if that helps

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I've gotten with a couple Aries Moons whose Moons conjoined my Venus. Not so much of pattern seen with their Venuses...

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All the men I've been with romantically have a strong Cancer and Libra or Gemini signature in their chart with a firey Mars. The only thing I have been able to chalk this up to is my Libra ASC and Aqua Sun/Venus trining their air and their Cancer attatching to my Chrion conjunct MC in Cancer (public face ya know?). For me the signs are the same, but the placements of those signs differ.

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