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Your antidotes to fear

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From time to time these days I’ll have a flash of fear. eek_gifIt *is* scary out there. I’m sure others feel it too. I thought it would be good to hear others’ ways of dealing with it when it hits.

The other day I picked up the Course in Miracles book. You read one lesson a day, morning and night. I have found it really grounding to start with that instead of reading about who got corona virus overnight. Plus it is about replacing fear with love, something this Saturn-ruled person desperately needs to learn. And it is a daily routine which is also grounding.

And these other things help me to be in the present moment. surprise, there is no fear in the present moment!

* writing down my exact fear and putting together a detailed plan if that situation should come to pass

* working in the yard, pulling weeds, picking up sticks 

* cooking - I have all these cookbooks that I use for only one or two recipes. Could there be other good ones in there?

* cleaning, decluttering - I know, shouldn’t I have finished that already?

What about you? How do you deal with fear?

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As a mega Capricorn (Sun, Venus, Mars, Mercury) and Saturn conjunct Mercury, Ive had to come up with an effective strategy for dealing with fear....or I would never leave the house lol.

I start off by acknowledging the fear in my mind, body, and soul without alot of judgement. This fear IS here. This is helpful because if you can see something you have essentially taken a step back....yes it's here but it's not me...because I can observe IT. 

I next try to find out how it came into being. Specifically,  if it is  is really anxiety that has been transmuted into fear. This is very common for cardinal types (Cap, Libra, Aries, Cancer). We are action oriented. If we have anxiety we can easily transmute it into fear Because if you have a target you can DO something and we are all about DAT.

If its anxiety, I need to sit with it; embrace it. I'm worried about something with an uncertain outcome.I then ask a bunch of questions:

Am I educated about the impending thing? Can I benefit from more information or will I just end up in a rabbit hole? Do I really have any power over this indeterminate thing? Is it something I have any control of at all? Can i prepare for it rationally and then walk away and live my life?

If I see that I have done what I can do I meditate, pray, sing.  I also ritually go through the inumerable things I have no conscious control of....yet still exist.

somethin is spinning ths plantet and shing the sun. thank you Something is beating my heart, thankyou. Gratitude is essential.

Now, real fear, is in a sense easier in that it is an existential call to action and event specific.You've determined it's a credible fear:  I won't have enough food in this circumstance: assess food situation, get or grow food. 

well I'm rambling now lol that's the Saggie Moon/Ascendant for ya Smile

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Thanks aspire, for this. You summed it up, by talking about the Now:) Theres no reality in fear. And reality is this moment. I deal with fear by looking for its reality in this moment. I learned this the hard way. For me, the fear got so intense I had no choice but to confront it (this was last summer when Pluto made a final square to my Sun). 

I also do a lot of daily readings (I have A Course in Miracles, but its size has kind of intimidated me to this point lol). I usually read a few paragraphs of The Power of Now by Tolle, a chapter of I Am That by Maharaj, and a Psalm from the Bible. I also pull an oracle card and two tarot cards. 

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I listen to Eckhart Tolle (his presence, even on video only, just transmits calm and I really admire him), meditating more often, got into more spirituality videos (buddhism, focusing on NOW), pray, do my best to stay in this very moment, this small moment Now, not tomorrow, not even tonight.

I'm also thinking about starting maybe to learn a new language to occupy my mind... Transiting Saturn trines my natal Mercury. 

I'm also planning to rearrange everything in my drawers, the cloths, the books... I have a lot of small things I need to get rid of and never found time for them.

I also want to focus on the people close to me and this moment... even skype meeting friend I didn't see in a long time. 

I'm continuing my therapy online at this moment... I need this too. 

I'm also planning to read some books I've been postponing or never found the time (even though I bought them years ago).

I hunt for quotes on spirituality and small poems that are food for the soul.

I'm planning to watch more movies... It's long since I have this in mind but never did it...

Much love to everyone heart

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My husband. I talk to him and he can usually bring me back. Also nature. The birds are back and singing and it's nice to hear. 

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Weirdly, my own desires and my imagination. laugh