Why are people fatt...
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Why are people fatter?

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I believe being fat is a byproduct of a multitude of things:

The convenient access.

Food being loaded with large amounts of carbohydrates, sugars, salts, seed oils, and saturated fats. Not to mention glyphosate etc.

Sedentary or inactive lifestyle.

Medications one is taking in conjunction with lifestyle and food choices.

Classical conditioning seen on television and other media outlets, promoting certain food/restaurants.

Lack of knowledge about said food sources.



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I believe all of the comments that have been made here are all a factor.

To my mind the main suspects are probably:     

Seed oils

High fructose corn syrup



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All the reasons. It's like a perfect storm. Sugar is like crack and nearly everyone is an addict. It's more socially acceptable than any other vice. Carrying extra weight is like a fact of life at this point?

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Everyone has posted lots of great information and insight. It seems that once you know certain things, it then becomes a deep dive to check ingredients and sources, should you decide to change. Learn to cook, garden, food prep, get more active.

On the one hand, I see how it can seem overwhelming to some. Where do you start? Imagining all this new food tastes dull and bland. Who has time? It must be expensive!

On the other hand, break it down to one or two things to change first. Do something for 30 days and it becomes a habit, is that the saying? Also, as mentioned by cocopeaches, sugar is addictive for many. But maybe gradually reducing the amount helps? It’s the taste thing, too. When reduced, lots of people don’t even like too sweet anymore.

Each country’s tastes are cultivated by culture but mostly by availability and especially here in the US, by lobbyists and industries. Has anyone’s experience been to travel from the US to Europe and find the food less sweet, simpler but very delicious? Or, if you live outside the US and travel here, how different is the food?

Lots of 🤔 

It’s not all or nothing and people can choose what they want to do!

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@allie120 Yes, I went to France last summer and the food is amazing. Everything tastes good and I was satisfied by just a few slices of a small baguette or a little bit of cheese. Restaurant portions are smaller and food packaging is smaller.

Here in the US, the extra sugar just makes us want to keep stuffing food in your mouth. I read that in Ireland, Subway bread was ruled as a confectionery because of the amount of sugar. In sandwich bread—totally unnecessary!

I feel like it takes a LOT of effort to avoid the pitfalls of our food industry.

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My idea with this thread was that someone might write something that triggered someone else, in a good way. Because I think we're all trying to improve... everything, which includes our health.

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Some people gain weight easily. Their fat storing mechanism just won't turn off. Echoing what Space Cadet said earlier. I think it's stress.

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