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Who invented the wheel? Which sun sign?  

Sue Ellen
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I vote for Sagittarius.  They love to move.  They love to move fast.  I know several Sagittarius Suns that are bicyclists. Several love to cruise the country side in convertibles. 

I should also put in a half vote for Virgo. They seem to be the engineers of the zodiac. When I worked with an office of engineers, almost every one of them was a Virgo. 

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Taurus! Someone who wanted an easier way to move this heavy stuff! Earthy necessity?

Great question.

Libra Noir
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Fun! The first word that popped into my head was innovation, so that’s Aquarius. I think Virgo too, would see a need and know how fill it. Aries came to mind too, because I could see them getting impatient with rolling stuff with logs, etc. 

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I think it was a Cancer who was watching her kids pulling around a toy (wheels were on toys for a long time before it got practical applications).


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