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When Signs and Synchronicities Turn Out To Be Wrong

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Oh, I'm very sad to hear that. I think that you may run into a guy who has some common characteristics with him or at some point he may come back (Saturn return is tough on many of us). Whatever happens, it is very important to rely on yourself and then help comes from unexpected places. It's not the law of attraction: it's that you want something and at some point you will go to the places where you are most likely to find it. Synchronicities may or may not be a sign, but remember: do not stop seeking what you want, you will learn the best place to find this. It took some dates before I met my current partner: admittedly, they were all good-looking, smart guys, but I didn't fit with all of them, just some of them. Then my current partner came, I fell for him and that's it. What I wanted at the time was to be with someone I love instead of out of convenience (it happened with my ex), so when I saw him I instantly recognized him as the guy I want the most (it didn't take long). 

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