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When Signs and Synchronicities Turn Out To Be Wrong

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So most of 2 years ago, I made a list of what I wanted in a guy. I've heard tons and tons of stories about how this somehow works to manifest one. Well, one of the things I put on the list was that I wanted a sign if it was the right one.

I had a bajillion signs happen in my life after that, with regards to the crush I had on someone. I didn't really have serious intentions at the time I made the list since he did not seem interested (obviously getting over an ex) and I was all "this or something better, that's fine" about it. But
I found out a few weeks later it was mutual, even if he wasn't interested in getting involved at the time. We both knew, I was clear that he had affection for me at least, and it seemed like it was going to be a waiting thing--we will when he's ready. (Yeah, yeah, I know, "don't wait for a guy," but it's not like I had any prospects I wanted.)

But I started having signs all over the place, literally. I saw hearts and rings bloody everywhere, license plates with love messages and hearts on them, and some extremely specific signs related to him (such as seeing his very uncommon last name everywhere in a Google ad!), and one time when I specifically asked for a sign as to whether or not I should stick with him, and got two signs indicating YES, one of them coming from the guy himself. I have so many examples of this stuff, it would take all day. As of a few weeks ago a friend had an oracle book hit her in the head when we were on Zoom and she did a reading out of it (Napoleon's Book of Fortunes), and it said "this love is true and until death."

Well. It isn't, or else I wouldn't be starting this thread. I have been told it's never going to happen and frankly, he seems over it. I can't say I blame him after a year of distance and pandemic and work and depression (Saturn Return year for him), but I've had to realize there's no hope and I was completely and utterly wrong to believe in him. Which is par for the course with me, really.

However, I am super mad at the universe for encouraging this when it was apparently wrong and never going to happen. Why on earth if it was never going to happen, was I getting so many effing signs saying it would? (Like me asking in the car if I should continue to wait on him and "I Will Wait For You" comes on.) I do not understand this and I am very angry at the universe for encouraging me down what turned out to be a dead end. I wanted a sign if it was the *right* one, not the wrong one. How the hell do I ever trust the universe/myself again after this? Or tell if there is a "right" one in the first place?

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Jen, I'm sorry for your loss.  Ironically, I ran across this (very) young tiktok girl who stated the whole "the secret" concept and all things related was not just bullshit but evil. I was pretty surprised by her unconventional wisdom. She looked about 22 years old at the most.

Anyway, this is a rough way to find out but it might serve you in the end, to have this false-belief-construct decimated in this way.  Basically, you will stop looking at the things you've been looking at and look at different things instead.  This goes with the astrology of the time, by the way. But it could also, ultimately lead you to your greatest happiness.

But I do feel bad for you and understand well, dreams die hard.

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@elsa I am in agreement that the law of attraction is evil, but for lack of a better word. It’s actually a form of witchcraft if you think about it. Not to judge but the stuff is of the Devil.. I mean when you have a self-serving desire that you feel the need to manipulate universal energy to get, that’s the road the hell right there.

I mean, part of the law of attraction is the belief that everything you want is yours already, but what if it’s not meant to be, or what if you’re hurting someone else to get what’s yours? 

On the other hand, only God can judge your intention and prayer is much the same.. 

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@elsa I'm not fond of "the secret", either. I am fond of knowing what you want, learning and knowing how to seek it by taking into account what is truly good for you and everyone involved. The latter is the reason why I learnt astrology: to understand myself and others, find common ground and embrace differences (NN in Aqua 1st house).

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Hi Jennifer, I'm sorry you find yourself in such a predicament. I used to do Creative Visualization and I also had a copy of The Secret. I think 'I' was able to manifest in a couple of situations. I no longer believe this was the universe aligning with my subconscious/personal desires. I think this is magic/k and it's summoning of Spirits to do your bidding. I don't think this is God's way. Evil spirits are known to play pranks on us humans. I can't say if that is what was happening in your case. I wish you a happy and fulfilled future.

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Oh my gosh Jen, I feel your pain. This very thing happened to me and changed me so much. Life got really real after that and, like you, I stopped trusting fully in the universe and started to rely on myself more. Reality really hit me hard, dead in the face. I think it’s the moment I grew up.


anyways, I have a bunch of thoughts on synchronicity because I’ve had lots of time to think about what happened and study metaphysics and such. 

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I'm very sorry for your experience Jen.  It all sounds so disappointing. 

Does the Universe really gives us signs? I don't know.  I think sometimes it's better to be realistic.  Is the man actually telling me is interested.  

I think through time you will heal from that and be wiser for this experience. 


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IMO - It probably was signs guiding you towards him

Maybe you had to have this event happen in order to learn something, or gain wisdom.

Could still be meant to happen just not in the way you perceived it to be.

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